Coolsculpting: Freezing Away Your Fats

Surgeon marking the body of a woman for surgery

Surgeon marking the body of a woman for surgery

Do you feel like diet and exercise are insufficient in reshaping your body? Perhaps you want to get rid of stubborn fat without the risks of surgery? If you want a noninvasive method of body contouring, coolsculpting is a procedure that has become increasingly prevalent in the United States.

It is a suitable alternative for women who are cautious after undergoing surgery due to possible complications. Below are the basic details you must know before you try this modern procedure.

Definition of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved, noninvasive method of body contouring. It involves the use of a low temperature setting to freeze fat away in specific regions of the body. Lipid-rich regions such as the abdomen, chin, and arms are targets to reduce underlying fat content.

Efficacy of Coolsculpting in Improving Body Contour

Several clinical studies show that coolsculpting can effectively freeze fat cells in 90-95% of patients who undergo the procedure. After the initial session of coolsculpting, you will notice a gradual reduction in fats as early as two weeks post-procedure.

On your subsequent fat freezing sessions, the body contouring effects will manifest at a previous time.

How Coolsculpting is Done

You can get coolsculpting at a physician’s clinic or even at your own home. Some women opt for outpatient procedures whereas others prefer buying their own modern belt.

Coolsculpting devices contain a gel pad to protect the superficial skin layers from the direct effect of low temperature. Once the buffer is in position, you place the fat loss belt on the skin surface. The device then emits cold energy, which can penetrate the deep subcutaneous layers that contain fat cells.

The decrease in fatty deposits helps you achieve your desired body contour.

Coolsculpting is an innovative technique that allows body reshaping without worrying about costs, bleeding risks, and post-op recovery duration. Therefore, it is essential to undergo fat freezing procedures right away.