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Business investors shaking hands

Why Consider a Technology-Based Franchise Business Today?

Business investors shaking hands

Potential investors often find it hard to determine when to start a business. Getting a franchise helps them build a presence in their chosen market without the hassles of starting a business from scratch. Starting a technology-based franchise today, for instance, is worth considering as there are now millions of tech-savvy individuals who don’t only use but also have a great fascination with electronic gadgets.

Technology-based Business Thrives

The cell phone repair franchise industry has significantly contributed to the nation’s economy simply because almost all people nowadays rely on their smartphones for communication and other daily tasks. A December 2018 article of IBIS World revealed that the industry revenue has recently reached $4 billion, and it also noted a significant increase for startups. Also, the demand for cell phone or smartphone repairs has increased over the years because handsets get damaged as a result of daily use.

Gone are the days when handset devices last for several years. Smartphones have become too fragile, making them prone to damages. Consumers with limited budget consider repair shops to fix their broken smartphones. Some of the common smartphone fixes include repair and replacement of screens, batteries, buttons, headphone jack, camera, and sensor.

Often, consumers find it practical to have their smartphones repaired instead of getting a pricey new handset model. A top-of-the-line iPhone, for example, costs around $1,000, while repair costs of a broken unit can go around a few hundred bucks or lower, depending on the damage.

Why Investors Consider a Franchise?

Individuals who want to operate their own cell phone repair business may find it a challenge to establish themselves in the market as consumers often only entrust their handsets to well-known shops. Instead of starting from scratch, some individuals, even those who have zero knowledge in repairing handsets, consider getting a cell phone repair franchise as it immediately establishes them in the market.

Also, a franchise eliminates most of the challenges in starting and operating a business. The franchisor provides all the equipment and materials needed by the operator to jumpstart the business. Because most franchises are already established in the market, operators can capitalize on its known brand and immediately start earning profits with a lower chance of failing.

Potential franchisees, however, should keep in mind that franchisors have stringent rules and regulations that they need to follow. That’s often not a problem for investors who don’t want to determine business specifics like location, pricing, advertising, hours of operation, and other franchise-related conditions.

What to Expect When Getting a Franchise?

Business investors in a meeting

Potential franchise operators should know they have to provide detailed information for a franchisor to know if they have the capabilities to operate a business. Such information may include finances and personal background. Individuals who don’t have sufficient funds to get a franchise should consider getting a loan because not all franchisors provide loans. For those who are unfortunate to find a business loan, there are other funding sources, which include banks, the U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA and other private financing companies.

Getting a smartphone repair franchise is the easiest way for investors who want to earn from a technology-based business immediately. Remember, almost everyone in the country uses smartphones, and daily use of phones leaves most handsets nowadays prone to damage.

When Freshly Cut Grass Smells Like Money: Starting a Lawn Care Business

If you’ve mowed a lawn when you were younger, you would know all the hard work it entails. You haul the tools from the shed, maybe a push-mower—you’re fortunate if you have a ride-on mower—, don your mowing clothes, wear gloves and goggles and earmuffs, and you look at your lawn. You plan how you’re going to do it. Then you walk through the lawn to pick up any debris that might have been left behind, such as toys or small rocks, because if you don’t, the mower can hurl these items at dangerous speeds.

That’s when you start mowing. Two to three hours later, you’re exhausted and hungry. Your lawn might look great, but you certainly don’t.

This is the reason people pay to have their lawns mowed, maintained, and taken care of. Fast forward, a couple of decades. You’re looking for a business idea and your experience in mowing lawns keep popping in your head. You remember your exhaustion, but you also know how intoxicating freshly cut grass smells. Finally, you smell a good opportunity to earn a decent income—a lawn care franchise opportunity.

Get a lawn care franchise and a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you. Business parks, office building, shopping malls, are among the places that need lawn care and maintenance.

Getting a Franchise

There are approximately 30 million businesses in the U.S. and most of them have grounds that need constant upkeep. While starting your own business is an option, consider the benefits of buying a franchise.

Benefits of a Franchise

Recognition. When you get a franchise, you get instant brand recognition and that alone is a guarantee of business right after you’re up and running. People will start calling you and all you have to do is provide quality service.

Cost. Cost is relative, but considering what you are getting, it pays off in the long run.

Network. Franchise companies have one goal—and it’s not just to sell franchises and make money for themselves. They make sure their franchisees get their money’s worth and make a profit.

Years of Experience. You may have about a week of experience mowing lawns, but the franchisor has been around for many years. A franchisor gives you access to their expertise, their experience, and their systems and processes to grow the business. All you need is the passion for running the business.

man using a lawn mower

Support. Lawn care franchisors will provide all the support you need. Remember that they’ve been there and done that, so they have seen all the problems that might arise and can provide you with solutions.

Industry opportunities are endless. Grass will keep growing, so the cutting never stops. Return clients are a guarantee and clients usually call on established companies for the services they need.

Discounts. Franchise companies may have existing deals with equipment suppliers and you will benefit from this. As you grow your business, you’ll need more equipment and the discounts will most certainly be welcome.

