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Police officer on stand by

More on Radar Guns: Functionality & Applications

Police officer on stand by

When looking for radar guns for speed law enforcement, you want one which motorists’ detectors cannot locate with ease. A leading online store for high-quality speed guns and related equipment advises that it is vital to know how these detectors work. Being savvy on matters on speed guns functional efficiency is also key.

Speed Guns: Their Functional Principle

First off, these speed guns come with the technology for emitting radio waves which bounce off the target to tell how fast cars are moving. The guns follow the Doppler shift theorem, which depends on the principle of the alteration in wave patterns. With this, you can tell whether cars are moving toward detection points. You can also record the speed and how far away you are from the car. However, you will need first to ascertain what specific car in the speed gun cone is of interest.

Why Zero in On One Target?

You only can get a clear reading from your speed gun when the gun emits a high and constant tone. You will get a weak signal if it reflects from a low or raspy target. You want precise readings from your target car, and it is best if you can get the car’s license plate, headlight or bumper as these easily reflect the waves. Vehicles which move very fast reflect best from the speed gun cone on the ‘fastest’ button.

Application of Speed Guns

Police using speed gun

Practically, you can control speed guns from your hand or mount them on your dashboard. For officers on bikes, lighter speed guns are the best to use. You can customize your order for these lighter speed guns but specify the exact size. Also, specify the battery type and size as these handheld speed guns will not have an external source of power. Most of the speed guns, however, come with both on- and off-charge capabilities. It is not just enough to know how speed guns work; it is crucial you understand the various modes available. These include:

Moving Speed Guns

When an officer is in motion, the speed gun compares the officer’s and other car’s speed. The speed gun calculates by looking for a background object which is large. It then focuses on a target object which is smaller in size. Next, it measures differences between target speeds and of the police car, the latter of which you can get from your speedometer.

Directional Speed Guns

Moving speed guns have had the challenge of the shadowing errors when you assume the large vehicles to be the stationary object. This technique leads to errors in speed calculation for a target vehicle. Directional speed guns are quite accurate. The patrol car’s speed is not a major factor here; results should be from the signal bouncing off the target vehicle.

A leading online store for radar guns and equipment posits that these calculations should be highly accurate. You cannot get that from old technology where the officer has to pick out which target car to bounce off the signal. Therefore, whenever you are shopping for your speed guns, insist on getting those that come with the latest technology.

Four Things You Need for a Successful Business Venture

Businessman in his office

Getting into the entrepreneurial mindset is no easy feat. There is not enough psyching up exercises in the world to help you overcome all the unknown factors that will arise when you start your chosen venture Despite this, your dedication and continuous pursuit of knowledge should help you tough it out.

Things can go even more smoothly if you check these off your list:

A Clear and Sure Business Idea

It’s not enough to say you want to be a business owner. Anything can be a business–including helping others start their own. To be on the right track, ask yourself what you want to do and if it’s something that you will not be bored with as soon as you hit the first lull. You can’t expect an unfailing upward trend in your first few months; it’s more realistic to see fluctuations, but if you love what you’re doing and your goals are clear, you will know not to give up.

A Well-defined Business Budget

Businessman budgeting

Especially for small business owners, it’s important to separate your personal and business finances. Instead of doing some guesswork, this will help you figure out the cost of starting a pizza business with your location, restaurant model, and target market taken into account. No business is too small for a dedicated account. If you continue keeping your funds in your account, you’ll never know how much you’re spending. In turn, you will not know how much you are earning. You may think you’re doing good, but the truth is you might have business expenses that are unaccounted for.

A Trusted Mentor

Age is not a factor in how successful an entrepreneur you will be. Take a look around you, and you might see several shops owned by millennials. It seems like a generational quality, that pursuit of a passion that pays. However, this does not mean you should just go for it blindly. A consultant or mentor can help you navigate aspects of the business that are more technical or financial oriented. You cannot run on just passion alone if you want your business model to last. You will need expert opinion and a group of people who know what they are doing.

