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An Overview of Direct Marketing

direct marketing

Direct marketing is a way to sell something by giving out information about it directly to the target market. There is no go-between. Direct marketing companies in the U.K. use this type of marketing to reach people that are most likely to buy it.

In most cases, they did some type of research to find a list of interested people or bought a list from a research company.


There are many ways to do direct marketing. Back in the day, this was through giving away brochures and fliers in busy areas. In some cases, companies mailed catalogues, coupons, and postcards directly to people’s houses.

Direct marketing people continue to use these methods because they still work. Telemarketing and text blasting are also types of direct marketing.

However, the best way to do direct marketing today is through online methods. Examples of this are emails, newsletters, and pop-up ads. Among these, the most popular is email marketing. Few people like pop-up ads and even fewer bother to read newsletters.

The problem with emails is the company can only send emails to people if they expressly allow it in writing. The recipient has to opt in, which means they allow the company to continue sending them emails. Otherwise, the company has to stop sending emails to them.


direct marketing mediums

Advertising on radio, television, and newspapers is about numbers. They sell to everybody and hope some will buy. The key feature of direct marketing is selling to a small number of people directly.

However, these people are most likely to buy a certain product or service. Either they already bought it, or they asked about it.

Direct marketing works because it is:

  • Targeted: People feel the goods offered are specifically for them.
  • Economical: It costs less per person as they are most likely to buy.
  • Profitable: Since it costs less per person, the profits per sale are higher.
  • Measurable: It is easy to find out if a campaign was successful as it goes directly to a potential customer. If they buy, it works. If they do not buy, it does not work.


A key requirement of a successful direct marketing campaign is the target audience. If the information does not get to the right people, then sales will be very low. On the other hand, if the target market is right, but the method used is not, sales will still be low.

This is a big problem because each direct marketing campaign is very expensive. If it works, the returns are huge. If it does not, everything goes down the drain.

The biggest problem with direct marketing is everything has to be just right. This is why it is important to get experienced direct marketing companies to handle it.

The purpose of direct marketing is to bring the product or service to the attention of people that need or want it. Direct marketing companies specialise in targeting a small group of people that are most likely to buy.

This is a very effective way to sell products and services if a company does not have the budget for traditional advertising. The trick is getting everything just right. That takes quite a bit of experience and knowledge, so it might be best to leave it to the professionals.

clients talking to gym owner

This Is How Gym Owners Should Forge Relationships with Clients

People talking with the gym manager and looking at the facilities

Owning a gym is a lucrative business choice, knowing that more and more people are looking to have a healthier lifestyle. But owning a gym does not end with just being a physical trainer or administrator.

There are a lot of things that may require hard work, especially if the business is growing and you are already planning to expand the facility. Among the things that you need to invest in is your customer relationships.

Other than getting new prospects, your other source of income is keeping people on coming back. However, a lot of physical trainers often take customer relationships for granted.

Whether you own a fitness franchise or you are running a gym with a partner, forging relationships with clients should always be one of the priorities. And this is not always hard work, especially if you have the right strategies. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

1. Be on time

You are basically a consultant, knowing that you provide advice and guidance for your clients. With that, you need to show great first impressions. Among the best ways, you can do that is by being on time. Remember, your customers are paying you, so you need to show up when they need you.

You have to take time seriously, as consistently late sending the wrong signal: that your client’s time is not valuable. If you have a habit of being late, now is the time to correct it. And there are a few tips you can make it happen.

2. Initiate meaningful conversations

If you want your clients to like you, you need to be likable. And being likable is sometimes as easy as taking an interest in your client’s personal lives. But do not just initiate small talk. You can ask them about their job, especially if you sense that they have a flourishing career.

Just make sure that you do not go too deep. There is a fine line between being genuinely interested in their lives and being outright nosy. You may also avoid sensitive topics, such as politics and religion.

3. Be a role model

Gym owner

One of your aims is to get your clients to trust you, your ways, and your methods. After all, that’s what you are being paid for.

But sometimes, some clients find it hard to trust their instructors, knowing that the instructors themselves are the first rulebreakers. If you have instructed your clients not to indulge too much in sweets and guilty pleasures, you should not show up eating a chocolate bar or whatnot.

