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Environment concept handshake

3 Radical Ways to Help the Environment

Environment concept handshake

Did you know that making life decisions — no matter how small — can make an impact on the environment? Many people can find motivation in the thought of establishing a legacy for the future generations or simply to add meaning to life.

Whatever the reason, this world is always in need of people who are willing to be heroes in their own right. Are you ready to outdo your sacrifices for the environment this year? Here are five radical but simple ideas on helping the environment in a more compelling way.

1. Go for green burials

Green funeral services might not an option most people choose for its lack of popularity. But ditching the formalin on a cadaver may actually just help save the environment more. Having organic caskets and organic burial paraphernalia may just spell the difference between artificial land or land that actually nurtures the presence of plant and animal life in the future.

A famous Buddhist meditation called Death Meditation captures this more perfectly: a person imagines his dead body as it is lowered on the ground and ushers in new plant life after it decomposes.

It is said to be a practice that helps foster humility and is lauded as a way to help you move towards the direction of your dreams. You can take that a notch higher and going green in your last will.

2. Shift to a plant-based diet

Studies suggest that eliminating meat and dairy from your diet can cut back the damage on the earth by a significant amount. It also claims that it will help feed more starving people in Africa. The benefits are quite astounding.

It’s also a personal investment as it involves weight loss, clear skin, and a youthful glow as some of the palpable side effects. Going vegan is a decision of loving all life and refusing to eat dead animals as a way of life.

It can also be a major health decision. There are many benefits, and this movement has gained more traction recently with the number of celebrities who are adopting this lifestyle.

3. Get into compost and tree planting


Make tree planting and composting a way of life. Educate your neighbours about garbage segregation and take the initiative when no one else is volunteering to do it. Your compost and tree planting activities can go a long way, especially if you collaborate with like-minded individuals who have the same love for the environment as you.

It’s not easy at first, but being a part of a community that is into these things can certainly help you push your projects to completion over time.

Getting more involved for the sake of mother earth is a major decision that deserves recognition. But only a few are rewarded for this kind of choice. Regardless of the reward or understanding of the people around you, this is the type of decision that outlasts your generation and potentially hands over to the next in a meaningful and beautiful way.