Updates on Training and Support. Franchise companies will provide you with the latest technologies and industry best practices to make your services commendable to your clients. After all, your service quality will reflect on the franchise company.

Fellow franchise owners’ support. You may get access to fellow franchise owners, who in turn, can provide assistance, especially if you’re new.

Being a business owner these days does not solely entail years of schooling, an MBA degree, or even an extremely big capital. Choose the right franchise partner and you’ll get your business up and running faster than you expected.

electronic board in hardware repair

A Broken PC? Don’t Throw It Out Yet

electronic board in hardware repair

At some point in your life, you’ll find it necessary to replace the computer you already have. It doesn’t matter what type or model it is. Even with excellent care and maintenance, electronic gadgets only have a limited operational life. They can be made obsolete by new hardware, software, or even your lifestyle changes. So, what can you do with them?

Before you throw them, you might want to take a closer look at these devices and think a little harder about what you can do about them now that their prime has passed. Under no circumstances should you simply put them in the trash. Proper disposal or reuse might actually be quite helpful for you. If you are an expert in fixing electronic gadgets, you can even consider buying the nearest computer repair shop for sale in your area and start a business.

Make sure it’s actually broken

This problem is very common among people who switch devices all the time. Sometimes, they don’t even know that something is really broken before tossing it out. This is the first thing you should check for when encountering old devices that are gathering dust in your closet. People can simply forget that these are still functioning after using their new devices for a while. If you don’t make sure of this, you’ll miss out on the other things that you can do with it.

Contribute to science

Your old computer can have a role in advancing the future of humanity. Many sites need the CPU space of an unused computer lying around. Some use volunteer PCs to analyze data from space, while others have an open research effort to understand certain diseases and find better ways of curing them.

Make your own home server

man working on a home server

While most people will think of a high-tech room surrounded by wires and tall towers of hardware as a personal server, the truth is you can run a slightly less impressive but still useful operation using your old PC. A little fiddling with the hardware can make your old PC the heart of all the files in your home. This is very useful if you happen to be a family of five that’s tired of taking turns to borrow each other’s external hard drive.

Give it to a school as a test bed

Robotics programs are steadily becoming integral to the school curriculum, and your old PC may just be the thing that sets off the journey of our future tech developers. Old schools often use old or obsolete PCs as “test beds” for electronics disassembly since many of the core systems (such as the CPU, RAM, or motherboard) are present in major tech systems that their students need to study.

While you certainly won’t be using that old tech anymore, it doesn’t mean that’s the end for that device. One of the best things about technology is the ability to be integrated into newer and more specialized applications. The best type of tech never gets old; it just turns into something else, sometimes, better.

programming codes displayed on laptop screen

What is HMI Programming and How You Can Choose Which Kind You Need

programming codes displayed on laptop screenHMI stands for Human Machine Interface. Operators can use this software when they need to manage a system effectively. If you need help in choosing HMI programming software, keep these suggestions mind:

Figure out Your Operational Environment

One of the factors you should consider before investing is where you’re putting your HMI programming. Some HMI programming will be sensitive to conditions like temperature, noise, and vibration. Thinking about these factors before buying can save you money, time, and energy in the long run.

Determine Your Feature Requirements

Different buyers have different needs. You must have a list of the kind of HMI programming you need. The factors you should consider are its features, such as function keys, additional memory, and color display. You might also want to think if you need a simple one or a high-end type of HMI programming.

Think Where You Can Connect Your HMI

The HMI you need depends on your system components. Some machines have single PLC while others may have several or even a ‘variable frequency drive’, which features start, stop, and speed reference. Regardless of your PLC option, you need to connect the HMI programming to an Ethernet, S-485, or a USB.

young programmer coding on computer in the evening at homeConsider Your Data Entry Requirements

Your HMI programming may come in keypad or touchscreen form. Both have their advantages. Touchscreens are as functional as a keypad. There are situations, however, when operators prefer the latter. A good example is typing large numeric data. Keypad, in this case, is the better option. This feature is also great for operators who wear gloves.

Find out Your Software Preference

The type of HMI programming will depend on your requirements. When it comes to software preference, you have three choices. The first one is proprietary software. The company that developed the software owns the program.

This option offers a quick turnaround. Its downside, though, is that you can only use it for specific kinds of hardware platforms. If you ever have any unique projects in the future, you need to redevelop the said software.

The second is Hardware Independent Software. It has pre-built functions, which are third-party software. Any open platform can run this kind of software. It allows more freedom in terms of features and service quality. The disadvantage of this software is that it may not be user-friendly. On top of that, it may lack some specialized functions, which you may need to complete a certain task.

Last, but certainly, not the least, is Open Software. This is for operators who want to create their own functions. It’s open software, so it gives them that freedom. The downside of this, in case you choose it, is that you’ll have to start from scratch when you are building your functions.

When selecting HMI programming, remember to figure out your operational environment, feature requirements, HMI connection, data entry requirements, and software preference. Choosing the most suitable programming for your needs is not a walk in the park, especially when you do not have much of an idea of what you really need. These suggestions, however, make it easy for you to make an excellent choice.