4. Appreciate hard work

Your client may be exhibiting some results, and they are maybe too pleased with it. If you know this, it does not hurt that you compliment their efforts. After all, words of encouragement inspire people to do more and better.

Building a harmonious relationship with your clients should be done with care. You need to incite trust and see to it that they understand what you actually do. You also have to make sure that they are well taken care of as far as heir fitness needs are concerned.

Angry evicted couple worried moving house sitting on the floor in the kitchen

Dealing with Problematic Tenants Quickly and Legally

Angry evicted couple worried moving house sitting on the floor in the kitchen

Many landlords who are unfortunate enough to run into problematic tenants turn to the law to evict them. If you have a binding lease agreement in place, you can be rid of them quickly.

Most people delve into the commercial real estate market because it holds the promise of regular rental income every month. While this is true for the most part, sometimes, matters take a turn for the worst. You’re likely to come across a nightmare tenant once in a while.

Such tenants tend to be a nuisance by withholding rent, damaging the property and disturbing other residents. You need to enforce a forfeiture of the lease to rid yourself of such pesky tenants.

An Iron-clad Lease Agreement

Your best line of defence hinges on getting all tenants to sign a rental contract that stipulates all your expectations. The legal document protects you from any nasty surprise that a tenant might throw your way. Having a legal expert draft such an agreement ensures that it covers anything from late and unpaid rent to property damage and pretty much any random issue.

A legally binding agreement not only gives you peace of mind but also lets you rid the property of an errant tenant. Just because you own a property doesn’t give you the right to throw someone out. You need to follow the right process and ensure that you don’t infringe on their rights. The last thing you want is to get into a legal battle with a tenant.

Types of Breaches

destroyed ceiling

Some of the most common breaches covered under Section 146 include:

  • Altering a rental property without consent
  • Tenants removing carpets and installing hardwood flooring
  • Withholding service charges when they are paid separately from rent
  • Having pets on the property when it’s against regulations
  • Negligent acts that result in leaks or damages to the property
  • Subletting part or an entire property without the landlord’s consent
  • Violating parking space rules

Rectifying a Breach

Under Section 146, a landlord is supposed to give the tenant sufficient time to remedy the violation. However, this is relative to the situation at hand. For instance, the time frame to repair damages will differ from the one given to move a vehicle from another tenant’s parking space.

Once you’ve issued the notice, tenants should rectify the breached contract within the stipulated time frame. Failure to take corrective action can result in a forfeited lease. You need to ensure that the tenant has violated the agreement and give them ample time to remedy the breach. If need be, you have a legal right to demand compensation. However, if the tenant fails to correct the breach or pay the compensation, that’s when you should enforce the forfeiture of the lease and re-enter the building.

A landlord-tenant relationship is not always a match made in Heaven. Sometimes, you might take on a few tenants out to wreak havoc on your property. Having all your renters sign a binding lease agreement gives you an edge when you need to throw them out.

Catering food service

Four Basic Catering Equipment That Can Ensure Your Success

Catering food service

So you have finally decided to pursue your passion for cooking. While it sounds like a great idea, you will soon realise just how much effort you need to put into it to ensure that your catering business will be a success. On top of the pieces of equipment you need to invest in, you also need to consider the maintenance and repairs of your catering equipment.

Before you dive into the unknown, here are some of the things that you will likely need as soon as you start your business.

1. Basic Kitchen Tools

Before you even begin to canvass a few larger pieces of equipment, you first need to learn and understand the necessary tools in catering. For example, depending on the kind of dishes that you will be cooking, you need variations of knives to prepare each meal.

Also, you need to have a complete selection of other utensils within your reach. It is best to prepare all the knives, roasting pans and other pieces of equipment that you might need for cooking.

2. Table Settings

If you are planning to start from the basics, you will need to have bread, salad and dinner plates for a full-course meal. But if you are serving other dishes such as soup, then it is best to prepare a few soup bowls as well. You should also prepare a few wine glasses.

