Repair Shops Stand to Gain From the Latest Car Buying Trends

mechanic checking the under chassis of a carKeen to escape the bludgeoning costs of owning a new car, Americans are increasingly driving older cars. In fact, a recent survey indicates that most of the cars on American roads are about 11.5 years old. Such developments spell good news for car repair shops and parts makers.

Vehicles these old require more in the care and maintenance department to run smoothly; therefore, creating a thriving business for service centers. Armed with reliable machines, you can keep your clients mobile and proud of their rides. JMC Equipment shares some insights on this opportunity.

A growing client base

Industry insiders expect that there’ll be more than 100 million cars older than 16 years on American roads in 2021. Such high numbers will create a growing demand for credible repair and machine shops. In fact, the car repair industry is a multi-billion sector and shows no signs of stopping.

Thanks to evolving technology, modern cars are quite durable, making the used cars trade quite lucrative as well. People keen to keep their car bills on the down low show a marked preference for preowned rides. With the right expertise and tools, you can restore old cars and sell them for a profit.

A thriving aftermarket sector

In 2015, the car aftermarket sector in the United States raked in over $68 billion dollars in revenue. Motoring enthusiasts, including performance drivers, show a marked preference for such replacement parts. They appreciate the ability to customize both the look and performance of their rides.

In some cases, aftermarket parts have better performance and longevity compared to OEM replacement parts. Being able to meet these needs gives you an edge in the market and grows your business. You can create a string of loyal customers looking for a custom driving experience.

As the age of the car on the road increases, it spells a good fortune for car repairs shop owners and workers. With the right equipment and skills, you can tap into this growing and lucrative market and reap the benefits.