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This Time, It’s Personal

Steel wrenches in different sizes

One size does NOT fit all.

In fact, we’ve grown used to personalization in virtually all our digital interactions. Amazon shows us products we may want to buy and Netflix suggests movies and shows we may want to watch, all based on our prior activity.

It may sound daunting, but it is possible to create personalized experiences, even when planning an event for thousands of people.

If you’re sending out corporate communications before your live corporate event, segment distribution lists and create different versions of the messaging. For example, you may want to give first-time corporate event attendees different information than what you send to people who have been to your event before.

At your convention, meeting, conference or live corporate event, encourage attendees to use an app to create personalized itineraries. The app should then be able to make recommendations based on individual choices, such as additional breakouts that the attendee might find interesting and that are compatible with their schedule.

In the weeks and months after the event, you can continue the personalized experience by sending out content that directly relates to individual attendees. For example, you could send follow-up information about sessions they attended or updates from their favorite speakers.

For more ways you can personalize your next event, email ADM Productions at, or call them at 1.800.ADM.DIAL.

Choosing a Website Platform: Essential Elements to Consider

Team discussing website designAt no time in history has online presence been more vital for businesses than it is now. Over 80% of consumers are now online, and they are not just window shopping. Experts estimate that consumers spend over $300 billion for their online transactions every year.

It is therefore essential that the web design for all businesses in MN contributes towards profits. Sievers Creative says one of the critical factors when designing your website is its platform. Here are the elements you should consider when selecting your web platform:


Businesses that are selling products online need a platform that supports point-of-sale options. Mobile responsiveness is also a crucial feature for any business aiming to reap a handsome ROI from its website regardless of its sector. The features you select are primarily influenced by your company’s needs.


Ensuring the web platform you choose can integrate with other software is vital. Some of the crucial integrations for e-commerce websites are fraud management tools and email marketing solutions. Your web platform should also be able to accommodate security plug-ins to protect your business data and your clients from hackers.

SEO friendliness

It is essential that your clients find your products easily when they key in their query. An SEO-friendly platform is vital to place your site at the top of search engines. Look for a platform that can use your domain name and one that enables you to add your other online platforms to your site to propel your SEO rank.

You should ensure the platform you select is easy to use based on your skill level. Getting a complicated platform might need additional investment to hire an expert to handle it for you. The platform you pick should also be scalable to accommodate your business’ growth and not charge you outrageous fees to grow with you.

Man checking the content of a website

Why Simple Copy is King

Man checking the content of a websiteIf you’ve heard so much about how copy is essential for your digital marketing efforts, it’s true. The words you use on your website, your Facebook Ads or your LinkedIn profile will reflect who and what your brand is. But, what kind of copy truly matters? Does it depend on your product or service? Should it be creative? Or should it match the language of your audience? Or all of the above? says that you won’t lose the quality of your copy even if you keep it simple. And that’s what your copy should be – simple and easy to read. Some even say it should sound as if you were talking to your friend. That means being straight-forward, using words you would use on a daily basis. Words that can easily be understood. Here are five reasons why copy is king.

It’s universal

Many countries use English as their second language, but that doesn’t always mean they have the same level of understanding for it. If you use basic words instead of the highfalutin ones (e.g. little, instead of, diminutive), it’ll be easier to get your message across all cultures.

It’s efficient

The attention span of people who are reading online is usually short. So, if you can’t get their attention in a few seconds, you’ll lose them. Simple and direct copy lets the reader understand and make decisions faster.

It’s inventive

Gone are the days when complex writing made you smart. Keeping your words simple gives the reader a better chance of understanding you because there’s less clutter to absorb.

It’s specific

Every website should be written with its customer avatar in mind. Simple copy makes it easier to connect to this avatar by using the language they speak.

Many people have gotten used to stretching out their sentences. It’s time to go back to the basic and simple way of writing to connect faster with the people that matter most.

3 Ways to Leverage Visuals Effectively for Your Website

SEO Paradigm on a Laptop Screen

Visuals have always been and will always be important to the success of digital marketing campaigns. However, simply putting one on a page will not do. You’ll need to use it effectively to gain the most benefits.

Experts on graphic design from Utah cite the following ways on how you can use visuals effectively to your advantage:

Site Design

Your website will make the first impression and would likely be the place where a potential customer spends most of their time on. This is why you better make it worth their time. The logo, menus, header, and the text all represent visuals. The style you use will reveal the brand personality you want to portray.

The visuals must aid with the content you publish, not take away its importance. People visit your website to get more information and share it through their networks. Set a visual pattern and a theme to enhance your brand message and convey it the way you want your audience to perceive it.

The Importance of Alt Text

This is the text that describes a particular image on your pages. This isn’t only useful for explaining visuals, but it enables your target audience to find you when they have a query. Including the alt text is favorable to you because it makes it easier for search engines to index that page and show it on relevant results pages.

Direct Attention

Visuals can serve as directional cues on a website. Arrows, lines, and even eyes grab the attention of a visitor. Once this happens, it’s easier to lead that person to a link and page that will likely convert to a higher rate. This also points to particular aspects of your website that you want to focus on.

