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sick dog in the couch

Can I Get Compensation for the Injury or Death of My Pet?

sick dog in the couchIn the event that your beloved pet gets killed or injured because of another individual’s negligent actions, you can file a claim to get compensation for your losses. To start, request that your veterinarian document all the treatments and findings related to your pet. Likewise, obtain copies of everything so that you can crunch the numbers. With help from your attorney, determine how much compensation is fair under the circumstances.

Who Can I Hold Liable for My Pet’s Injury or Death?

You can hold any individual who deliberately acts to hurt or kill your precious pet responsible for the accident. For instance, a driver who ran a stop sign and then ran over your dog while you were crossing the street with him. However, this won’t apply to cases in which the individual did what he did to protect himself because your pet was attacking him. The same goes for a farmer who shot your pet to prevent it from attacking his livestock.

What If You’re Partly to Blame for the Accident?

If the accident is partly your fault, then the amount you can potentially recover will depend on the state where you reside. For example, some states follow the legal principle of contributory negligence, which states that if your negligence contributed to your pet’s accident in any way, you won’t be able to recover anything. Other states, on the other hand, follow the comparative negligence rule: how much you can recover will depend on the level or degree of negligence the court might assign to you.

The majority of states, however, like Montana and Utah, follow the modified comparative negligence rule, which states that you can’t recover anything if the court finds that you were more liable for the incident than the defendant. This means that your personal injury attorney will have to try and reduce the percentage of negligence that can be attributed to you.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

injured catFor most pet owners, it’s not really about the money because no amount can really ever compensate for the injuries or death of a pet. However, generally speaking, common damages include:

  • The pet’s market value or cost to replace it. In cases where the pet dies, this is typically the most common type of damage.
  • Compensation for veterinary treatment. The court will evaluate the pet’s health history and treatment record prior to and after the accident, as well as the specific injury to determine what’s reasonable.
  • The pet’s value to you, which can be determined by various factors such as the length and quality of your relationship and the kind of animal, among others.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Punitive damages in the event that the defendant acted maliciously to kill or maim your pet.

Although you can obtain compensation for the death or injuries of your pet, laws differ from one state to another and might also differ from one county to another. Additionally, the majority of states don’t really have specific statutes pertaining to how much a pet owner can recover. With that said, get an experienced attorney to assess your claim and go from there.

runner having pain in the knee

How to Care for a Loved One with Osteoarthritis of the Knee

runner having pain in the kneeOne of the hardest conditions to live with is severe knee osteoarthritis as it makes it difficult for the patient to do daily activities like climbing stairs or sitting down. What is worse is that there is a 45% lifetime risk of developing knee osteoarthritis. If your loved one or someone you know is currently living with severe knee osteoarthritis, you can do something to help them cope with the condition. It may be challenging on your part, but your patience and unending support can go a long way to help them live a somehow normal life despite the chronic pain.

Completely understand their condition

The first thing you have to do is to understand their condition. Someone with severe knee osteoarthritis finds it hard to walk, stand too long, and navigate stairs. It’s also challenging to sit and get back up from a chair. Understanding their limitations will help you become proactive and plan ahead on how you can help them.

Know when to help and when to stand back

According to Brett Sears, a physical therapist, most people with arthritis want to remain as independent as possible. It’s tempting to help out with tasks like walking, going to bed, or reaching for a glass in the cupboard, but you also have to give your loved one the chance to as functionally independent as possible. Don’t be worried that they might hurt themselves because they will ask for assistance when they need it.

Assist with daily exercise

woman assisting an old lady in exercisingIt’s scientifically proven that arthritic patients who exercise have less pain, so getting daily exercise is crucial for your loved ones. In contrast to the fear of many that exercise will worsen knee pain and stiffness, exercise is actually the most effective non-drug treatment for reducing arthritic pain. Before you help your loved one with any exercise, make sure that you have the go signal from their doctor. Physical therapists will also suggest exercise regimens. The main challenge for you here is to encourage your loved one to keep exercising despite the pain they feel. Keep assuring them that it will help in the long term and gently assist throughout the exercise.

