The Old & the Odd: Places to Visit in Bridlington

Holiday cottage

Holiday cottageThere are people who prefer nature trips, while there are those who prefer to go back in time. For travellers with varied tastes, Bridlington is one place they should visit. This coastal town has a mixture of the old, the odd and the novel things all in one place.

It is hard to have fun if people do not know where to go or what to do in Bridlington. Here are some things they must visit there:

Book holiday cottages

Every traveller should have not just any lodgings, but those that maximise their vacation experience. The site says holiday cottages in the town of Bridlington provide a relaxing base from which to discover the area’s glorious coast and countryside. People will have a modern and well-equipped accommodation, along with easy access to the town’s beaches and seaside attractions.

Visit the old town of Bridlington

For those who prefer a trip down to the memory lane, they can go to the old town of Bridlington. The quaint buildings and roads will them feel as if they are back in time. Lucky travellers will see vintage cars and people wearing old-fashioned clothes. There are affordable shops, restaurants and cafes that they can go to enhance their experience. The old world charm is best experienced when taking a stroll.

Take a hike at the RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Nature lovers will appreciate RSPB Bempton Cliffs. These rock formations provide a nice view of the coast and various birds, as well. On a sunny day, the sight may astound you. Visitors should pack things like their camera to capture the unique moments, especially when they spot seabirds and puffins.

Stroll in the Wilsthorpe Beach

Beaches are among the places that Bridlington takes pride in. A few miles down is the Wilsthorpe beach with its nice waves and rolling sand dunes. People will enjoy frolicking in the white sand and the blue-green sea. The tranquillity of the place will give anyone their peace of mind and well-deserved rest.

Bridlington has many spots that tourists and some locals have yet to discover. For those who want to experience a different holiday getaway, they should head over to this coastal town.