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Top 4 Tips for First-Time Travelers

man is talking on his phone while sitting on his luggageTraveling to another country sure is fun. However, sometimes the excitement (or anxiety) can get the most out of people that they tend to forget what they actually need when preparing for their trip. If you’re a first-time traveler, here are some things you need to remember:

Take Care of the Essentials

One of the first things you need to check are your travel documents. Make sure you already have your passport, and if not, schedule an appointment and get your picture taken at a passport photography studio like JayLynn Studios. There are certain specifications for passport photos, which is why you need a professional to take it. Also, make sure to book your ticket and accommodation ahead of time to get a lower price and avoid any hassle.

Be Ready Financially

It’s easy to plan your budget when traveling, but the truth is it might cost you more than your estimate. Make sure to have extra cash on your ATM and if possible, bring at least two credit cards in case of an emergency. It’s always better to be on the safe side, especially since you’ll be far from home.

Get a Local Sim Card

One of the first few things you need to sort out upon arrival is a local sim card. Your U.S. sim card isn’t likely to work abroad. It’s also possible for your phone to be incompatible with foreign networks or sim cards, so the best option is to buy a cheap local phone.

Learn the Culture

Countries have their own culture and traditions. What’s acceptable in your native country might not be the same for the one you’re visiting. Make sure to research and be aware of the dos and don’ts before your visit to avoid offending anyone.

Traveling liberates you in so many ways, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, it gets easier the next time around, so sit back and enjoy.

How Safe Is Auckland, New Zealand From Burglary?

Auckland cityscape, North Island, New ZealandNew Zealand has always been one of the few countries that are consistently among the top ranks when it comes to quality of life. In a 2014 Expat Explorer Survey by HSBC, the land of the kiwis came on top as the best place to raise children. It beat Germany and South Africa in the process.
Meanwhile, Auckland, in particular, grabbed the third spot in Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey, beating another NZ city Wellington and famous metros in Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney.

Whilst the criteria for choosing the best city can vary significantly, depending on who’s conducting the survey, basic factors, such as crime rate, are usually taken into consideration. Now the question is, how safe really is Auckland?

Counting Crimes

On June 2017, New Zealand Herald released a series of articles called Counting Crime. The goal was to analyse the crimes themselves – where they happen, when they usually occur and who the victims are.

Researchers discovered that more than 150,000 people became victims of burglary from 2014 to 2016. The crime became more frequent during the weekend until Monday. There are many possible reasons, and one of these is the likelihood that stores are closed or homeowners are away.

Contrary to popular belief, burglaries don’t always occur at night time. In New Zealand, criminals struck around 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., although the peak was around 2:00 p.m.

Where did these crimes happen?

Auckland City was among the top three. You can get more data on burglaries within your area here.

The financial impact of burglary is not cheap, especially for small businesses. Not only does it mean revenue losses; it likewise implies possible higher annual insurance premiums, loss of confidence among your customers and the high risk of a recurrence.

A burglary can be a complex crime with so many forms of motivation. Either way, you can do something about it, starting with improving the security of your property. A smart option is to install security roller grilles that are effective even for indoor businesses like those in shopping centres. They’re affordable and easy to install, and they are appealing enough to maintain the overall look of the building’s façade.

Auckland is a lot safer than other cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can be complacent. You can do your part in keeping the city safe for everyone.

Why Technology Development is Necessary for Better Airline Travel

Airplane in the SkyIn the wake of the recent uproar over an incident at a United Airlines flight, the U.S. needs to upgrade airline technology to improve services.

The aviation industry has somehow lagged in terms of technological innovation in the same way that Uber has provided us with an alternative to taxis, as well as Airbnb allowing us to find a place to stay in lieu of hotel rooms.

So what does technology have to do with a man being forcibly removed from his seat? A lot as it turns out.

Spiraling Downward

Atmosphere Research Group President Henry Harteveldt said that the quality of customer service in the U.S. airline industry has been on a downward trend for the last 40 years, despite improving in some areas. According to the travel research company, these areas include better baggage handling, more on-time flights, and lower prices.

However, technology upgrades could have prevented a situation that will require force when a flight has reached its passenger limit. Some of these solutions could be as simple as providing online reviews from travelers. We must admit, though, that we often tend to search for ticket prices first before anything else when booking a flight.

Still, the idea of new airline technology is not a remote possibility since it’s quite unfair to generalize that the industry does nothing to improve its services.

Digital Experience

Aside from the U.S., other countries have been using biometrics to enhance customer experience at airports not just for boarding a plane, but also at the ground. Some American airlines have already expressed their intention of fully using biometrics to improve the efficiency of air travel.

If that happens, My Flight Solutions and other experts say that it will complement already available resources, such as services provided by fixed-base operators, including pilot training, security screening, and other skills that can be learned in an FBO program.

Technology development is undoubtedly required to improve how the airline system works since it doesn’t always mean that we shouldn’t fix something simply because it isn’t broken.


Take a Break in the UK’s Remarkable Hidden Campsites

CampsiteThe UK offers many adventures to foreign and local travellers. It has a wide variety of campsites for those who enjoy pitching tents, camping in caravans and travelling by foot to rent lodging.