Provide them with lift chairs

Sitting down and getting back up is particularly hard for patients with knee arthritis. One device that can help is a lift chair. A lift chair is a motorized device that helps lower a person into a seated position or boost into a standing position. This way, sitting and getting up won’t be as hard for your loved one. There are many vendors selling lift chairs in Utah, but be sure to look for ones that offer high-quality lift chairs, like those westernstairlifts.com may show you. You should also look if your loved one’s lift chair is eligible to be covered by Medicare.

Despite the challenges that may come with assisting a knee osteoarthritic patient, the fact that you’re reading this means that you care enough to be there for your loved one. With patience, understanding, and the right knowledge, you can help nurse your loved one back to health.

money and gavel

Debunking 5 Bail Bond Misconceptions

money and gavelMaybe you have not heard about bail bonds, or maybe the only way you can learn about them is watching movies and television. For other people, they learn about bail bonds in Raleigh, North Carolina through personal experience. Unfortunately, the bail bond sector is often misunderstood, with a lot of negativity toward the issue.

Still, most of these misconceptions have adverse effects in the long run. People often go through the process with the wrong information or avoid it due to these myths. As such, they do not get the most out of a bail bond agency or the bail bond process. It is time people learn the truth, rather than believe the misconceptions.

Bondsmen accept only cash

Cash is a payment option when paying for a bond. However, you should get over the myth that bail bond agencies accept only cash payments. Bondsmen also accept other forms of payment as long as you discuss with them. The agencies accept forms of collateral, such as electronics and cars.

Bail amounts can be negotiated

Unfortunately, some people have fallen prey to this myth. In reality, you cannot negotiate the bail amount that has been set by the judge. A bondsman can only help you or your loved one to get out of jail by paying the bail amount, but not negotiating the bail amount. The amount is usually based on what you have been charged with based on the state laws.

A bondsman can get anyone out of jail

lawyer and accused infront of judgeIn reality, a bail bond company or agency cannot get anyone out of jail. The judge decides people who can get out of jail on bond. Sometimes bail is not an option based on the charges and the state laws. A bail bond agency comes in only to enable the bail so that you or your loved one is released from custody.

You are now free of legal obligations

Unfortunately, several people have believed in this myth. The truth is that you are not entirely free of legal liability when the bail is posted. You still have legal responsibilities to meet even if you are out of custody. You should be aware of the court dates and make sure that you attend court hearings to avoid legal implications such as finding yourself behind bars once more.

Fees to bondsmen are refunded

The bail amount is usually refunded after attending all your court dates if you pay the amount on your own. Unfortunately, many people have a misconception that bail bond agencies should also refund the full amount. In reality, you must appear for all court dates to get a refund of a specific amount after the court has refunded the payments made by the bondsman for your bail. You should pay the bondsman the money back if you fail to attend court dates.It is crucial to understand the rules that are true and false so that you can go through the bail bond process better than before. You should not let the myths mentioned above deter or discourage you from navigating the bail bond process. You can now contact a bondsman without the fear of falling into these myths.

Container ship

Choosing Marine Policy Providers: Why Being Deliberate Matters

Container ship

Ask anyone that has been in the marine industry for a long time, and they will tell you that you can never adequately prepare for most of the maritime disputes. On the other hand, you can learn from weather forecasts when and where typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes are likely to hit. For that, you can reschedule plans to or reroute your ships.

Either way, your shipping business is always at risk of financial loss. Moreover, following up claims can be costlier even than the claims. So, what’s the solution here? Marine policies.

