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How to Spot a Good Florist in 5 Ways

Flower BouquetFlowers are a must in every occasion — be it a happy or a sad one. Not only do they add color to the venue, they also add life and ambiance to the overall event, especially if it’s a wedding.

Alexan Events reminds that finding a good wedding florist in Denver, Colorado is as important as finding any other wedding supplier. Asking for referrals is always a good start, but knowing which qualities to look for before hiring is also important.


A good florist is someone you can easily approach any time. Choosing the flower types and checking on mock arrangements and set-ups are actually a part of the deal and are something that can only easily be done with open communication between two parties.


While providing flower set-ups is a business in itself, being passionate about the job without solely focusing on the profit is also important. Working with a florist who is concerned with not just your event’s outcome, but also your preference is truly a gem.

Practical advice

Not everyone is familiar with flowers. Some are even allergic to it. A good florist should be able to give you practical advice on how to get both your wants and needs without busting your budget or your overall theme.

Reasonably priced

Flowers can be pricey, especially if they’re sourced from abroad. Therefore, it’s best to have a reasonable budget. Your florist should be able to suggest flower types and arrangements that would work well with your budget. A florist that pushes you to go way beyond your set budget should be avoided.

Good reviews

Check online reviews and research about the florist and their services. A florist with a realistically good online image and reviews from clients is certainly worth looking at.

Investing in a good florist might not be a priority, but they pay a huge role in the overall success of your wedding. Thus, take your time in finding one who can work best with you.

Your Wedding Car: Choosing The Ideal Ride for Your Bride

Wedding CarFor those who are decided to rent the right wedding car for that special day, the search is part of the wish fulfilment. However, there are those who still aren’t sure of what they want to get. That said, here are some pointers you can take note of when making the final selection.

Choose by Theme – Most weddings will have one major theme such as colour motifs, fashion statement and even by era. Talk with your spouse about what theme you’d like to follow for the car and you can make your choices from there. You can even mix two, three or all themes together to get a truly memorable wedding car.

Choose by Uniqueness – Instead of following a theme, Noosa Woody Hire says that you can go revolutionary and choose a wedding car with contrasting colours, design or even decor. This is an effective way to make your car stand out. Remember, it’s your day to shine so go ahead and choose what you want.

Choose by Image – Finding a car to represent your love and your partner can be tricky, but not impossible. Since it’s best to start looking for your wedding transport as early as six months before, you will have ample time to discuss your options with your partner. Choose to go looking for the car together and you have one more anecdote to tell your guests during the reception.

Choose by Comfort – For some, comfort trumps class. Contact an actual wedding car rental company so you’re sure to get an actual wedding vehicle that is comfortable and will still look like a wedding car whatever make, model or year it is. Don’t forget to ask for decoration suggestions from the rental company if they won’t be doing the actual decorations.

In the end, you’ll still set the standard on what you eventually want. Just make sure your budget will fit and that you have given the necessary information. Check too if you can choose your driver just so you get one that will fit you and your partner’s personalities.


Taking Wedding Photos the Creative Way

Wedding in Cape TownCapture every detail of your wedding in the most fun and creative way possible. When planning to hire a wedding photographer, know his or her qualifications and experience first. Look at the portfolio so that you will know what kind of shots you will be expecting. Then list all your requests and specifications and ask the photographer if he or she can meet your demands. Below are some tips and ideas you can use:

  • Preparation Details

It is always fun to see the ‘before shots’ of a wedding. You will want to take a glimpse on how the bride and the groom prepare, as well as the entourage. Ask your wedding photographer in Cape Town to take photos during the fitting and the makeup session, including the mother of the bride helping her with the last details, like the wearing of the veil. It is also great to take a shot of the father looking at the bride.

  • Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most precious symbol of marriage so never forget to get a shot of these. There are so many ways to make the shots fun and exciting, like putting the rings in the bouquet and then focusing the lens on them. Or if you want, a simple shot on any surface will do. Just remember to focus on the rings.

  • Family Shot

Family shots are necessary in every wedding. Be sure to take photos of both the bride and groom with their parents and family, then with both sets of parents. After, capture the moments with the entire family together, the immediate family from both sides.

Photos have the power to freeze a moment, including the emotion in it, so might as well capture it creatively. The sky is the limit when taking wedding photos. Have some fun and enjoy every moment!