Don’t Make Your Divorce More Stressful

couple conflict

man and a woman experiencing conflict

Divorce is more than about deciding that you and your partner want to call it quits. If one or both of you have chosen to pursue it, you then have to go through the legal system of finalizing everything, while also making decisions about asset division, as well as child custody and visitation. There might even be arguments and negotiations, especially if you and your spouse can’t agree on some things.

All of these things can be overwhelming, making it easy for emotions to take over. While you cannot completely disregard your feelings during the process, do take note that being too emotional can prevent you from making rational decisions. It can also make the entire care stressful, expensive, and harder than it already is. Gleaning from divorce lawyers in Long Island, here are some things that can make your divorce more complicated:

Expecting to keep or have everything

Even if you think that you are the better parent or spouse, you cannot expect to have everything your way. This does not automatically mean that you get to keep the house, the custody of the kids, the cars, and all other essential assets. Keep in mind that your partner cannot be left off without anything. Deciding who gets what also involves considering the laws of the state you live in.

Hiding assets or money in a divorce

There are many ways of doing this, like moving bank accounts, deflating income (to calculate child and spousal support), and giving properties to friends with the intention of getting them back later. While it looks like you have a solid plan, this is never a good idea. It can lead to severe penalties or convictions and prolong the whole case.

Carrying out wicked plans of revenge


If your spouse has done something irreparable, you might think that getting revenge can make you feel better. While it might do so initially, it can backfire later on. Getting even or embarrassing the other party might only cause him/him her to do the same or hesitate to negotiate in any way. It is best to take the high road and keep your emotions under control.

Fighting over insignificant things

Sweating the smallest stuff like fighting over that spatula or any other replaceable appliance will only drain your time, energy, or even finances. If an item has no significant or sentimental value, let go if it and buy a new one. This is much better than engaging in arguments that incite more hostility. Focus on important things like getting custody of the kids or the house.

Doing everything on your own

While this can seem like a practical or an affordable choice, you might only incur more expenses later on, especially if you know nothing about divorce laws in your state. The same thing applies when taking advice from friends and family. It is best to hire a divorce lawyer who can protect and defend your rights during the case.

Don’t make your divorce more complicated than it already is. Avoid the things mentioned above and be sure to get the right legal representation.