Take Meditating One-Notch Higher with AntiGravity Yoga

Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity YogaTo practice yoga is to master sheer focus. Your mind and body must be completely in sync and free of any distracting thoughts. When you can do this you can take yoga anywhere—even in a fitness gym.

Yes, you heard it right. By combining traditional yoga and gymnastic moves, you can take your yoga experience up a notch. All you need is an aerial hammock, a trainer, and the calm mentality that every yoga practitioner can muster to start trying out the so-called aerial yoga.

Yoga, but more playful

It is a liberating experience for those who have tried the workout. The AntiGravity yoga techniques allow you to meditate and at the same time soar, stretch and float through the air all while suspended in a silk hammock. You feel light and incredible; the inversions get the blood flowing, which give you a clear mind and make you feel energized after the session.

Owing to the elements of acrobatics, aerial yoga brings a sense of playfulness to traditional yoga. You can expect to do acrobatic moves in this type of yoga as an addition to modified traditional yoga poses.

Develops strength without tiring you out

This workout helps the body develop flexibility and agility; it also strengthens the core and upper body. It helps decompress the spine, too. You get the benefits of yoga without feeling strained or dealing with the impact of working out on the ground. In fact, AntiGravityFitness.com says aerial yoga makes it easier to do some traditional yoga poses.

The hammock used in aerial yoga is made of silk fabric and can take up to 300 kilos of weight. The rig consists of three parts: Carabiners, webbing band, and silk fabric.

AntiGravity Yoga is a fun, low-intensity workout. It does not require any fitness level, but having prior yoga experience will make deep stretching a natural thing to do. Take AntiGravity restorative class first before flying to prepare you for the more challenging techniques.