Get a Dazzling Smile For Better Health

Dentists in South Bend Whether you are young or old, oral care is crucial to your general health Aside from boosting your confidence, it prevents the development of certain diseases. Dentists agree that good dental hygiene provides the following health benefits:

Lessens the Risk of Cancer

Experts say that individuals with periodontal disease are at a higher risk of developing cancer. 50% of men in the US suffering from periodontal disease are likely to develop cancer in the kidneys or the pancreas, while the other 30% are more likely to develop cancer in the blood. Many dentists in South Bend, Indiana and other parts of the United States offer root scaling and planing to prevent periodontal disease.

Eases Diabetes Symptoms

>Many people who have gingivitis also have diabetes. People with this disease cannot control their blood sugar levels and are more prone to contracting infections.  Regular cleaning and dental checkups help prevent gum disease and also control blood sugar levels.

Could Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Bad dental health causes arteries to narrow when bacteria and plaque are present in the gums. Clogged arteries could increase the risk of a heart attack. Some studies show that these bacteria could create pockets in the heart valves and cause inflammation in the linings.  Dentists recommend regular dental checkups and flossing to prevent plaque build-up.

Prevents Dementia

Research shows that poor oral health is a significant factor in memory loss. Infections in the gum release a substance  that could cause brain cells to die. This increases the risk of developing dementia in later life. Many dentists advise using mouthwash to prevent these gum infections.

Don’t overlook dental hygiene when scientific studies regularly reveal the significant link between good oral care and a healthy life. Regular visits to your dentist could give you not only a great smile, but better health.