Interesting Facts About Everybody’s Favorite Fast Food: The Burger!

Cheeseburgers with fries in a tray

Cheeseburgers with fries in a tray

It makes so much sense to invest in a burger restaurant franchise because it is arguably the single most popular type of food on the planet. Billions of them are eaten all over the world annually — more than any other food.

Its popularity owes much to its versatility and diversity in terms of flavor as well as the convenience of being able to eat it on the go. If you’re looking to sell burgers for success, then it’s about time that you got to know the burger even more.

Here are the most interesting facts you probably didn’t know about them.

The Name

“Burger” is actually the nickname of this food; its actual full name is “hamburger.” Now, many people believe this is because hamburgers have, well, ham. But that isn’t the case. Most patties nowadays are in fact made from beef.

So, where does the name source from? Well, it comes from the Hamburg steak which was brought over to America by German immigrants from the same region. It was also almost always beef in composition.


Surprisingly, while burgers have been around for centuries, it only gained popularity in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Since then, however, it has become truly popular in the United States. In that country alone, over 50 billion burgers are consumed annually.

In many states, you’ll even find burger museums and halls of fame for those who just love this very ubiquitous food. It makes it clear great investment to go for a burger restaurant franchise as you have a lot of potential customers.

Becoming a Giant

As with any foodstuff, burgers have also been the subject of world records. In 1982, the largest burger was made weighing a whopping 3,591 pounds. It was enough to give 10,000 people in attendance at the unveiling at least one bite. That’s a staggering number when you think about it.

A few other notable records include the fact that — if you line up all burgers eaten by Americans in a year — it will circle the globe 32 times. In terms of sales, McDonald’s holds the record of selling over 300 billion burgers all in all. If you tally that against their history, that’s 75 burgers sold per second.


Friends eating at a fast food restaurant

While the burger is acknowledged to be an American invention, many cities have been squabbling over who invented its modern incarnations. That honor is widely acknowledged to belong to New Haven, Connecticut in 1900.

Speaking of origins, the first fast food restaurant to specialize in burgers opened in 1921. If you love burgers, that would have been the best time to enjoy them as they only cost a mere 5 cents.

Burgers and their popularity translate into great potential sales. If you want a business — and want one specifically in food — then you can do no wrong with burgers. They sell fast provided that they’re made well and taste delicious.

With that being the case, you need to make sure to invest in a reliable franchise with a history of success. If you’re able to do that, you’re sure to make a killing in sales and turn a great profit to live by.