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Bookkeeping Jobs

Here’s Why a Bookkeeping Franchise is a Great Business Opportunity

Bookkeeping JobsBusinesses big and small are beginning to outsource their bookkeeping to keep track and be on top of their finances. Expenditure, payroll, and taxes are inevitable in a company, and dealing with these can be a handful. Bookkeeping requires utmost accuracy and efficiency, so it is ideal to leave it to the hands of professionals who have been successful in the industry. These opportunities will help you decide to invest in a bookkeeping franchise.

The Right Brand Will Get You Immediate Recognition

When choosing a franchisor, it doesn’t hurt to be meticulous and detail-driven. One of Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises in 2018, Supporting Strategies, says that having a trusted brand name is essential in being successful in the industry. Bookkeeping can be taxing, so you need to choose a franchisor that has a reputable and trustworthy brand.

With a startup, it may take a while for you to establish a brand name. A recognized franchise brand comes with a lot of opportunities. Their existing pool of clients is readily available to you, and so are referral networks and other connections. The franchisor also already know strategic locations, so you don’t have to worry about studying a specific area’s demographics.

Bookkeeping and Bookkeepers

It Helps Other Kinds of Businesses

Starting a bookkeeping franchise allows you to help out other businesses in their processes, no matter how big or small their scope is. With the rising demand for bookkeeping services, you can contribute to their economic growth and productivity. Having one less thing to worry about, these businesses will have more time and energy that they can use to their advantage.

With bookkeeping services, you may support small business owners on their road to success. By keeping track of their transactions, costs, and income, you are helping them budget properly and know what they should focus on more. That way, you are not only keeping their finances in line but are contributing to their success.

Training and Other Resources Will Be Provided

Going into a venture that you have little knowledge about doesn’t have to be a hindrance as franchisors offer guidance, support, and your fair share of resources throughout your business’ life. When opening a bookkeeping franchise, your franchisor can provide training and courses that can help you run the business smoothly and effectively. You won’t have to worry about clientele as companies already have a client base that is easily accessible to franchisees.

You and your team will familiarize yourselves with new strategies and technologies in the bookkeeping industry. With everything going digital, there are online tools that help make bookkeeping easier. Records and books can now be stored online, letting the clients access them in their own time. This way, you and your clients will be able to work together for a more efficient follow-through in finances. Marketing tools and collaterals are shared between franchisors and franchisees, have a high impact on your network of potential clients.

A bookkeeping franchise is a wise investment that will prove itself worthy as time goes by. Getting into a rapidly growing industry will make a significant impact, not only to your business but to your own career growth as well.

Make Real Savings for Your Business with a Cloud-Based System

cloud symbol on top of a laptop keyboardMany companies are adopting cloud-based project management software to collaborate with clients, customers, and partners. Are they doing this because their competitions are also migrating to the cloud? Are they just trying to lure their customers with the latest technology?

No, far from it. Companies reported real savings by moving project management to the cloud. Many companies prefer project management software that is cloud-based. Here are three main areas where you can make real savings when you move to the cloud.

Rapid ROI

Since companies don’t need to provide infrastructure, cloud-based systems prove to be less expensive compared to traditional solutions. In such cases, many companies see a rapid return on investments (ROI). With conventional systems, the cost of power and space requirements add up quickly regardless of location. A cloud-based system removes the need for all of these, allowing businesses to see a quick return on investments.

You could also use cloud-based apps to help manage business projects. Tech experts from companies like Loadspring explain that using these cloud-based platforms for project management and task automation for your company could also help ease business expenses.

Employees Can Use Mobile Devices

Many employees can use mobile devices when they are working in the field because of the cloud’s accessibility. Employees also could work with a tool they are familiar with reduces the time spent learning, and it saves companies almost $80 per month per user. On top of that, it gives employees the opportunity to bring the latest gadgets they could use.

Cloud-based systems are accessible from any device, so when employees leave the company, many companies need to restrict the person’s access.

Cloud-based project management can help any company complete projects, manage teams, and automate tasks, but it could only be a real solution when appropriately implemented.

