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electronic board in hardware repair

A Broken PC? Don’t Throw It Out Yet

electronic board in hardware repair

At some point in your life, you’ll find it necessary to replace the computer you already have. It doesn’t matter what type or model it is. Even with excellent care and maintenance, electronic gadgets only have a limited operational life. They can be made obsolete by new hardware, software, or even your lifestyle changes. So, what can you do with them?

Before you throw them, you might want to take a closer look at these devices and think a little harder about what you can do about them now that their prime has passed. Under no circumstances should you simply put them in the trash. Proper disposal or reuse might actually be quite helpful for you. If you are an expert in fixing electronic gadgets, you can even consider buying the nearest computer repair shop for sale in your area and start a business.

Make sure it’s actually broken

This problem is very common among people who switch devices all the time. Sometimes, they don’t even know that something is really broken before tossing it out. This is the first thing you should check for when encountering old devices that are gathering dust in your closet. People can simply forget that these are still functioning after using their new devices for a while. If you don’t make sure of this, you’ll miss out on the other things that you can do with it.

Contribute to science

Your old computer can have a role in advancing the future of humanity. Many sites need the CPU space of an unused computer lying around. Some use volunteer PCs to analyze data from space, while others have an open research effort to understand certain diseases and find better ways of curing them.

Make your own home server

man working on a home server

While most people will think of a high-tech room surrounded by wires and tall towers of hardware as a personal server, the truth is you can run a slightly less impressive but still useful operation using your old PC. A little fiddling with the hardware can make your old PC the heart of all the files in your home. This is very useful if you happen to be a family of five that’s tired of taking turns to borrow each other’s external hard drive.

Give it to a school as a test bed

Robotics programs are steadily becoming integral to the school curriculum, and your old PC may just be the thing that sets off the journey of our future tech developers. Old schools often use old or obsolete PCs as “test beds” for electronics disassembly since many of the core systems (such as the CPU, RAM, or motherboard) are present in major tech systems that their students need to study.

While you certainly won’t be using that old tech anymore, it doesn’t mean that’s the end for that device. One of the best things about technology is the ability to be integrated into newer and more specialized applications. The best type of tech never gets old; it just turns into something else, sometimes, better.

Police officer on stand by

More on Radar Guns: Functionality & Applications

Police officer on stand by

When looking for radar guns for speed law enforcement, you want one which motorists’ detectors cannot locate with ease. A leading online store for high-quality speed guns and related equipment advises that it is vital to know how these detectors work. Being savvy on matters on speed guns functional efficiency is also key.

Speed Guns: Their Functional Principle

First off, these speed guns come with the technology for emitting radio waves which bounce off the target to tell how fast cars are moving. The guns follow the Doppler shift theorem, which depends on the principle of the alteration in wave patterns. With this, you can tell whether cars are moving toward detection points. You can also record the speed and how far away you are from the car. However, you will need first to ascertain what specific car in the speed gun cone is of interest.

Why Zero in On One Target?

You only can get a clear reading from your speed gun when the gun emits a high and constant tone. You will get a weak signal if it reflects from a low or raspy target. You want precise readings from your target car, and it is best if you can get the car’s license plate, headlight or bumper as these easily reflect the waves. Vehicles which move very fast reflect best from the speed gun cone on the ‘fastest’ button.

Application of Speed Guns

Police using speed gun

Practically, you can control speed guns from your hand or mount them on your dashboard. For officers on bikes, lighter speed guns are the best to use. You can customize your order for these lighter speed guns but specify the exact size. Also, specify the battery type and size as these handheld speed guns will not have an external source of power. Most of the speed guns, however, come with both on- and off-charge capabilities. It is not just enough to know how speed guns work; it is crucial you understand the various modes available. These include:

Moving Speed Guns

When an officer is in motion, the speed gun compares the officer’s and other car’s speed. The speed gun calculates by looking for a background object which is large. It then focuses on a target object which is smaller in size. Next, it measures differences between target speeds and of the police car, the latter of which you can get from your speedometer.

Directional Speed Guns

Moving speed guns have had the challenge of the shadowing errors when you assume the large vehicles to be the stationary object. This technique leads to errors in speed calculation for a target vehicle. Directional speed guns are quite accurate. The patrol car’s speed is not a major factor here; results should be from the signal bouncing off the target vehicle.

