Ways to Make Construction Sites Cool for Workers

Man welding

Let’s get this out of the way: there’s nothing glamorous about working in construction. It’s grunt work. Heat and sweat are involved. “Cool” is probably the last thing that you want to associate with it.

Being cool, though, doesn’t have to revolve around how you or your workers look while on the field. It can also be about how to be on the right side of things—that is, how you can keep your workplace as secure as possible for everyone.You can begin with these tips:

Know the Construction Standards

There are two general categories for this: worker’s health and well-being and quality of work — both deal with ensuring the safety of your employees and the people who will use the infrastructure.

Australia is one of the developed countries with strict guidelines on construction. Building codes can be according to the type of work and materials used. If you want to read them now, you can click here.

In hindsight, there are specific guidelines for scaffolding, thermal insulation, masonry, general design, and pavements, to name a few. When it comes to the worker’s safety, different local governments and industry players coordinate with Safe Work Australia. Together, they develop the Work Health (and Safety) (WHS) laws, which aim to create a universal standard for guaranteeing safety and compensation in case of death or injuries. These standards will then help you create safety measures and policies right at the construction site.

Give Them the Proper Gear

Construction site

Can something ever guarantee an accident-free workplace? The answer is no. Injuries and even death in construction can happen for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are due to negligence.

Using safety gear, though, can significantly decrease the likelihood. It’s so essential that Australian construction laws make it mandatory. The kind of apparel or protection your workers need will depend on factors such as their work. Take, for example, welding safety equipment. A welder needs a safety helmet, as well as adequate protection for the eyes and face. They also require a pair of gloves and some spare. All these ensure the employee can prevent work-related injuries such as burns or blindness.

Stop Workplace Violence

The injuries that workers can develop aren’t necessarily physical. In fact, more of them report mental health issues due to violence and bullying. In the data provided by Safe Work Australia, at least 1 out of 5 men claim to be victims of harassment or intimidation. At least 33% of the women complain the same thing. More than 20% of the workers may incur injuries due to assault. For this reason, about 15% of the mental health claims were due to violence, harassment, or bullying.

Developing an anti-bullying policy is one of the effective ways to minimise these types of situations. So do leading by example since a common complaint involves their bosses. About 37% said that they had been yelled at while 11% experienced gender discrimination.

You can make working in construction tolerable and even happier for your workers. These three pointers can give you a head start.