Retail Stores: How to Get the Design That’ll Set You Up for Success

Retail Store SignWhen people go to the mall, what is that calls them to check out your store? Is it how the items are arranged inside, how big the store sign is, or how the sales ladies look like? These are all part of your store’s design that’s crucial to its success, and there are many factors to consider when you’re designing a retail store. You have to make sure your wall shelving systems are safely mounted. You need to have the right lighting or colour scheme that match your brand personality.&;

Here are some guidelines on how you can get the store design that will set you up for success.

1. Give Your Customers an Entrance

As your customer’s transition from the outside world to your brand’s realm, you want to make sure they feel welcome. This isn’t the place to make a sale or a promotional offer. This is where you should help them acclimate to your store’s atmosphere by keeping open and styled enough to introduce your brand.

2. Put Your Priorities on the Right

Most people who walk into a store would immediately turn right. So, make sure to design it the best way possible. This is where you can set up your in-demand products or your new arrivals.

3. Create a Path

Leading your customers around your store will help them see everything that you have to offer. You just have to make sure that the path is clear and your products are strategically positioned on display with enough visibility.

4. Consider Comfort

Can you offer comfortable seats for customer companions who want to rest? If you cater to a younger market, you can have free candies in a bowl by the check out counter. Putting your customers first is the name of the game.

5. Let Them Leave with a Lasting Impression

Your check out area should showcase your gratitude for having them as customers. If your entrance was welcoming, your check out should be twice more. Match that with a friendly smile, and they’ll surely come back for more.

Shoppers today want the convenience of making things easily accessible from product information to payment options. You have to make sure that you can create an interactive buyer’s journey right within the walls of your retail store. Give them the best face-to-face customer experience, and you’ll be building the right relationships that will build your loyal market.&;

truck delivery

Grow Your Market Share in the Logistics Sector with 2 Simple Moves

truck deliveryA growing population and an economy that’s on the upward swing create a thriving logistics and transportation sector. The Australian logistics sector is projected to hit AUD187 billion by 2021. While lucrative, competition is rife in this market. You need to pull all stops in differentiating your services if you’re to thrive and beat your rivals.

Luckily, it doesn’t take too much effort to earn the goodwill of your customers. You only need to keep their goods safe and sound while in transit. Using the right packaging materials such as quality pallets sealed with steel strapping eliminates damages.

Hire credible brand ambassadors

Anyone who puts on your company’s uniform doubles up as your brand ambassador. The same case applies to anyone behind the wheel of your delivery trucks. To this end, you need to fill your ranks with qualified professionals who are not only great at their job but also project a good image.

The sight of your delivery truck harassing drivers on the road and endangering lives is a sure way to ruin your reputation. Reckless drivers can rack up steep traffic fines and penalties in addition to damaging the cargo. Be sure to vet employees before putting them on your payroll to avoid such ugly incidents.

Understand your target market

Having a steady stream of repeat customers is the key to running a successful logistics company. It lowers the cost of customer acquisition, which lets you maintain a healthy bottom line. It also lets you concentrate much of your efforts towards improving your services and customer satisfaction.

By understanding the needs of your target market, you can custom your services to meet them. Market information guides your choice of packaging materials, delivery runs, loads sizes and delivery routes. With the right information, you can help your clients eliminate pain points, which, in turn, earns you their trust.

A growing population and a thriving economy create a high demand for goods and services. With a little effort, you can get a healthy slice of the vibrant trucking sector and grow your logistics firm.

Vegetables inside a greenhouse

Why Vegetable Exporters Should Invest More in Storage Solutions

Vegetables inside a greenhouseExperts believe that a $315 million revenue target from exports of fresh produce will happen by 2020. In the previous year, exported products rose 2 per cent to $252 million based on IHS Global Trade Atlas data.

Commercial and industrial fabric buildings will become more necessary for the vegetable export trade, as overseas shipments are on track to increase over the next two years.