These are only a handful of ways to effectively leverage visuals; implement these to get the results you want and improve the conversion rate of your website.

Can You Use LinkedIn as an SEO Tool?

Board with needles and nails connected with thread as concept of people network and seoThe social networking site LinkedIn is famous for its ability to help professionals connect with one another. It is an incredible opportunity for businesses to reach out to potential customers, as well — especially if your company focuses on business-to-business (B2B) sales. Apart from connecting with potential clients, however, you can also use the power of this social network as part of your online marketing strategy.

LinkedIn: What It Is and What It Can Do for You

LinkedIn is a professional social network that has more than 135 million profiles for business people belonging to various industries. Many individuals utilize this site as an online platform where they can post their resume, while businesses use it as a connection tool.

Furthermore, the platform provides SEO potential for brands. It is possible to use LinkedIn to increase your search rankings, for instance. This is because Google provides more credits to the site by indexing its results in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Using LinkedIn as an SEO Tool

Despite being a powerful social networking tool for businesses in the B2B sector, companies should remember that the platform does not work the same way with other social networks. The LinkedIn audience is vastly different from the Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook demographic. As such, you’ll need a specific SEO strategy for LinkedIn. Seoriot, a leading digital marketing agency in Denver, says that the proper implementation of social media marketing can help your business succeed.

One strategy of using LinkedIn for SEO purposes is to use the platform to post status updates. Utilize the profiles of important C-suite leaders to post updates related to your industry. Think of these as something similar to Twitter or Facebook posts, but for the professional community on LinkedIn.

Another way is to utilize LinkedIn for SEO is to syndicate your blog to your profile. The blog consists of an abstract, a title, and a link to the full blog post, all of which aids in boosting your SEO.

If you’re not using LinkedIn, now is the time to sign up. Don’t miss out on the benefits it provides to your business and your SEO strategy.

Safety First: Handling Chemicals in Your School Lab

Work Safety in handling chemicalsWhether it’s the chemistry lab, physics lab, or food lab, the laboratory is one of the places at school that help develop the students’ passion for learning that will prepare them for real life. In these rooms, they get to know how the world works by observing and looking into the real-life situations and solving the problems that help them discover their abilities.

As such, it’s important that you keep these labs safe, especially when it comes to using and handling chemicals. Here are some tips to help you out.

On Distributing

When distributing the chemicals to the students, it’s important that they know how each of them can cause damage. Before you let them handle it, make sure that you brief them on what they should wear and what they should do in case the chemicals react violently. It’s always important that you have a first aid kit in the room.  

On Storing

Storing the chemicals requires special attention; it’s akin to storing food to prevent spoilage. In the case of chemicals, proper storage helps you contain the odour and prevent spillages. Unimax says it’s advisable that you use chemical labels to avoid confusion and to make the search much easier.

You will also need to have an inventory to track your supply and to find out who used which. In line with this, You should include in the inventory the dates of manufacture, purchase, and expiration of the chemicals.

On Disposal

Every project will bring about chemical waste. You can’t also prevent some of them from getting expired. At this point, you need to dispose of your useless surplus and waste carefully. Don’t do it yourself; it’s recommended that you commission a specialist to do it. If they’re not arriving soon, you should contain the waste and surplus and keep them on a separate shelf.

These are only some of the things you might want to bear in mind to make your school labs a better place to study. To fulfil the requirements of your lab, it’s important that you get in touch with the budget and executive departments of your school.

Why You Shouldn’t Scrimp on Your SEO Efforts

SEO ChartWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), you are paying for a service, not a product. SEO is a continuous effort, and if you do not choose the correct company to handle your search engine ranking efforts, it could end up doing more damage to your brand. You should never scrimp on SEO services because you simply end up getting what you pay for.

Ahsante Labs, an SEO company in Colorado, defines SEO as the process of “advancing and augmenting the visibility of a website.” A basic SEO strategy is to use keywords and link backs to help your website appear in the first pages of a search result.

Though it sounds like a simple process, it is actually a complex field that requires careful analysis and consistent output.

Experience Matters

SEO is a service, and with any service, experience matters. You want to hire a company that has years of experience making their clients rank because they know how to adapt to changing search algorithms.

For example, Google’s Panda update, which was rolled out in 2011, ended up pushing a lot of SEO companies out of business. It eliminated keyword stuffing and spam content generated by programs. Inexperienced SEO providers are likely not up to date with all of the latest search engine algorithms and will not be able to change their strategies.

On the other hand, an experienced SEO service will be able to come up with a custom strategy to make your websites rank. Experience, however, does come at a premium — you need to pay more for a more experienced provider.

Better Content

Content publishing is a crucial element of SEO. Established companies will be able to produce quality content for you that can improve click-through rates to your website. They understand what your readers want to see. The content has to be unique and well-researched.

This requires a tremendous amount of manpower — an established company will have the workforce available to produce this content in the volume that you need.

There are other reasons why it is better to spend on your SEO efforts rather scrimping. As with all kinds of marketing, you need someone who understands the market and how it operates.