A Comprehensive Study

It’s easy to come up with the idea that’s unique enough to work. But when you’re in the wrong place, or you start the business at the wrong time, it might not have the desired results. You could have the smartest solution to a problem, but if you target the wrong people, they will not find any use for it, rendering your idea useless. A restaurant could have all the bells and whistles of a hit in the making, but if it’s in a spot that is hard to get to or if food is priced too expensive for the neighborhood it’s in, it will not succeed.

It takes more than a bright idea to get your business going. Think of all the facets of entrepreneurship that will lead to success, and make sure you do them right.

Suburban neighborhood with cars parked in front

U.S. Housing Market in 2019: 6 Predictions Buyers and Sellers Should Know

Suburban neighborhood with cars parked in frontThe year 2018 has been eventful for the real estate industry. The housing market was a roller coaster that has seen incredibly low interest rates reach the highest point in over seven years and the growth of home prices slow down. Sellers still own the upper hand, but buyers have begun to feel optimistic about the future.

Will 2019 bring wild ups and downs too? Let’s explore the six popular predictions of many real estate authorities.

1. Interest Rates Will Rise

Any mortgage broker in Fort Myers expects the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates about three times next year. Historically, the mortgage rates by the end of 2019 are likely to remain low based on historical levels. While such rate movements can reduce the overall purchasing power of aspiring homeowners or refinancers across the country, they can’t single-handedly scare borrowers.

Despite moderate interest rate hikes, the surge of millennial demand may prove to be strong enough to keep loan originators busy. This is highly probable since many members of this generation will turn 30 in 2019, which is just about the prime home-ownership age.

2. Home Prices Will Keep Heading North

Property values will still go up, but price growth won’t be as rapid as sellers have been used to seeing. Current homeowners can enjoy more gains, particularly in smaller cities that can benefit from migration. First-time homebuyers might flock to more affordable areas and away from major metros.

3. Inventory Levels Will Increase

Supply still won’t keep up with demand, but higher inventory levels will welcome the first waves of buyers next year. Although this won’t put sellers at a disadvantage, the incrementally increasing number of properties on the market won’t make the situation worse for aspiring homeowners.

4. Sales Will Decrease

Greater inventory isn’t expected to boost overall sales because it’s concentrated in high-growth areas. In fact, experts expect even lower loan volumes in 2019. The lethal combination of property value increases and interest rate hikes will probably price more borrowers out next year.

5. More Borrowers Will Grab an ARM

Agent handing a key to a new houseAdjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) will become extra fashionable to buyers in the coming months, especially when agreeing to a 5% fixed rate for 30 years feels scary for now. A 7/1 ARM with 3% will probably be one of the best deals in 2019 for those buying a house they might not retire in. It’s not crazy to anticipate that ARMs will represent one-tenth of all mortgages in the year ahead.

6. Disruptors Will Continue to Threaten Traditionalists

Modern technology won’t stop disrupting the real estate industry in 2019. Silicon Valley will keep on discomforting conservatives, and lenders will need to embrace the changes. Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency are some of the forces that will further break the mold of the American housing market.

Not a lot of properties are predicted to change hands in 2019, but this isn’t necessarily bad news. The future remains bright for the industry because slow property appreciation will render homeownership more affordable and low sales will give inventory a chance to recover.

Warehouse with packages for shipment

Criteria for the Best Pallet Storage System for Your Warehouse

Warehouse with packages for shipmentStorage space has always been a necessity for companies everywhere, which is why they resort to commercial warehouses for keeping their goods. While outsourcing your storage may seem to be the more convenient option initially, putting up your very own storage, while costly, will make for a far better long-term investment when you think about the benefits that you’ll get from it. There are many elements that you need to sort out first before you get to build one, such as establishing a good pallet storage system, to ensure that your items are safe and organised. To help you figure out which one works best for you, here are some pointers that you can follow:

Goods and Valuables

First off, you need to check the type of goods that you plan to store in this warehouse. Some items, such as food, require specialised storage spaces outfitted with certain devices to preserve their quality. There are also other goods that won’t fit in the typical storage setup due to their sizes, such as steel bars and lumber. Thus, you have to plan for that as well if your items fall under either category. You don’t want them to become spoiled or damaged due to improper storage.

