Types of Damages You Can Claim for Car Crash Personal Injuries

a man hurt from car accidentCar accidents happen all the time. Bad weather or bad roads are common reasons for these. However, some accidents occur because a driver was careless. If you or your family suffers serious injury because another driver was reckless or negligent, you can claim damages.

A car crash lawyer from Feldman & Lee PS in Kent can help you with that. Here are different kinds of damages you might be able to claim in a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical treatment

You can claim for any of your medical expenses related to your car accident injuries. It may be for a treatment you get right after your accident. It may also be for medical problems you get some time after. Some problems do not come out at once. It is important to have a complete medical checkup after an accident. This will give you proof of injury you can use for your claim.

Pain and suffering

Some injuries have long-lasting effects. They may give you much physical, mental, or emotional pain for a long time. You can claim compensation for the pain you are suffering now, and pain in the future. For example, if you break a leg in an injury, you will suffer immediate pain. After your leg mends, you will need to go through the pain of physical therapy. The amount of the claim will depend on how severe your injury is.

Lost income

If you are in a car accident, you may not be able to go to work for some time. In some injuries, you may not be able to go back to work at all. You can claim for lost income if you can prove the injury keeps you from doing your job properly or at all. The amount you can claim will depend on the jury. The jury will look at how much you used to earn, your age, and your skills and experience.

Before you can make any damages, you have to prove the other driver was at fault. This is not always easy. A car crash lawyer Kent can help you do that. The lawyer can also help you get fair compensation for the damages you suffered.