Also, it is an eyesore if you will place everything on a bare table. So do not forget to decorate it with beautiful tablecloths, napkins and centrepieces to complete the look. Meanwhile, do not forget to include a few basic condiments such as salt and pepper and place them in beautiful containers.

3. Buffet Equipment

Buffet catering equipments

You will need to have the same serving equipment if you are serving a buffet. However, you need to have decent extra pairs of hands to accommodate the long line of the hungry crowd. Moreover, a buffet setting has higher chances of things accidentally breaking, which can affect your revenue.

That is why you need to be smart enough when handling your buffet equipment. Prepare the tongs and large spoons for serving a few of your meals. Meanwhile, get a cutting board ready for meats that require cutting, like turkey, roast beef or lamb.

4. Beverage Station

Another must-have in most catering services is the coffee or beverage station. Depending on what you are serving, you need to prepare a few dozens of cups or glasses near the beverage station. You can also place a few selections of teas and cocoa to give them options. To keep everything in order, set up a wastebasket near your guests or toss the little trash immediately to make the cleanup a lot easier.

Running a catering business is not a walk in the park. You need to be prepared for everything that might happen, including a few unexpected repairs now and then. You should always find a supplier who can help you source new catering equipment at an affordable rate.

Enhance Your Conference Experience with These Tips


Whatever industry you are in, there will always be conferences to attend. These provide people with great opportunities to expand their professional horizons and are often a great time to grow their connections and customer base.

Whether it is a battery conference or a dental conference, there’s a lot you can do to get the most out of the experience. Here are some of them:

Always Arrive Early

It’s always nice to arrive early when it comes to conferences. This is mostly because conference organizers always want to start strong, so they always schedule the best events at the beginning. That is why you shouldn’t skip the first days of a conference.

Attend the Briefing If Possible

Many conference-goers know that with the schedule being so tightly packed, it can be very intimidating. This is especially so for first-time attendees. That is why there are often briefing sessions. Even if you are an old hand at the conferences, it can be useful to have an idea of what the conference has in store. It will also allow you to meet some of your fellow attendees.

Look at the Schedule and Make a Plan

Conferences are packed and there are panels and events always happening. Sometimes, these happenings overlap, which is why you should have a solid plan for your conference attendance. Always consider what you want to get out of the conference and plan for it. For example, if you want to attend a particular set of events or you want to learn more about a particular skill, check the schedule as early as possible.

Meet and Connect

shaking hands

Conferences are also a good opportunity to meet with those in the industry. This is the perfect time to get in touch with potential customers and suppliers for your company. When you’re at a conference, other people are just as interested in networking, so it is going to be easier for you.

However, don’t come on too strong. Be calm and collected. Aim to present yourself first as welcoming and understanding. Everyone at a conference knows that networking is transactional. If you listen to someone’s pitch, then they’ll listen to yours. Always open up with other guests with a question to show your curiosity about who and what they represent.

Take Care of Yourself

A conference is an event like any other. If you want to get the most out of it, you will need to take care of yourself. This means eating at the right time and getting plenty of rest. Try to lower your stress by taking some quiet time and making sure you are fully recharged when it comes to events.

Do a Post-Conference Summary

When the conference is done, it is best to do a short report of what happened, who you met, and what you learned. You don’t need to submit it to someone; just do it mainly for yourself to remember what you experienced and to determine how you spent your time at the conference.

A conference is a prime opportunity for professional development. Don’t let it pass and ensure that you’ll get the full experience at the next conference.

Key Characteristics of the Best Coworking Spaces

modern coworking space

The problem with creating your own working spaces is that you often need to spend a lot on renting out a space. For many, the costs can be too high – something that can be avoided in a very remote-centric working world today. That’s why many a coworking office franchise has proven successful. They offer time in an excellent space for critical business tasks without the hefty price tag. The following are the things that people look for in such a space.

Fast Connectivity

It’s a given that any coworking spaces need to provide access to the Internet. Without it, a few people, if not no one, will even bother to go. The key, though, to standing out from everyone else who offers connectivity is to ensure that it is reliable and fast. To provide this, you need to have a dependable ISP partner who can provide excellent service and support. Also, you also have to consider how many people you expect will be using this connectivity at the same time. Too many for what you can offer will bog down the system badly, which defeats the entire purpose of connectivity.