But, where and from whom do you get the right maritime policy to cover these risks, or better yet, an all-risks marine policy? You will require looking further than your local listings to find a marine policy provider that will best cover your shipping investment. More importantly, if you are hiring shipping vessels, it is best if your policy provider offers a charterers’ liability cover. So, where should you be looking? Here is a concise guide of three of the top qualities to check:

Reach of the company

Shipping is hardly a regional industry. Typically, that is because your ships and cargo might require crossing different territorial seas before they reach their destination. Also, world events such as natural catastrophes, political tussles, economic instability, and military coups, can affect your shipping services. So, considering the reach of your shipping business, it is best that you choose an international marine policy provider. With that, you are confident that each of their policies covers global as well as local and regional marine issues.


How reputable is the company from which you plan to take your marine policies? How well do they rate in timeliness and professionalism? You want a marine policy provider that is always available to address any issue with your shipping business. Any wasted minute could mean a lost client or business opportunity or a forfeited claim. It is imperative that your policy provider handles every concern that you raise with the highest degree of professionalism. That should include, following industry requirements and understanding your needs.


Men standing on dock

You can tell whether or not you are dealing with a dedicated policy provider from how they commit to offering quality services. They avail detailed information about the different policies for both shipowners and charterers. That also includes the liability that each policy covers. Moreover, they invest in follow-ups to ensure that you follow the right procedures not to forfeit your policies. It is never about them but how best your shipping business can be a success.

Additionally, they are more than willing to have you engaging them so that they can tailor their services and packages to your needs. And, they have a well-trained team with vast experience to nib all sorts of unforeseeable maritime insurance issues before they arise.

It is not enough to get a maritime insurance cover. You want a surety that you will get full compensation from any risk that your marine business will face. Choosing the right marine policy provider can make a whole lot of difference in how much you get from these claims. So, be deliberate!

Exploring the Cognitive Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain Injury

There are two categories of brain injuries: traumatic and non-traumatic. Non-traumatic brain injury generally happens in medical malpractice cases where the wrong medication or treatment is administered.

Claims for traumatic brain injuries are the most common in personal injury cases. These injuries commonly follow crashes and falls but also happen even in seemingly minor trauma. Unfortunately, the effects of traumatic brain injury might not be immediately evident.

Getting compensated for an injury caused by someone else’s fault without the expertise of a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles is not easy. This is because in most cases, your claim might be time-barred. Most states have a one- or two-year time limit for the filing of any personal injury case. This is meant to minimize malicious claims and preserve the evidence of your injury.

When injured in any manner after someone’s negligence, there are different cognitive effects which might be evident over time. Should you notice any of them, you should get medical help and start legal proceedings. The following are some of these cognitive effects of brain injury:

Memory Issues


Issues with your working and short term memory are common after traumatic brain injury and will resolve in most people after a short period. In a few cases, however, the affected individual will have to re-learn some of the skills he/she could comfortably handle since the brain is damaged and needs to re-organize new information. Even if you experience even the slightest change in your memory, however, you should get medical and legal assistance.

Language Loss

This is medically called aphasia. It is manifested as the complete loss of expressive and indicative language. Language loss comes in different levels of severity depending on the affected part of your brain. In most cases, language loss is highly frustrating for both the patient and loved ones and requires constant repetition of words and phrases to re-master.

Impaired Visual Perception Skills

Visual perception skills center on the making of sense from ordinary shapes and pictures. Though some people might retain their hand control and vision, they might only be able to see from the right or left side of their field of view. Impaired visual perception skills will significantly affect the safety of the person since they can only see one side of their plates, the roads, and other elements.

Reduced Information Processing

After an injury to the brain, it might be a challenge for someone to process information. As such, they will generally have an ‘information overload.’ Because of the reduced processing of information in the affected person’s brain, most people will be constantly angry and frustrated.

Some people might ignore the above-mentioned cognitive effects of a brain injury. They might assume that with time, their symptoms will resolve themselves. Unfortunately, by the time they take notice and seek medical attention, their symptoms may have significantly affected other body systems.

As such, there is very little that can be done to improve their quality of life. Irrespective of your evident level of injury, always get medical attention after any injuries caused by someone’s negligence. Moreover, contact a personal injury lawyer to get your case started and guarantees yourself to get fairly compensated.