Availability of Storage Space

Another factor that you need to take into account is the storage space itself and its availability for usage. This will entirely depend on whether you want to fully utilise every inch of space in the warehouse or not. If your goal is the former, then pallet storage systems that have narrow aisles to make way for your items are your go-to option. If not, then a typical spread-out layout will work just fine, especially if you will be conducting regular warehouse maintenance and your staff needs room to move around.

Well-Organised Flow Structure

Pallet storage system with forklift in the middleYour goods, especially those that have a short shelf life, will not stay in your warehouse forever, so you will need to be able to take them out quickly and easily. It’s the same with storing new arrivals. You have to get them placed quickly so as not to hinder the storage and removal of other items. You need to have a thoroughly organised system for this to keep the operation flowing smoothly regardless of the activity being performed. The frequency of restocking and retrieval will play a big role here, so keep that in mind.

Accessibility to Stored Products

In relation to the previous point, if you expect to remove your products often, then your staff should be able to access them with little to no difficulty. This can help boost your efficiency since your personnel will take less time to transport them. Ease of access also grants you the benefit of more hassle-free and safer storage since you won’t have to do much to place your goods there.

Pulling this off requires proper planning and wise decision making on your part. You have to ensure that you will be able to accommodate all products that will arrive at your warehouse and that they remain in pristine condition while in there. Your efforts will be rewarded with a facility that conveniently provides you with the storage space you can use when you need it.

Will You or Won’t You: What Should You Include in Your Last Will and Testament?

Last Will and Testament Many people dread the thought of death. Many do not feel comfortable talking about what happens after with their family and friends. And many others don’t even entertain the thought of it at all.

Despite how difficult it seems to face the reality of death, however, you have to be practical about it. Your family will inevitably grieve after you pass but there is one way you can make it easier for them — and that’s by preparing a will and testament that distributes assets and belongings to your loved ones.

Before preparing your last will and testament, however, you have to know the answer to the question, “what and who should you include in it?” One of Denver’s experienced probate lawyers can help your surviving family members settle debts and distribute your assets when you are gone, yes. But meticulous estate planning lets you streamline the process for them after your passing.

What Things Should You Include in Your Last Will and Testament?

Your last will and testament is a reflection of your final instructions to your loved ones. So, you have to specify every single way you would like for them to grant your requests and deal with your assets. You may include the following things in your will:

  • Guardianship of your children: Choose someone who can raise your child the way you want them to be brought up.
  • Real estate: Include the certificate of title and declare any mortgage or loan you left behind.
  • Jewelry and family heirlooms: Leave them to people who appreciate their personal value.
  • Financial assets: Specify those who will receive part of your financial assets.
  • Beneficiaries: Specify the people and organizations you wish to benefit from your will.
  • Executor: Appoint a trusted individual to manage your estate.

On the other hand, you cannot include the following in your last will and testament:

  • Joint tenancy properties
  • Properties in a living trust
  • Life insurance proceeds with a beneficiary
  • Retirement plan proceeds from a pension, IRA, or 401(k)
  • Stocks and bonds that automatically go to your beneficiary
  • Proceeds from a payable-on-death bank account with a named beneficiary

Additionally, your will is not the right document to state your funeral instructions. If you are not comfortable discussing funeral arrangements with your loved ones, you can make a separate document for them and give it to your estate’s executor.

Final Will Preparations

What Happens When You Want to Change Something in Your Will?

Changing your last will and testament is easier than you think. Even if creating it involved the expertise of a local estate-planning attorney, you can amend or modify it any time you wish to do so. You can even completely revoke it. The only condition is that you are mentally competent to do so.

For minor changes, like when you decide that you want to change the executor, you can simply create a will codicil. This is a secondary document attached to the original will stating the small changes you made on the last will and testament. Just make sure to prepare and sign the codicil the same way you signed the original document — complete with the same number of witnesses requires.

Alternatively, if you included a personal property memorandum at the time you made your last will and testament, you can simply replace the memorandum attached. It doesn’t need signatures or witnesses.

If you are making major changes in the last will and testament, your safest and least complicated option might be revoking it and writing a new one completely.

