Cavity Sliders are Your Ally When Building a Budget Home

contractor laying tiles in houseGoing for an open floor plan when building a house is an incredible way to lower the construction cost. You can build a smaller home and use cavity sliders to partition the rooms when you need privacy.

When you get down to it, building a home in Australia could be an expensive affair. To construct a budget three-bedroom house, you need at least $160,000 while a standard one would cost $180,000. A premium one would set you back close to $200,000.

The cost of putting up your dream house may cost $1,500 per square foot. Such a hefty tag is enough reason to opt for a cosy little house instead of a sprawling mansion, especially if you have a tight budget. With the help of cavity sliders, you can build a small house without making it congested.

Maximise the space

With an open floor plan, you will have one or more large rooms in the house functioning as multiple rooms. Often, you will find that the kitchen, dining room, and living area sit in one shared space. Such an arrangement lends a spacious appearance to a home with the less square footage.

It creates a large airy space by allowing more natural light in the home. Since there are few or no divider walls, you can keep an eye on the kids as they play on the other side of the house.

Get privacy when you need it

If your kitchen is messy and you have guests coming over, the lasting you want them to see is the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. With a simple flick of your wrist, you can pull a slider door out of its recess and conceal the area. The same case applies when you are watching TV, but the kids are busy with their homework in the dining room. If you choose the right cavity slider model, you can create and reduce space in the house to suit your needs without leaving a mark on the floor.

An open floor plan is a great choice when you are looking to save money on building costs. With the right choice of materials and features, you can make good use of every available space in your home without compromising privacy.