A leading online store for radar guns and equipment posits that these calculations should be highly accurate. You cannot get that from old technology where the officer has to pick out which target car to bounce off the signal. Therefore, whenever you are shopping for your speed guns, insist on getting those that come with the latest technology.

Laser machine engraving on metal

Laser Technology in Modern Times

Laser machine engraving on metal

When people hear lasers, the first thing they think about is science fiction spaceships shooting them. Lasers are real. They’ve been around for a long time and you’re probably using one right now. Lasers are everywhere — so rampant that you probably take them for granted.

Here are some uses or applications of lasers that you might have missed:

Cutting, Engraving, and Welding

Machines that use lasers can cut plastics, wood, glass — and even harder materials such as metal and diamonds. Laser engraving machines are surpassing traditional rotary machines when it comes to ease of use, quality of work, and intricacy of designs. The automotive industry uses lasers in welding, especially when using automated machines.

The use of lasers allows manufacturers to perform precision work even at a very high volume of work and production. Lasers specifically designed for the manufacturing industry has led to faster production rates and higher volumes of output. A wood laser engraving machine is also a good investment for those who have a woodworking workshop.

Measuring Elevation, Distance, and Speed

The surveyor with a tripod, the cop waiting for a speeding car, the contractor starting a build — all of them use lasers in one form or another. Lasers can measure distance with absolute precision — making construction safer and faster. Lasers ensure the precise leveling and alignment needed for clean accurate builds. On the road, police officers often use lasers to assess speed. Lasers used in this fashion give very accurate readings, often being accurate to the mile.

Assisting in Medicine and Dentistry

Laser vision correction

Unlike in many science fiction movies and TV shows, some lasers are used to save lives. Thousands of life-saving surgeries have been performed with the help of lasers. Lasers allow surgeons to cut with consistency, especially in depth, allowing for safer surgeries and faster recovery times. Lasers are used for precise cuts that are difficult to make with a scalpel, as well as to clear blocked arteries in patients with heart conditions.

Laser eye surgery is becoming more popular and every year, more people are turning to LASIK for clearer vision. Even dentists are ditching their traditional drills and starting to use laser technology for their procedures. Lasers produce less noise and sometimes even require no anesthetics.

Scanning and Retrieving Data

Shopping centers and groceries use barcode scanners that have lasers. Scanning eliminates the probability of human error in encoding and processing prices, as well as makes transactions smoother, easier, and faster. DVD players and other devices also use lasers to read data and transform it into audio or audiovisual content.

Providing Internet and Cable

The shows you watch on cable and your access to the internet are possible with fiber optic technology. This technology encodes data — videos, music, pictures, or simple text — and transmits it at the speed of light using lasers. Fiber optics allows greater bandwidth over longer distances and are more reliable than outdated copper cables.

Lasers are an integral part of modern society, as well as in manufacturing, medicine, construction, and information technology sectors. Technology makes lives easier. Maybe not as science fiction has imagined — but lasers have indeed paved a way to a more advanced future.

Modern Dating Apps Depend on Online Information

Many hand cursors mouse clicking red heart buttonToday’s online dating apps change the way people meet and connect with others. However, the way it works is not as simple as looking through hundreds of potential matches. There are a lot of algorithms and artificial intelligence used in modern online dating. These algorithms connect different social media accounts to vouch for a person. Because of this, there are few apps that require the user to answer questions about themselves since the information is already online.

The Power of AI

We see the power of AI and the way it takes information from a user’s online actions through our everyday use of the internet. Facebook harvests information from users to tailor their newsfeed to their preferences. Google uses user habits to provide the appropriate advertisements and search result.

Users’ information provides a smoother the user relevant data on searches. Technology such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are prime examples of personal assistants that comb through a person’s information to provide relevant data.

Laser Focus

One of the first online dating sites,, debuted in 1995. Since then, dating sites have evolved to smartphone apps and changed the way people perceive online dating. Like social media and advanced technology, dating apps use algorithms and AI to determine people to suggest or recommend to users.

It is up to the user to come up with an appropriate action when presented with these choices. The information about a person already exists online, and this is what apps mine. Depending on the apps’ algorithm and AI, the recommendations can be close to the user’s ideal.

Dating apps are dependent on algorithms and AI. The AI can recommend a person close to the user’s ideal, or it can appear like a random choice. AI is a promising idea for a dating app, considering the huge amount of information available to everyone online.