Four Blunders Committed by First-Time Homebuyers

Couple holding keys to new house
Buying a home is something that many Americans aspire to accomplish. Yes, it can be difficult, which is why fulfilling it will always be a big deal. A lot of people rush the process, and they often end up having problems. You need to keep in mind that home acquisition is a painstaking process. If you do not subscribe to your idea, you have more risks of committing costly mistakes, something that you obviously do not want to happen.

This is why you need to be careful when buying a property. You will always have to think things twice until you become sure of your decision. You should also learn from the mistakes of other homebuyers. If you do not know where to start, let this article be your simple guide.

Below are some of the situations where many homebuyers are at fault. Reading them may inspire you to come up with ideas to better your plan.

Mistake #1: Buying more than what you can afford

Face it: homes are often a barometer of a person’s status. They tell you a lot about a person, their background, and their lifestyle. If you are looking for a home based on these criteria, you are bound to fail, especially if you do not have the money to support and sustain it. Do not fixate over living in a fancy neighborhood. Do not get yourself a big house if you only plan to have a small family. In short, do not be emotional when buying a property.

Mistake #2: Picking one lender

When it comes to funding your down payment, it is important that you ask around and compare. Many homebuyers make the mistake of sticking to one lender only. And this is quite problematic, as you run the risk of missing out on mortgage lenders in Fresno that might have better offers. What you should do at this point is come up with a list of possible lenders, ask their offers, and compare.

Mistake #3: Not having contingency funds

Man holding keys
Yes, you may already have the budget for your down payment. But you need to understand that payments do not stop there. On top of your monthly mortgage payments, you will have to take care of other fees. You may not realize it now, but you will have to shoulder insurance costs, moving in costs, and even cosmetic requirements. This is why you will need to have a contingency fund, which may come from your savings. But make sure that you have a separate savings account to accommodate your other family needs and other emergency needs.

Mistake #4: Being too picky

It’s okay to be picky about houses. After all, it may be your life’s single biggest purchase. But do not be too picky to the point that you have missed other opportunities. Be practical and always think of the time. Otherwise, you will end up not having a good home.

These are only some of the mistakes of many homebuyers that you want to avoid. Doing so will help increase your odds of getting the perfect home.

Child Support while Unemployed

Dealing with Child Support Payments while Unemployed

Child Support while Unemployed

Courts often base child support on each parent’s total income, including work wages, bonuses, federal benefits, investments, and more. Each state also has its own statutory guidelines and formula used to calculate child support payments. The money should be enough for or to supplement the custodial parent’s budget for the child’s food, clothing, schooling, and more.

New Mexico, for instance, mandates that the amount of child support should be equal to what the child would have received if his or her parents stayed married. The state requires both parents to contribute to the total child support payment based on their incomes.

But what if the non-custodial parent paying child support suddenly finds themselves unable to uphold their end of the agreement? Are they exempt from paying child support? No, they are not. And failing to comply can lead to some serious legal penalties.

Consequences of Skipping Child Support Payments

Parents based in Albuquerque are advised to seek counsel from child support attorneys should they find themselves suddenly unemployed and unable to make the payments. Proper legal advice is invaluable in helping you avoid the consequences of skipping monthly child support.

  • Accumulating arrearage, which gives your former spouse the right to file for contempt
  • License suspension, including your driver’s, professional, occupational, or recreational license
  • A fine or an arrest warrant, either civil or criminal
  • Child support lien, in which the court places a lien on your property (like a house or car)
  • Seizing of bank accounts, including savings, checking, mutual funds, and others
  • Negative reflection on your credit rating since unpaid child support counts as debt

Modifications due to Changed Circumstances

Filing for a formal motion requesting a modification due to changed circumstances will help you avoid skipping on child support payments and its consequences. Your lawyer can help you submit the motion to the Child Support Enforcement Office that issued the child support order.

As the amount of child support you’re required to pay was determined using your former income and financial reports, any changes to your financial circumstances qualify you to request for a modification. Other examples of changed circumstances are extreme medical expenses and changes in income (demotion or new job).

Divorce and Child Support

The Risks of Making Informal Arrangements

A motion to request for a modification may take time. Be patient instead of making an informal arrangement with your former spouse.