Unique Comfort

The irony when it comes to a successful coworking office franchise is that you want to provide comfort to those who are using the space. However, you also don’t want to provide too much ease that productivity will be seen to suffer as a result. There must be a balance between the essentials of corporate working space and amenities to provide for the relaxation and comfort of the workers. The more laid back facilities must be far from the more “serious” work areas so as not to cause distraction or any inconvenience that can affect productivity.

Warm Hospitality

casually dressed businesspeople discussing ideas in the coworking office

A surprising thing that people look for in a coworking space is the warmth and hospitality that the space can offer. This mainly has to do with the staff that you have operating your coworking space – from the receptionist all the way to any support personnel you might have on-hand to assist your customers. This also covers anything that you can offer to your hardworking customers to help spruce up their work – this can be everything from free or affordable coffee to quick access to office supplies. The more that you’re perceived as being welcoming, the more likely you are to draw customers in.

Value-Added Extras

All those things mentioned above are sure to draw customers in, but if you want to have those who will stay long-term, you need a hook to draw them in and keep them in. This includes everything from long-term membership plans to discounts for long-time, loyal customers. What you want to do is be top of mind when it comes to their coworking space needs by offering more than what your competition is willing to give.

Coworking spaces will remain popular so long as businesses are willing to adopt a more remote style of working. Offer people a great space they can converge and work in, so you can guarantee yourself a great earning potential. Always think of who you’re catering to and respond immediately and effectively to needs that you can address.

Fit for the Biz: Signs that You’re Going to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

There’s no denying that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s a passion reserved only for some people, just like all other vocations in life. What’s tricky here is knowing if you are meant for entrepreneurship. There’s no exact science to know for sure, but if you see these signs, they’re telling you that you’re fit to be in the business industry:

You always look for solutions to problems

Businesses are mostly ideas that meet people’s needs. Restaurants fill customers’ hungry stomachs. Online stores address midnight shopping urges. Tech companies make keeping in touch with loved ones, doing business, and getting information easier. The business industry is a big chunk of concepts brought alive to solve people’s problems. So, if you’re the type to always seek for solutions, then you’re not just destined to be an entrepreneur, but a good, successful one at that. This is the same perspective that you should be taking on when exploring opportunities. You always have to look at how the business meets the market’s needs. For instance, should you want to go into sub franchises, you must ask if there a strong demand in the community for such? Are people willing to pay for this? Ask the franchisor for market research so that you can review the latest trends on their target audience.

You aren’t afraid to take risks

The life of an entrepreneur is a gamble. At every turn, there’s a risk to take. Right at the beginning, even before the dream restaurant or office is built, some entrepreneurs already sacrifice their savings to fund their business — a risk that may or may not pay off later. In the middle of the business life cycle, you will have to gradually share management with a core team to solidify business growth. That’s a choice that may make or break the company you built. There are a lot more risks to take in business: expanding the product line, adding another store, getting a new business partner, and more.

happy man celebrating business success

So if you have that strong risk-taking attitude, welcoming uncertainties and opportunities to get out of the comfort zone, then you can surely thrive in business. Just know that there’s a good and bad way to embrace risks. Not every risk is worth taking. You also have to be smart in picking your battles. For that, you need to have mentors in your journey.

You are a people person

People skills are necessary for growing a business. After all, you’ll always be relating to people, from employees to clients to investors to partners, now and then. You need to build strong relationships with them to ensure that you have their support in your day-to-day operations. So if you’re a people person, then that’s a huge plus for you. The good thing about people skills is they can be developed. The key is practice. Get yourself out there in networking events. Attend seminars and conferences. Speak to fellow entrepreneurs even if it feels uneasy. Over time, you’ll gain confidence in approaching people and holding a conversation.

In the end, being an entrepreneur is a calling that’s meant only for some people. Do you have what it takes? If you do, then don’t hesitate. Don’t delay jump-starting this rewarding endeavor.

