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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

A Roof Being RepairedWhat is a house without a roof? In fact, you cannot label a structure a house if it does not have a roof. Besides providing cover for your house, the roof protects the home from natural forces. How long your roof will serve you depends on how you maintain it.

If you have had your roof for quite a while, you might be wondering whether you should replace or repair your roof. Before you decide whether to go for replacement or roof repair here in Sarasota, consider these things.

Extent of Roof Damage

You can assess the state of your roof to determine whether it is time to replace or repair your roof. A roof inspection from a certified roof specialist will give you an accurate report about your roof.

A professional roof contractor may also tell you whether you can install a new roof on top of your existing roof or you have to remove the existing roof first.

The Age of Your Roof

An average asphalt roof can last about 15 years while a concrete roof can go about 20 years. If your roof has not hit the ten years mark, roof repair services will serve your roof good.

On the other hand, if your roof is about 15 years old, replacing your roof will save you much money in the end than repairing your roof.

Economic Value

It is obvious that roof repair is cheaper than roof replacement. However, consider what you will gain from either replacing or repairing your roof. If you need to sell your home later, replacing your house’s roof may improve the value of your property.

Time of Year

The time of the year determines whether you can do a roof replacement or repair. Hurricanes occur between June to November, so it is unwise to replace your roof before that season, but you might consider a roof repair before doing a full replacement after the hurricane season.

The decision of whether to replace or repair your roof is not one to take lightly. Good advice is you get a roof expert’s whenever you plan for a roof repair or replacement in Sarasota.

Reasons Never to Delay Gutter Repair and Rehabilitation

Man repairing the gutterIt can be tough for your household if something is wrong with the roof. Missing shingles are usually manageable, but damaged gutters are somewhat more complicated. Regular cleaning can prevent gutter-related problems. Count yourself lucky if removing debris and clogged materials resolves the problem.

Many homeowners in America are not aware of how important gutter systems are. Perhaps this short article will get your attention and remind you to take gutter issues seriously, and resolve them promptly.

You save money

Ignoring gutter cleaning and maintenance only leads to a damaged roof. That is for sure. It is only a matter of time when everything collapses from the pressures of a blockage that results from inadequate drainage.

Ask any roof repair authority in Aurora, IL such as APEX Exteriors Inc and they will tell you the cost of neglect could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You keep the critters out

Debris on the roof attracts small mammals, insects, and fungal growth. You might be able to wash off black mold and algae, but the rodents and small mammals that live in the roof may have already caused structural damage.

If you want to keep pests out and have a roof that is free from mold and algae, you will not hesitate to call on a roofing professional for regular checks and maintenance.

You live in a safe home

Gutters may seem like a minor component of a house until you realize they keep the structure dry and stable. Cracked foundations due to poor water drainage and damaged driveways are some of the consequence you may have to face due to the neglect of gutter issues.

Your possible expenses on repairs will cover not only inadequacies of the roof, but of the house’s foundations as well.

While spotting gutter issues when they are still at the early stages may not be your area of expertise, you can always hire a local roofing authority. Help is out there. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice.

Signs Indicating You Should Get Your Roof Fixed Right Away

Man fixing the roof of a house

From missing or broken tiles to water damage, there are plenty of faulty roofing symptoms that you should never ignore. These don’t automatically mean you need to get rid of your existing roof and replace it with an entirely new one.

However, you should take care of the problems right away, or you can expect not just your roof to completely disintegrate, but also begin to suffer from the severe effects of indoor water damage.

Missing, Broken, or Curling Shingles

Shingles are some of the most commonly affected elements of roofing systems. Since these are prone to blistering, breaking, curling, and becoming detached, you should regularly check your roof for faulty or damaged parts. The longer you delay having them fixed, the more damage they will sustain, especially those made from asphalt.

These problems might seem minor, but over time, the constant battering they receive from environmental elements will lead to them giving away altogether. Once this happens, water will seep in, become a source of a leak, and cause indoor water damage.

Leaks and Indoor Flooding

Malfunctioning gutters can lead to leaks and indoor flooding, ultimately leading to water damage. Cracks, splits, pooling of water, and sagging are just some signs that you need to contact a Utah rain gutter contractor like Double T. Inc for immediate repairs or replacements. The damages they deal won’t just affect the inside of your home; they can also cause soil – and even concrete – erosion.

Flashing, Lifting, and Separating

You’ll find flashings around the rakes, stacks, eaves, chimneys, and skylights of your roof. The constant changes in the temperature and the weather, in general, can cause it to lift and separate. This then leads to the detachment of the roof fasteners. Like faulty shingles, this can cause leaks, or worse, indoor flooding.

Keep in mind that your roof serves as one of the biggest barriers that shield you, your family, and the valuables your home contains from outdoor elements. So give it the attention it deserves, and ensure that every component is working optimally.

4 Common Signs You Need Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Repair in Wembley DownsYou may have spent thousands on timber floor maintenance or have done several patio makeovers, but have you ever looked up and check if your roof is doing just fine?

Many homeowners often overlook their roofing systems, without knowing that a little damage in it can grow bigger and lead to costly repairs and even replacement. If it’s been years since you last checked your roof or done maintenance check, an issue may be just up there waiting for you to notice it.

How do you know if a problem lurks in your roofs? This is the biggest question now. BowerRoofing.com.au  says here are some of the telltale signs that your roof is in need of repair or restoration.

Sagging roof

A dip in the roof is a sign that the structure is under strain due to too much weight. This is often seen on the ridges, slope or between the attic’s rafters. This can be due to too much moisture and layers of shingles. When sagging parts appear, your roof needs immediate replacement.

Loose shingles

Too much exposure to various outdoor elements can take a toll on your roof. It can weaken the shingles and make them loose. If there are blisters, cracks, curling, or formation of moss or algae, it’s time for some repair. Specialists in roof restorations suggest immediate repair before things get worse.

Daylight in the attic

If you notice that sunlight is coming through the roof boards of your attic, there’s a high chance the decking is damaged due to moisture. Wooden parts of your roofing system are at risk of rotting when exposed to too much moisture. If this is the case, make sure the damaged parts are replaced right away.

Leaks from the ceiling

The ceiling is also a good indication of your roofing’s condition. Leaky, sagging ceilings and water stains are signs that there is damage to the structure. Fix things immediately to prevent further water damage that can lead to bigger costs down the road.

Now you know the signs that your roofing needs repair. Seek only professional roofing contractors for your repair and restoration needs to ensure safer and more efficient construction.