First Impressions First: 3 Home Exterior Design Principles to Remember

Home Exterior Design Tips

Home Exterior Design TipsThe home’s exterior is as important as its interior. In fact, the facade is what makes people curious about what’s inside. It’s important to dedicate time and plan in improving the house front. In the same way that decorating the interiors entails following principles, there are also rules to follow for exterior design. Remember these as you spruce up your house’s facade:

Select a color palette.

The hues you use will be the first element people will notice about your house. It’s what creates the impression, as colors are closely associated with abstract, relative concepts. Black means sophistication, green and blue are relaxation, and red and orange mean happiness and warm welcome.

Decide on a color palette based on the impression you want to create. And do note that the color palette doesn’t only apply to the exterior paint. and industry experts added that it extends to your landscaping, siding materials, decorative metal fence, and front door.

Strive for symmetry.

Symmetry in design puts a sense of order, eliminating visual clutter and increasing its appeal. One way you can achieve this is by having design elements mirror each other from a center point. Often, the architectural details of your house front already have some sense of balance, say, the windows placed on each side of the front door. You can highlight further the symmetry here by having plants lined up at the pathway to the door, mirroring each other.

Stitch the elements together.

Harmony is crucial in design. The elements in the house facade should match and fit well together. So that when you look at the whole design, it’s cohesive. Nothing’s out of place. You can very well pull this off by repeating elements. For instance, you can place a glass panel at the top of your front door to mimic the glass on your windows. You can also have window shutters to match your timber doors. Whatever you do, there should be a unifying element in your design.

Keep in mind these design rules as you improve the visual appeal of your house’s facade. It’s a guarantee, after this creative project, your house will make the right impression on onlookers.