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Business Shopping: Office Supplies on a Budget

Modern office interiorIt is important to make an office space conducive for working. Aside from having the right wall colors, temperature, and music, the tools, materials, and supplies that you have also play its role in the productivity of your employees. However, like other businesses, the budget is always a concern.

Luckily, there are ways to purchase that industrial office desk from vendors such as urban95.com, or those ergonomic office chairs, without busting your company’s annual budget. Jot down these tips and see if your accounting department will like the idea of it.

Shop online

Online shopping rates are almost always cheaper than going to stores. This is because intermediaries, taxes, and other fees are not included in the final cost. So if you were looking for a good humidifier or a coffee machine for your pantry, logging on to an online shop would be one of the best decisions to make.

Warehouse stores

Get your feet moving and visit warehouse sales. You can definitely get conference room desks, sofas, and other furniture, materials, and supplies for your office for a very competitive price. Plus, you can be sure of the quality of your purchase.


Unearth those coupons and put them to good use. There is a reason why people give them away, and there is always the perfect time to use them. Do not be afraid to ask for discounts and other freebies available.

Go local

As much as you want that table from Europe for your office, contacting a local supplier and finding one that is somewhat similar to your preference is always a good and cheaper alternative. Not only will you be able to save, but going local means supporting small businesses in your community.

Bulk purchase

Do not be afraid to buy in bulk; you will most definitely get a better rate than purchasing items per piece.

Check these options and be surprised at how much you can save without compromising the quality of your office supplies.

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Work

People workingAt some point, you may notice that your employees become laidback at the workplace and the energy they used to show after getting hired starts to wear off. While it is a bad idea to reprimand them from slacking at the office, there are some helpful ways to subtly encourage them to value their time during their shift.

Krema cites some of them.

Keep your employees happy in the workplace

Workplace burnout and demotivation are inevitable for employees who do not have a proper work-life balance. Employees’ productivity decreases when they become unhappy at the office. It is important that you acknowledge your employees’ value and promote friendship with their colleagues. Previous reports showed that performance and well-being improve when employees are recognised and are happy.

Rewarding your employees’ efforts is one way of acknowledging them. You may want to invest in an office coffee machine for hire to keep your workers awake, motivated and energetic at work. Coffee not only keeps employees alert; it has been proven to have many health benefits, including reduced risks of different illnesses.

Always inspire your employees

As the company owner or their superior, you need to walk the talk and always be a role model to your employees. Strengthen your relationship with them by abiding by the instructions and rules you set. Leading by example is a sure way of building trust among your team members. Help your employees deal with a difficult situation or suggest other ways on how to complete a task. Helping them innovate will boost their productivity and help them fight stress at work.

Keeping these things in mind not only increases your employees’ productivity; it could also help reduce the risks of physical and mental health problems. Do your workers a favour and they will give you their trust and loyalty.

Queensland Plans New Safety Laws for Workplace Health and Safety Act

Man showing the work safety cardThe Queensland government plans to toughen safety laws for amusement rides and consider industrial manslaughter to be a criminal offence, following the Dream-world accident in 2016.

The changes took place after a review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland regulations revealed less strict inspection for theme-park rides. The Workplace Health and Safety Act will also cover cases of industrial manslaughter, according to Industrial Relations Minister Grace.

Stricter Laws

Personal injury lawyers here in Townsville and other cities can help you find justice for any alleged dispute against an individual or company.

Grace said that the inclusion of industrial manslaughter under safety laws would allow the prosecution of the person at fault and their employer, particularly in the context of amusement rides.

The Dream-world accident and a review of the WHSQ regulations also prompted the state government to require more training for equipment handlers.

This served as one factor for untoward incidents, aside from a high turnover of facility operators, according to the review. Some mechanical rides will need replacement as well since they have been in use for more than 30 years.

Amusement Training

Human error or lack of training caused more than 100 fatal accidents in amusement parks that took place in the country between 2001 and 2011, according to Work Place Health and Safety.

