Are the Waters in New Zealand Clean?

Plumber Checking Pipes

New Zealand waters are not only abundant but also very clean. In fact, a variety of flora and fauna thrived in these places. But that may end soon as the quality continues to deteriorate, especially in the urban areas.

A Crown Research Institute study revealed that from 1989 to 2007 there’s a significant decline in water quality due to pastoral farming. This industry uses fertilisers heavily, and its active ingredients can end up in the freshwater supply such as the rivers and streams. For example, nitrogen went up 1.4 per cent annually throughout the country. Although I didn’t increase in some parts, it also didn’t drop.

But even if you don’t get your supply from these water bodies, you can still suffer from dirty water due to one thing: plumbing.

How Poor Plumbing Makes Your Water Dirty

There are many ways on how poor plumbing can contaminate and diminish the quality of your water source.

One, metal pipes may corrode over time. This doesn’t only leak components into your water but may also lead to dropping of corroded material, which will explain why your water can turn brown.

Furthermore, pipes can become clogged. This usually happens when you flush big objects such as toys into the drain. Dumping food and oil can also cause the build-up of dirt, which in the process can also clog the pipe. Clogged pipes can lead to a pipe leak due to bursting or a back flow, which means dirt can go back to your home.

You can do something to help improve the quality of water and protect the resource. Make it a habit of calling certified and registered plumbers for regular check-ups and maintenance. They use advanced technologies like a camera to assess the condition of your pipe comfortably and quickly.