If you are planning for an epic road trip, do not forget to check your car’s condition, and make sure your caravan mattresses can give you a good night’s sleep throughout the trip. If you are not yet sure where to take a break, here are three of the UK’s remote campsites:

Seaward Caravan Park — Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

After wandering the harbour town of Kirkcudbrught, Dumfries, check your map and drive to Seaward Caravan Park. It is a small park just outside Kirkcudbrught.

The Seaward Caravan Park attracts art lovers and hip travellers, as it has that lighthouse kind of landscape that artists would like to replicate on their canvasses. On some occasions, it opens a pitch and putt, an outdoor play area and an outdoor heated pool. It has a laundry and shower facilities as well.

Western Sunfolk Naturist Site — Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales

The Western Sunfolk Naturist Site is a campsite on a hill that caters to bona fide nature lovers, or those who just really want to experience the outdoors vibe.

The place has toilet and shower facilities, as well as communal cooking amenities. It also features a covered pool and area for travellers to sunbathe. The campsite also presents travellers with entertainment amenities, such as volleyball courts, table tennis and a telly.

The site is under the care of a non-profit organisation, and they welcome guests who want to join their club.

Cloughey Holiday Park — Cloughey, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Cloughey Holiday Park features the scenic view of the wild Irish Sea. Guests can also visit the Strangford Lough, Ards Peninsula, and the beaches of Ballywalter.

The family holiday park has two first-class golf courses; one of these is included in Northern Ireland’s top 12.

Travellers who love the city view and shopping can drive to the capital city of Belfast. The area has an abundance of beaches where visitors may bring their pets, too.

People love to spontaneously travel the open road. When you’re in the mood, visit one of the UK’s naturally delightful campsites. It’s an experience every traveller must try.



Capturing the Unexpected with a Dashboard Camera

CarGoing outdoors exposes you to many amazing events. These can include experience that is either pleasant or strange, and you might want to have them on record for memorabilia or evidence.

You may witness a lot of amazing happenings while you drive. Even a small country like Singapore can hold a lot of surprises, feeding the demand for dash cams.

Autobacs.com.sg says that car cameras in Singapore help in dealing with traffic problems and documenting amusing city scenes.

Here are some of the scenarios where you will find a dash cam useful:

  • Unusual Events

One of the most famous recorded dash cam clips comes from Russia. The car camera caught a clear video of a meteor falling down on Chelyabinsk on February 5, 2013. Just recently, a motorist in Taiwan captured a video of a plane from TransAsia Airways crashing through the water. A similar event also occurred in Atlanta, which a police car camera captured.

  • Human Error Accidents

Singapore may have plenty of CCTVs around, but there are obscure spots that remain unmonitored. A car camera helps you document an accident that happened to your car and help you settle insurance claims easier. You can also have the record of accidents that happened to other people, and your clip might be of help to the authorities.

  • Natural Calamities

There are effects of natural calamities caught by dash cameras as well. In China’s Sichuan Province, a motorist captured a terrifying landslide that caused several fatalities. These kind of files are helpful to the police and media that need to know what happened during such unusual events.

  • Crimes

Singapore may be a safe and disciplined country, but it’s not immune to criminal activities. In 2013, a riot sparked in Little India that damaged several vehicles, including police cars. The ability to have such events on record helps authorities track down suspects or people liable for the offence.

Car cameras may appear to just record the road and what is happening outside the car. But, it can provide security benefits not just for the driver, but to other motorists and bystanders as well.

Your First Business Trip Preparation List

Travel PreparationsIf this is your first time to go on a business trip, then you are pretty lucky that your destination is Perth. Not only it is one of the more modern and traveller-friendly cities in the world, it has wonderful sights where you can have your business meetings in. This is the reason you have to arm yourself with the right information.

Here are few life hacks that you need to keep in mind: 

Research on the Best Places

Not only are you supposed to look for the best places to have a meal or reserve a room, you should also be aware of Perth's tourist attractions and locale happenings. You can include visiting these sites during your business deals. Plant a meal with your business partners at culturally-rich Fremantle, or close that deal at Rottnest Island. Business has never been more pleasurable than this.

Make Your Reservations

Other than your plane reservations, you also have to see that you complete the other kinds of reservations required for your trip. Have you already reserved a rental car? What about restaurant reservations for your meeting? Where will you be staying while you are in Perth? If you can make reservations for short term apartment stay, industry professional Executive Apartments says that would be a more economical option than a hotel. Make sure too that you find affordable but reliable services for your other requirements.

Complete Your Paper

Papers aren't just about passports and travel documents. Prepare your business proposals, documents, discount tickets, gift certificates, paper money, IDs and other relevant "papers" that you will need for the whole trip. Keep these documents secure in your carry-all and possibly stored inside a moisture or weather-proof bag.  Always make sure you have all of these papers secured.

Just because you won't stay long at Perth doesn't mean you can't enjoy it and finish business at the same time. Here's to you having a wonderful time even during your busy days. After all, you've chosen the perfect place to do business.