Keeping High on Employee Morale, Low Turnover Rate

company celebration

company celebrationAnyone who has experienced working as an employee will agree that motivation is a deciding factor if an employee will stay or not. The rate of employee turnover happens to give you a feedback about how good you are as an employer and how interesting your brand is.

Many organizations experience that inevitable employee turnover at an alarming rate and it affects the business. So when the talks about employee engagement, staff morale, and their effects on employee started proliferating the media, HRs and companies began drafting strategies and implementing these.

Unfortunately, it is hard to gauge and keep employee morale in check because, first, morale is intangible, undefinable and even subjective. And, second, it is expensive to test strategies if you are in a corporate setting and your company relies on daily production. It is simply below the to-do list.

Then again, it is a deciding factor and if you aim to keep the best of your talents, you have to make a move.


It is a tradition for companies to celebrate holidays. Employees expect it. What you can do is to host a celebration after meeting a quota or when transitioning to a new project. For more fun, hire a corporate emcee to add value and entertainment. It also helps to include a motivational talk in the program to remind them why they chose to be in their field in the first place, and to revive their spirits.


Every day, an employee struggles to get to work and meet the productivity goals. Some do not show extraordinary performance, but if they happen to squeeze in another task or help a colleague fulfill their goals, it is important to show your appreciation in any way.


A great way to motivate your staff is to show them what is beyond the finish line. It could be anything like a dinner or a gift check. Knowing what lies ahead the bumpy long road will keep pushing them to productivity and excellence.

If you want to see your employee turnover on the positive line, motivate your employees and improve their morale.