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Woman standing behind sandwhich bar

3 Key Checks when Starting Your Sandwich Shop

Woman standing behind sandwhich bar

There is no doubt that people are always in love with well-prepared food, whether they are at home or while on the move. And what better snack to have regardless of the occasion and time of the day than grab a sandwich? Yes, you heard it right, sandwiches are a preferred snack among many people. That makes the idea of starting your sandwich shop a great business idea. You can open your sandwich shop as a sole proprietor or take advantage of the sandwich John Smith Subs franchise opportunities near you. Even then, you should be careful when running such a shop. Here are three guidelines that will help you in franchise management:

Relationship with Customers

You must have heard that, in business, your customers are always right. However, in the global market, sellers and buyers do not get to have a conversation due to the geographical distance between the two parties. That is not the scenario when running such a shop. You will always be in touch with the customers and need to get your PR skills right. If you have employees working in the shop, they also need to have personal skills. Treating your customers right will ensure that you get repeat customers. That will see your business grow at a fast rate.

You Require Help

The food industry is a service industry, and that calls for specific concerns and demands. Regardless of the size of your business, as a business owner, you require help from employees. The employees will be the ones interacting with customers, and hence the need to make the right hiring choices. You can help with ensuring there are enough supplies for the business. Also, you can handle the other serious tasks of running a business. Liaise with your franchisor when you have concerns about hiring staff and running your business.

Business Skills are Critical

Woman working behind cash register

There is more to running a successful sandwich shop than preparing sandwiches and serving customers. The background tasks of running the shop include proper advertising, handling cash inflow and outflow, buying supplies, and balancing financial statements, among others. You need to understand business operations to be successful. If this will be your first business, you will need to get lessons on business skills. Even with business skills, you may still face problems, but the foundational knowledge will be a good place to refer to. The good thing is that the franchisor has been in the business and has had more experience than you. That makes it essential to maintain contact with and develop a relationship with your franchisor.

If you just opened and are running a sandwich shop for the first time you ventured into business, a lot could seem difficult at the moment. However, if it is a franchising opportunity, the franchisor can help you a great deal in running your business successfully. Your love for people and offering exemplary service will also be a plus for you in this business. In such an environment, you will discover that starting your sandwich shop under a franchise is one of the best business ideas to invest in.

students looking at laptop

Learning a Trade: Is It Right for You?

students looking at laptopFour years of college isn’t for everyone. Forty percent of all college students never finish their course. College graduates do get better wages — if they find jobs that fit. However, even college graduates suffer from unemployment and underemployment. On the other hand, the demand for blue-collar workers is sharply rising, and companies are desperate for skilled staffing.

The Cost of College

College is expensive. The average cost of a college education is $127,000, which is significantly higher than the $33,000 price of going to a trade school. Most students will be forced to take loans and be saddled with debt even before they enter the workforce. College requires four years to finish, though the majority of college graduates take longer. Even if you get your bachelor’s degree, you will be facing stiff competition from other new graduates in your field. Jobs specifically for college graduates are limited. Almost half of the recent college graduates will find employment in positions that don’t even require a degree.

Blue-collar vs. White-collar: the $16,900 Myth

group of different professionalsThe National Center for Education Statistics is often cited for their report which concluded that a bachelor’s degree would give you an additional income of 16,900 per year. College graduates earn an average of $46,900 per year compared to non-college graduates who make $30,000 per year. However, this statistic takes non-college graduates as a collective and offers no actual statistic that focuses on trade school graduates.

The most common blue-collar careers in manufacturing, construction, and trucking all pay wages significantly higher than $30,000. A rookie trucker will often earn $45,000 per year. Hourly wages in both manufacturing and construction have broken the $30 per hour mark, doubling the earnings of the average non-college graduate.

With the current economy, blue-collar workers are very much in demand, while white-collar workers are scrambling for limited positions. If you factor in wage growth, the average wage of college graduates will rise from $46,900 to $55,000 within ten years. On the other hand, skilled workers with average salaries of $39,000 will see their wages go up to 54,000 within ten years. If you factor in the cost of education, college graduates will need close to 100 years to surpass the earnings of a trade school graduate.

Choosing a Trade School

If you’re more of a hand’s on learner and you want to start your career early, trade school is a perfect fit. It only takes two years to finish trade school, and by then, you would have learned all the necessary skills to apply for a licensing exam or enter an apprenticeship program. Blue-collar workers are highly sought after, especially in manufacturing, construction, and trucking. These industries are in dire need of new blood as the majority of workers in these fields are reaching retirement age.

College isn’t for everyone, and a blue-collar job won’t necessarily make you earn less. Keep your options open, and don’t waste time and money if your only reason for attending college is to get a high-paying job.