Student writing

How to Buy the Right Classroom Furniture

Student writing

Kids and teenagers spend hours of their time every day in school. They work hard to learn and absorb everything that their teacher teaches them, which is why it is important to make sure that they’re 100% comfortable when it comes to their classroom chairs and tables.

Here, we will discuss a couple of things you should consider when buying school furniture chairs and tables.

The Flexibility

As a teacher, principal, architect, or even owner of the school, you have to think about the benefits that every classroom furniture will give to your students. You would want to make sure that the chairs and tables are perfectly flexible and movable, so you can easily move them around if need be.

This will enhance their classroom experience and make the learning experience fun and collaborative.

The Ones with High Quality

You want what’s best for your students, which is why it is important to note the quality of each classroom furniture. This will also help keep the kids safe from any type of classroom-related accident.

Choosing the right chairs will also help give the students proper health, as they will be sitting on their chairs for hours on end each day.

The Height of Each Chair and Table

Different age groups will require different height needs when it comes to the classroom chairs and tables. For kids and toddlers, make sure that they will be able to reach their chairs and tables without struggling. For teenagers and adults, you would have to make sure that they would not have cramped legs, arms, and back due to their chairs and tables being too small or short.

Ask your supplier and manufacturer for samples regarding the chairs and tables. If you can take a look at it in person, then that would be great. If you are buying online, then ask for the exact measurements instead.

Boats with covers

4 Tips to Ensure a High Resale Value for Your Boat

Boats with coversFor many people, boats are more than just investments. They also serve as a tool to create new memories and enjoy your hobbies. Water vessels, however, are not cheap. Buying one can set you back tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That amount does not include yet the maintenance and other costs.

That’s why sometimes; you have to sell it to get some funds for a new one or for other expenses. Here are some tips that can help increase your boat’s resale value:

1. Buy a boat cover

Boat covers protect the vessel from extreme weather conditions. It shields your boat from the heat, which can affect the external finish and blur out the seats. It’s a good way to make sure your boat will look good for a long time, allowing you to set a higher value when you decide to sell it. WALK-WINN suggests that you research about the cost of custom bass boat covers and see how beneficial it will be for you.

2. Replace outdated seat mattresses and cushions

The outdated leather is not appealing for a boat. As much as possible, replace the seat covers that no longer look good.

3. Lubricate stuck zippers

Use candle or crayon wax to lubricate the stuck zippers of the boat.

4. Sandblast a boat every three months

Water stains and greenish moss are not something that you would want to see in a boat. It is essential for the boat to look good for the buyers to even consider it a good choice. To make sure this won’t cause a problem in the future, sandblast your boat every few months.

A boat that is regularly maintained is more likely to be sold fast at a high price. This will help you maximize the amount you can get from selling the boat.

Why You Should Use Industrial Pallet Shelving in Your Warehouse

industrial high-rise metal shelvesOne of the significant concerns in warehouse management is the storage space available for use. Maximising warehouse storage is critical to boosting your productivity and profit. Luckily, industrial pallet shelving can make it possible to have more storage space in your warehouse, without increasing the running costs of your business. The other benefits of using these racking systems are:


Industrial pallet racks are made of high-quality materials, making them a sturdy storage option. They also serve as a safe, stable, and reliable warehouse storage solution with safety features to minimise injuries on the warehouse users. However, your workers should not take advantage of it and fail to follow basic warehouse safety rules.

Space Saving Solution

You can never overemphasise on the use of pallet racks in warehouses, as it truly helps maximise storage space. This racking system maximises vertical space, leaving you with more floor space to run other warehouse operations. More floor capacity means more storage space for extra goods in your warehouse, which increases the holding capacity of your storerooms.

So, if you are looking for bulk stock capacity in your warehouse, pallet racking is your surest bet. Also, with a forklift or any other appropriate access equipment, you can store your items easily and quickly.

Operational Convenience

Imagine how troublesome it can be to retrieve a particular product that you brought in your warehouse a long time ago. Industrial pallet racking systems come with locations where you can label your goods for efficient inventory management.

Over the years, warehouse operations are getting better. Pallet racking systems are now becoming a great way to improve business productivity and the overall process efficiency. Consult experts to install the right industrial pallet shelving and reap their benefits.