The Best IT Networking Certificates for Entry-Level Pros

students listening to discussionAn IT networking certificate helps those without a college degree to build their credentials, and earn a higher salary despite not finishing tertiary education.

If you need a CompTIA Network Plus N10-007 exam guide, many review centers such as CertBlaster offer them along with other exams including the A+ and the Security+ certification tests.

Best Certificates

While there are many available certification guides, those from CompTIA are ideal for entry-level IT networking professionals since these are vendor-neutral. This means that someone has a solid understanding of the subject matter regardless of the type of software or equipment.

By opting for vendor-neutral certification, you simply don’t restrict yourself to employers who only look for specific IT abilities and skills. A vendor-specific certification would only make sense if you already gained years of experience in a certain field like Microsoft server or Cisco router management.

For some professionals, a higher salary serves as the main factor for pursuing industry certification.

Salary Range

Silicon Valley undoubtedly pays the highest salaries for technology professionals in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean other cities pay a smaller amount. The trade-off, however, involves a high cost of living in the area.

If you’re keen on an income that’s higher than the cost of living, the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia area in North and South Carolina pay the highest average salary. When adjusted for living expenses as of 2017, technology professionals can earn $108,178 per year compared to the average unadjusted salary of $101,147.

In California’s San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area, the average adjusted and unadjusted salaries for cost of living amounted to $102,286 and $126,937, respectively.


A networking certificate allows you to be competent enough even without a college diploma. You can increase your chances of being a bankable technology professional, by choosing a widely recognized group such as CompTIA for your entry-level certificate.

Mobile phone showing ERP and laptop screen showing various graphs

The Latest ERP Trends

Mobile phone showing ERP and laptop screen showing various graphsEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are applications that work together to manage business processes such as accounting, sales, customer support, and purchasing. The integrated system helps a business to collect, interpret, manage and store data from different departments of the company. For a long time, ERP was only accessible to large enterprises.

However, the development of ERP online has paved the way for more adaptable solutions to cater to small businesses. The various modules are sold either as a plan or bundled together. The trends in ERP revolve around technological developments that are predictable as the niche is trying to catch up to other software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Below are trends that are gaining traction in the ERP space:

Mobile ERP

Some solutions have become more accessible through Windows, Android and iOS apps. However, most of them only cater to the most critical key performance indicators such as leads, web traffic, and sales. As a result, you can still be productive elsewhere. However mobile ERP comes with security concerns associated with availing sensitive data for access from anywhere.

Social ERP

This ERP introduces data from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. That way, businesses can leverage brand mentions, engagement and their friends’ networks to gain insight and traffic. Social ERP increases customer engagement and in the end, the conversion rates.

On-Premise and SaaS ERP hybrids

ERP has many grey shades between on-premise and SaaS. Many companies have started to opt for a hybrid approach that integrates an inventory management system in the cloud into their on-premise accounting ERP. This strategy is a good move regarding costs and process.

ERP software serves to promote a culture of collaboration in a business, to increase efficiency and to streamline business processes. This results in minimized costs and increased productivity.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computingCloud computing has several benefits to offer your business. It’s an intricate technology that lets you set up a virtual office and gives you the opportunity to connect with your business and customers in any location. With the steady growth of web-enabled mobile devices, remote access to your business is now easier.

Here’s how your business in NJ can benefit from cloud computing:

IT Cost Reduction

Switching to cloud computing can effectively reduce the cost of maintaining and managing your business’s IT systems. Instead of buying additional pieces of equipment and various systems, you can just use any available cloud computing service provider. You no longer have to worry about wages for IT staff and there are fewer delays.

Data Recovery

You can easily access data backup on various storage devices. Since your business information is in the cloud, accessing any backup data won’t be a problem anymore.

Work Practice Flexibility

Cloud computing gives employees more control over their time. It allows them to be more flexible when doing their tasks. What makes it even better is that everyone can access the system even when they’re at home. Any authorized personnel can connect to the virtual office easily.

Environment- Friendly

Using cloud computing doesn’t harm the environment. It also makes transactions easier. Since everything is done virtually, you don’t have to worry about paying expensive utility bills as well.

These are just some of the benefits of using cloud computing for your business. It’s always better to keep as many options as you can, especially if you want to run your business more efficiently. You may ask some experts to get the best IT cloud computing service that will suit your business needs.

What Can A Full Stack Developer Contribute to Your Business

Person developing codeYou may have heard about this breed of “all-in-one” programmers. There have been lots of appraising talk about these full stack developers for business intelligence that even giant tech companies like Facebook are betting on and employing them.

