Quick Financial Fixes for When Loan Applications Take Too Long

Woman worried about finances

Woman worried about finances

As long as you need money in your daily life, there is always the chance that you will find yourself in desperate need of cash. When that time comes, an option that you may think of taking is getting yourself a loan. But what if you can’t meet the requirements or the money from that won’t be able to arrive in time for your payment? It is always a good idea to have alternatives. Here are good valuables that you can either sell or pawn off for quick cash.

Jewelry and Other Precious Items

These objects obviously cost a lot, so you will definitely get much from them as long as they are authentic. If you are not too attached to them, then you can turn your rings, bracelets, necklaces, gemstones, and precious metals into emergency funds. It is best to take your precious items and jewelry to pawnshops in South Salt Lake, Utah. You will be able to get your money right away, and more often than not, they have a high appraisal value. This is especially true for older pieces that are more sought after.


If you’re someone who buys and collects cars and motorcycles but only uses a few of them, then it might be a good idea to sell or pawn a couple of them. It can take a while to sell one outright, depending on the kind that you have. Hence, if you want cash much faster, you are better off using them as collateral. Just like with the precious items mentioned before, vintage vehicles are worth more as long as they are in good condition. You can actually do the same for your home, but that should only be your very last option, when you have exhausted every other one.

Gadgets and Furniture

Guy holding phone at the pawnshop

One good way of getting rid of clutter in your home is to sell the items that create it. Put up a garage sale and offer your old furniture, video games, toys, and antiques for sale. If you have any rare items and you can find collectors, you can also choose to sell directly to their community. Another way to go about this is to set up an online store and advertise your goods through social media or sale sites.


America is known for its firearms, and just because they are relatively common does not mean that you can’t get a good price for one. Some pawnshops actually engage in trading these items. If you are simply collecting them, you can take yours to these places for the money you need. You can choose to sell them to fellow enthusiasts as well. If you have an old and valuable piece, you will be able to get a lot for it.

While these may all seem like great solutions to your financial problems, keep in mind that they are only temporary fixes. It is always best to find and keep a stable source of income and not just rely on the presence of these items, unless you plan to engage in trade.