Comparing Export Growth

Michael Coote, Ausveg national manager for export development, said that the forecast revenue growth for vegetable exports shouldn’t be compared with fruit exports. The comparison can be conflicted since exported vegetables generate a smaller revenue than fruits due to a variety of reasons. For instance, some types of fruits fetch for higher prices due to their seasonal production, unlike vegetables that can be produced year-round.

Market reach also comes into play. Many fruit exporters have successfully shipped products to China, while most vegetable shippers are yet to gain access to this country. Despite their differences, the common denominator between them involves several opportunities to access global export markets.

New Guidelines

Australian produce has become in demand worldwide that the government and horticulture industry players worked together on the first online market guide for exporters. The new guidelines are a collaborative effort led by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

It aims to simplify the process of exporting fruits and vegetables to the Middle East and Asia. This would be important to sustain the growth of the industry, as total exports in 2017 reached $2.11 billion, according to the IHS Global Trade Atlas data.

Whether you are in the vegetable export business or not, there’s no doubt the rising shipments require efficient storage solutions. Many industrial storage systems today cater to different types of fresh produce.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computingCloud computing has several benefits to offer your business. It’s an intricate technology that lets you set up a virtual office and gives you the opportunity to connect with your business and customers in any location. With the steady growth of web-enabled mobile devices, remote access to your business is now easier.

Here’s how your business in NJ can benefit from cloud computing:

IT Cost Reduction

Switching to cloud computing can effectively reduce the cost of maintaining and managing your business’s IT systems. Instead of buying additional pieces of equipment and various systems, you can just use any available cloud computing service provider. You no longer have to worry about wages for IT staff and there are fewer delays.

Data Recovery

You can easily access data backup on various storage devices. Since your business information is in the cloud, accessing any backup data won’t be a problem anymore.

Work Practice Flexibility

Cloud computing gives employees more control over their time. It allows them to be more flexible when doing their tasks. What makes it even better is that everyone can access the system even when they’re at home. Any authorized personnel can connect to the virtual office easily.

Environment- Friendly

Using cloud computing doesn’t harm the environment. It also makes transactions easier. Since everything is done virtually, you don’t have to worry about paying expensive utility bills as well.

These are just some of the benefits of using cloud computing for your business. It’s always better to keep as many options as you can, especially if you want to run your business more efficiently. You may ask some experts to get the best IT cloud computing service that will suit your business needs.

4 Ways to Succeed in the Roofing Business

Professional staff building roofThe roofing business is more lucrative than ever. As a structure’s first line of defense from the elements, a roof is vulnerable to damage and other structural issues. While that means that the demand for roofing maintenance, repairs, and restorations are high, the competition can be very stiff. If you want to stand out and remain profitable, consider the following tips:

Buy or Rent a Cherry Picker

Due to the elevated nature of roofing tasks and the complexity of roofing systems, it is important to equip your employees with the right tools, equipment, and safety gear. To increase safety and efficiency in the worksite, buying or renting lift equipment is ideal. Monitor Lifts suggests getting versatile lift equipment such as a cherry picker.

Build a Presence Online

A lot of the up and coming homeowners are part of the two generations that have been exposed the most to the Internet and digital technology. It is reasonable to expect that most of them will be searching for roofing restoration and repair services online. Having a well-designed website or social media page can help you build brand awareness and attract more paying customers in your service area.

Advertise in Local Newspapers

Traditional marketing still works even with the explosion of digital marketing means. Buy ad space on a local newspaper to attract people in your community and spread awareness of your brand. However, put a cap on your expenses, as print advertising can be costlier than digital platforms.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Lastly, great relationships are important in the roofing business. It’s the best way to make a mark in your area and gain repeat customers.

As with all businesses, starting a roofing company can be daunting. The tips mentioned above will only help increase your chances of success.

Small Businesses in Florida Rank Among the Most Polite in the US

Restaurant business ownerFlorida ranked among the top 25 most polite states in the U.S. based on invoices of small businesses in the Sunshine State, according to FreshBooks.

The list analyzed the politeness of small business owners through the use of “please” and “thank you” on their invoices. It considered almost half of small-sized enterprises in Oklahoma to be polite, while those in Florida achieved a 12% politeness percentage.