What Do They Do?

In layman’s terms, a full stack developer is someone who knows how to code at every level of a computer, from front to backend. They understand the fundamentals of server processes, databases, and user interface functionalities.

A Good Match for Small Businesses

Being a “jack of all trades” in web development, full stackers make a good match for small businesses who can’t afford too many IT professionals. Larger companies often can hire teams of developers, thus each member can specialize in one process. Full stack engineers, on the other hand, can take care of all the coding and designing for start-ups. They bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table and can do many processes by themselves.

Skills to Check

Full stack developers know several languages, platforms, and frameworks. While they’re a minority, they exist – a kind of technological geniuses, one may say. A candidate has to prove his expertise in the following areas:

  • Back-end – PHP, Ruby, Python, API development/design, etc.
  • Front-end – JavaScript, CSS, SASSS, SML, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL, XML, Oracle, etc.
  • System/Infrastructure – Sphinx, UX, load balancing, server security, etc.

Focus on the programming languages that the developer knows. For the client side, the most important are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. For the server side, check for their knowledge of PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails.

While it is understandable for small business owners to feel hesitant with new, trendy things, hiring a full stack services provider may just be one of the best decisions they’ll ever make. From designing, developing, and deploying IT solutions, you can count on them to increase productivity throughout your entire organization.

Pair of bluetooth speakers

Getting the Most Out of Your Bluetooth Speakers

Pair of bluetooth speakersWhether you are the techno-optimist who thinks that in the end, technology improves the human condition, or you are an avowed tech skeptic, you have to admit that Bluetooth changed many things.

Bluetooth speakers, for example, have single-handedly reinvented how we interact with our phones. Who would have imagined that you could play music without laboring over wires?

When looking for Bluetooth speakers for sale, you need to know how to make the best out of them. Even though they are tiny, they can sound different depending on where you place them. Here are tips you could try.

1. Position your speakers.

As a rule of thumb, if you want your speakers to sound better, place them facing toward you. Put them on a hard surface a little higher than where you are, about 24 inches tall or higher. To improve the bass of your speakers, keep their backs close to the wall or a hard surface.

2. Pick the shape of your speaker.

How your speaker is shaped will have an impact on the sound it produces. A box-shaped speaker works best when facing the audience, while a cylindrical one needs to be at the center of the room. Additionally, the cylinder always needs to be upright.

3. Use aptX.

Sometimes the speakers could sound worse because of the phone and speaker quality. Ideally, they both should support aptX. That way, you can stream high-quality audio. If your phone does not support aptX, you could connect through a 3.5mm port, although this beats the point of having Bluetooth speakers.

While these guidelines will work to improve the quality of sound you get, they cannot replace experimenting. The setup of your room might be as unique as your music preferences. In which case, the best thing to do is to experiment with positioning until you get a sound that works right for you.

4 Awesome Inventions of Our Time

SIP on a keyboardIt is incredible how humanity has made huge strides in technology in the last century. During the 1900s, we saw the development of devices that changed the way people go about their daily lives.

Although it took a while before these devices became completely accessible to the public, it is now present in every household or office.

Here are some of the biggest leaps in technology:

The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell first patented the telephone in 1876, while Antonio Meucci developed telephone designs in 1849. These efforts lead to the machine that would, later on, become the phones we have today.

The telephone sped things up, and communication became instantaneous because the sender and the recipient were now able to talk with each other no matter the distance.

The Television

It is said that John Logie Baird developed the television. The creation of the TV was an important moment in life because it provided a new form of entertainment for people.

Whereas before, the known forms of visual amusement were movies and theater, television served as an alternative for viewers.


Session Initiation Protocol or SIP does not need in-depth explanation. It means that now, you can communicate with your loved ones using online channels. Thus, it is a combination of the telephone, a bit of television, and the internet.

SIP service providers such as SIP.US are the ones who make this possible for you. Whereas before, long-distance communication was limited to calls and did not include face-to-face setups. SIP now allows you to talk and see the one who is in the other end of the line.

The Internet

Perhaps the best invention to date, the internet became an instrument of entertainment and communication. It led to the creation of social networks, which connected people, and online publishing of news which people on the go were able to read.

It also birthed the concept of memes, which function not only as jokes but also as social commentary.

Indeed, humankind has gone a long way since the age of gas lamps and horse carriages.