The FHA 203k Loan Program: Should You Go with the Standard or Streamline Type?

Mortgage Application FormYou could choose from many ways to fund your home renovation project, but the most popular these days are through the FHA 203k loan program. It comes in two types — the FHA Standard 203k loan and the FHA Streamline 203k loan.

Understanding the Key Differences

The two FHA 203k loan programs work the same way. Both are applicable to occupant-owners of a property, non-profit organizations, or local government agencies. You could use them for renovating or buying a property with no more than four units, but could also be used for multi-purpose buildings subject to specific exceptions.

How do these two FHA 203k loans differ?

  • With the streamlined version, repairs are limited to $35,000. You also won’t need to submit that much paperwork. The standard version, on the other hand, isn’t limited to $35,000, but you would have to complete and submit more paperwork to qualify.
  • The streamlined loan requires your property to be livable even while construction is ongoing. If you think that this isn’t possible, you would have no choice but to apply for the standard version instead. Take note however that homeowners leaning towards the standard version could add as much as six months worth of monthly payments to their loan for the duration at which the property is unlivable.
  • With the FHA streamline 203k construction loan, the payments to your contractor are split into two installments. You could make the first payment at the beginning of the project and pay off the outstanding balance upon completion of the project. Payments on the standard version are paid off differently. Your lender would assign a project consultant to monitor the project and make payments as your contractor completes every stage of the project.

Both loan types could benefit borrowers planning on buying and renovating a house prior to moving in. You simply have to choose which one fits your needs best.

Corporate Wellness Trends: Keeping Employees Healthy

Happy Workplace

Implementing corporate wellness is an increasing need as part of talent attraction and retention strategies. Improved corporate wellness indirectly reduces healthcare expenses on inactive and unhealthy employees and promotes a positive working environment that lessens stress levels. Ultimately, this could mean increased productivity for the workforce.

From offering fitness classes to healthier food options in the office cafeteria, corporate wellness has evolved over the years. Here are some key wellness initiatives undertaken by some of the most forward thinking organisations in 2017.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Allowing employees a flexible choice of working environment or hours enables them to better balance and manage their work with family life. Employees with flexible schedules at work have higher levels of job satisfaction. They also have less absenteeism.

Engaging Work Environment

A well-designed work environment helps cultivate a culture of wellness and influence the behaviour of employees to choose healthier lifestyles. Improving office space in Singapore, to include on-site gyms and standing desks, continues to be a trend. Future developments such as Paya Lebar Quarter are already integrating wellness into the design of the development. A complete work-life ecosystem designed for the working population allows next generation working executives to transfer meeting seamlessly between their work desks, meeting rooms, a parkside café or even a walking business discussion along the green public spaces.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers and wearables are hot items for Millennials when tracking their personal health. These devices are also making a statement in the workplace. Fitness trackers are convenient solutions for employers to monitor and gather data regarding their employees’ health.

Educating Employees

Providing employees with the right information will encourage them to make smarter lifestyle decisions. Educating them about which food is healthier or how exercise can improve multiple aspects of their life are a helpful nudge.

Active Commuting Options

Bicycle rental and sharing services are already on the rise. And Paya Lebar Quarter will be taking active commuting to the next level by providing a first-of-its-kind End of Trip (EOT) facility. The EOT is said to provide working executives with secure bicycle parking spaces, shower and locker facilities, ironing stations, and other services to enable the user to freshen up for the working day easily and quickly.

Corporate wellness programs are a win- win situation for both employees and employers. They encourage workers to be healthier and happier while the management can cut back on health care expenses and enjoy a boost of productivity from their employees.

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Social Media Marketing in Johnson CityThe brand image can make or break a company’s campaign to reach out to a new market or keep a current one loyal. Today’s digital landscape has made it easier for businesses to enter and leave markets, this dynamic place has made it both easy and difficult for companies to make and leave a lasting mark. Social media is a platform that allows you to build a strong brand identity and raise awareness. Learn the different ways to achieve this goal.

Inject Excitement

According to Net360 and other experts on social media marketing, you want to stir excitement in your target audience to not only get them to make an initial purchase, but also to keep them loyal. Social media provides you with the necessary platform to achieve this goal without overspending. Promotions, paid or organic on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites allow you to inform potential customers about your latest offerings. This may excite them and encourage them to purchase often.

Balance Content

When you promote on social media, always think about balancing it. Overtly aggressive promotions about hard selling products and services may turn off a potential customer. People see advertising on a regular basis and with technology, it is easier for them to tune out or even block ads from appearing. Striking a balance between posts that advertise your company and your brand story is important to your success.

Focus on the Right Channels

Social media provides you with several options when it comes to promoting your brand and reaching your audience. Using all or many sites simultaneously may spread your team and resources thin, resulting in an inefficient campaign that doesn’t deliver. Choose which websites work best for you and where you think your audience stays online the longest and engages the most.

Social media is a dynamic platform that provides a lot of opportunities for brand success. Leverage this to gain a competitive advantage and create a powerful connection with your audience.