Types of Lever Handles for Commercial Establishments

lever handleSeveral decisions need to be made when designing your commercial establishment. Door specialists like Entro remind us that business owners sometimes focus too much on their interior décor and forget their door yet the door often makes the initial impression upon your client. Apart from the material and finish of your door, the handle affects its performance and overall appearance.

There are different options you will come across for your commercial door handle. The most common choice, however, is the lever handle which consists of a lever and door latch. It is user-friendly since unlike other options it does not require firm grasping and twisting. Here are the kinds of lever handles that can fit your business’ doors.

Non-Locking Handles

This is the standard option for doors which do not need locking including those leading to the pantry areas and shared offices. Non-locking handles feature a lever latch fitted together with tubular latches. The tubular latch holds the door shut and is opened by pushing the lever handle down.

Privacy Handles

This handle has no key but rather a depressing button on its inner side. It also contains a release slot on the exterior side to unlock the door in emergencies. Privacy handles are used on doors which require locking on the inside but not high security including closet and bathroom doors.

Keyed Locking Handles

These handles have a mortise sash lock which allows locking and opening using a latch or key. Keyed locking handles are used on strong rooms, boardrooms and entry doors for offices in which security is paramount. Some keyed locking handles have keypads rather than keys for enhanced security.

You can enhance the sanitation of the above level handles to minimize the spread of antimicrobials since many people use them. Some door hardware manufacturers now have coating guards against fungus, bacteria, and algae. There are also different coatings to enhance your lever handles’ durability and aesthetic value.

Getting hardware for your door just right is key to making a great and lasting impression upon the people who’ll your establishment.