Starting a Business

While courteousness plays an important role in a business, existing and prospective business owners need to acknowledge other key factors for the success of a company. Marketing campaigns, for instance, should be a focus of any business especially start-up firms.

These campaigns should include online strategies such as digital advertising or website design in places like Naples, a service offered by firms such as Customer Finder Marketing.

Those who plan to set up a new company will also need to think about the type of legal structure such as a sole proprietorship or limited liability. If you are considering a franchised business, a proposal in the state’s legislature will make it easier for you.

Franchise Owners’ Rights

The Small Business Parity Act aims to broaden the protection of owners of franchised enterprises in Florida, by leveling the playing field between corporate franchisors and their franchisees. More than 40,000 businesses in the state will benefit from the proposal.

A certain benefit of the bill would protect franchise owners in the state from unfair termination of their contract with the national franchisor. This will also allow franchised business owners to transfer or sell ownership. In case of legal disputes, the legislation would require the conflict to be resolved in a court in Florida.


This year marks another opportunity to set up a new business in Florida. Marketing and good customer relations will be important, while those who seek a franchised business are expected to have better protection.

What Can A Full Stack Developer Contribute to Your Business

Person developing codeYou may have heard about this breed of “all-in-one” programmers. There have been lots of appraising talk about these full stack developers for business intelligence that even giant tech companies like Facebook are betting on and employing them.

What Do They Do?

In layman’s terms, a full stack developer is someone who knows how to code at every level of a computer, from front to backend. They understand the fundamentals of server processes, databases, and user interface functionalities.

A Good Match for Small Businesses

Being a “jack of all trades” in web development, full stackers make a good match for small businesses who can’t afford too many IT professionals. Larger companies often can hire teams of developers, thus each member can specialize in one process. Full stack engineers, on the other hand, can take care of all the coding and designing for start-ups. They bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table and can do many processes by themselves.

Skills to Check

Full stack developers know several languages, platforms, and frameworks. While they’re a minority, they exist – a kind of technological geniuses, one may say. A candidate has to prove his expertise in the following areas:

  • Back-end – PHP, Ruby, Python, API development/design, etc.
  • Front-end – JavaScript, CSS, SASSS, SML, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL, XML, Oracle, etc.
  • System/Infrastructure – Sphinx, UX, load balancing, server security, etc.

Focus on the programming languages that the developer knows. For the client side, the most important are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. For the server side, check for their knowledge of PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails.

While it is understandable for small business owners to feel hesitant with new, trendy things, hiring a full stack services provider may just be one of the best decisions they’ll ever make. From designing, developing, and deploying IT solutions, you can count on them to increase productivity throughout your entire organization.

Should You Keep Your Property When You Sell Your Business?

A property being soldThese are some of the questions that business owners ask if they plan to exit their business in Utah. At the same time, they need to deal with the prospect of selling their property or company premises.

Is this year a good time to sell my business in Provo? How will the corporate tax cuts affect a possible company sale in Salt Lake City? You need to get answers to these questions, so you can make an informed decision.

Advantage of Selling

The advantages of a simultaneous sale of your business and company property include more liquidity on your investment portfolio. You would have more funding sources to pay off your urgent financial obligations to business partners and creditors.

If your business premises only serve a particular function, such as for manufacturing purposes, then you should consider selling it along with your company within a specific timeframe. While the U.S. government reduced the corporate tax rate, you should still expect some tax implications of an outright sale.

Financial Requirements

Small businesses should take note that it takes between six and nine months on average to complete a sale. Before you look for a buyer, you should have an organized set of bookkeeping or accounting records. Some buyers may ask for forecast growth estimates within five years, so consider doing that as well.

Capital gains tax, if there is any, will depend on how long you have been the business owner. You may pay a 15% tax if you have the ownership for more than a year. In other cases, it could go as high as 20% if you are in the highest tax bracket.

Business owners must think twice and consult a professional adviser about their plan to sell their company and property, as the pros and cons of selling will both depend on your case.