This is why the state government intends to impose the same operator licensing standards to theme parks and mobile operators in the state.

They will base the licensing on low, medium and high-risk levels. A proposed mandatory management system will also require operators to be specific in the competency of all ride attendants and supervisors.


The changes to the Workplace Health and Safety Act will improve safety for the public. These will also aim to avoid a recurrence of the same Dream-world accident that claimed four lives in 2016.

Corporate Wellness Trends: Keeping Employees Healthy

Happy Workplace

Implementing corporate wellness is an increasing need as part of talent attraction and retention strategies. Improved corporate wellness indirectly reduces healthcare expenses on inactive and unhealthy employees and promotes a positive working environment that lessens stress levels. Ultimately, this could mean increased productivity for the workforce.

From offering fitness classes to healthier food options in the office cafeteria, corporate wellness has evolved over the years. Here are some key wellness initiatives undertaken by some of the most forward thinking organisations in 2017.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Allowing employees a flexible choice of working environment or hours enables them to better balance and manage their work with family life. Employees with flexible schedules at work have higher levels of job satisfaction. They also have less absenteeism.

Engaging Work Environment

A well-designed work environment helps cultivate a culture of wellness and influence the behaviour of employees to choose healthier lifestyles. Improving office space in Singapore, to include on-site gyms and standing desks, continues to be a trend. Future developments such as Paya Lebar Quarter are already integrating wellness into the design of the development. A complete work-life ecosystem designed for the working population allows next generation working executives to transfer meeting seamlessly between their work desks, meeting rooms, a parkside café or even a walking business discussion along the green public spaces.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers and wearables are hot items for Millennials when tracking their personal health. These devices are also making a statement in the workplace. Fitness trackers are convenient solutions for employers to monitor and gather data regarding their employees’ health.

Educating Employees

Providing employees with the right information will encourage them to make smarter lifestyle decisions. Educating them about which food is healthier or how exercise can improve multiple aspects of their life are a helpful nudge.

Active Commuting Options

Bicycle rental and sharing services are already on the rise. And Paya Lebar Quarter will be taking active commuting to the next level by providing a first-of-its-kind End of Trip (EOT) facility. The EOT is said to provide working executives with secure bicycle parking spaces, shower and locker facilities, ironing stations, and other services to enable the user to freshen up for the working day easily and quickly.

Corporate wellness programs are a win- win situation for both employees and employers. They encourage workers to be healthier and happier while the management can cut back on health care expenses and enjoy a boost of productivity from their employees.

Safety Precautions at the Workplace

Workplace in South Asia Whether you are working on a construction site, in a hazardous area like a nuclear plant or in a relatively safe area like a corporate building, it is essential that workplace safety precautions be strictly adhered to. Statistics show that cases of slip or fall are greater in workplaces than at home. Sometimes, management has to provide compensations for these mishaps that can be easily avoided by following these rules. 

Put up signs

If the floor in a particular area in your office has been cleaned recently, then put signs mentioning that the floor is wet. This will make your employees walk carefully. You should also label your equipment, particularly ones with electrical writings, an expert from Brady South Asia advised. 

Clear the clutter from the floor

It is important not to leave things lying on the floor. Loose wires, plastics and chairs in the passages can cause people to trip and fall. This can lead to a major workplace accident. Declutter the tabletops as well to improve your employees' concentration. 

Keep your office space well lighted

Most of the accidents occur due to lack of proper lighting. To create an atmosphere conducive for comfortable working, it is essential that your office building is well lighted, especially the workstations.

Prevent obstructions

It is essential that there are no obstructions in the hallways of your office. If the hallway is not clear then people are bound to fall by colliding or tripping with an object. Hence, the passageways and walking areas between cubicles should be free of obstructions.

The majority of workplace accidents can be easily avoided if these simple rules are followed and if you are a little careful. Ensure that the workplace is safe for your employees.