Take note that making informal arrangements still means you are not meeting your legal child support obligations. Even if you and your ex-spouse agree to reduce the monthly payments while you are unemployed, it still means you are not following the court’s orders. This can lead to your child support arrears building up and may even get you held in contempt of court.

Unemployment Benefits as a Safety Net

Aside from filing for a motion requesting payment modifications, also check whether you’re eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits can serve as a safety net and allow you to make your child support payments while the arrangement is modified. If you are eligible for benefits, you can ask the unemployment office to deduct your monthly obligations from your unemployment wages.

There are other avenues you may explore to ensure your ability to continue paying child support. However, it’s more advisable to request for a modification due to changed circumstances beforehand to avoid more complications and lasting legal consequences.

Mortgage Broker: Qualities to Look For

mortgage broker with couple

One of the most important individuals you would have to work with at least once in your life is a mortgage broker. Finding the right one is the key to having a stable financial standing, while at the same time pay for the investment you have always dreamt of making.

However, like other professional services, finding a mortgage broker is not always a walk in the park. Even industry leader Altius Mortgage would agree. Avoid making the wrong decision by knowing the qualities to look for in mortgage brokers in Salt Lake City before signing a contract.

If you are looking for a guide, look for these traits in a mortgage broker.

A good listener

There are times that one or either of you has to compromise. As a client, you have your own preferences. As a mortgage broker, they know the ideal choices to make. However, sometimes, these two sets of considerations do not always match.

A good mortgage broker is one who is able to listen and take your concerns into consideration without compromising the quality of the house you buy and your mortgage terms. Find one who listens, while at the same time, one who communicates well. As a bonus, find one that can marry your wants as well as the ideal mortgage terms for your specific financial situation.


Mortgage loans consist of numerous details. These details are all important and should be taken care of properly. This should be a non-negotiable since one small mistake on your home loan application could mean huge consequences that you cannot get out of easily or without paying a hefty price.

Working with a broker who is not only organized but is also attentive to detail can definitely help give you the results you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Honest and trustworthy

mortgage broker with couple shaking hands

A mortgage broker will be dealing with a lot of sensitive personal information. Thus, it is important to work with one who you can truly trust. It’s not to say that there are a lot of dishonest agents who are out to scam you, but the point is that you can never be too careful.

Trust to your gut feeling and be observant with how they handle any situation at hand. Also, do your research; ask around, and search online whether you are dealing with a reliable broker.

Charges reasonably

Mortgage brokers do not offer their services for free. In fact, some people choose to skip hiring one due to fear of exorbitant fees. A good mortgage broker, however, is one who charges reasonably while at the same time, delivers results that you want.

Finding a mortgage broker might not be a breeze, but with some knowledge an effort, you would be able to find the right one. Also, after you find a good mortgage broker, do make sure you get your money’s worth by letting them do the legwork for you. Their services don’t come cheap, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help to the full extent of their expertise.

Veteran businessman at the office

Things to Consider when Applying for Your Veterans Benefits

Veteran businessman at the officeWhether it is you or a family member that is applying for your veteran benefits, following the right steps will ultimately lead you to success. There are a couple of steps that you should follow when doing so.

Experts in Utah discuss below what those are to make sure that you will get your disabled veteran benefits soon.

Being Healthy and Applying for a Pension

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be ill to be able to apply for a pension. You can be completely healthy and still get the pension as a veteran.

Any veteran who turns 65 has the right to receive a pension — whether they are completely healthy or not. If the veteran has already passed away, then their surviving spouse will be the one to receive the pension instead.

The Benefits Even After Passing

In any event that the veteran dies before their spouse, then the couple should know that the benefits for the veteran will stop right away. The spouse still has the chance to continue receiving the pension and benefits as long as they can and will submit a completely new application to the VA.

The spouse must submit the veteran’s death certificate along with other documents required for the benefits that they are looking to reinstate.

Getting a Senior Planning Company

Look for senior planning companies in your area and contact them if you want to get some help regarding your veteran benefits. Calling the 1-800 number for VAs can be a bit tricky, which means that it might be much easier to ask help from a senior panning company.

Calling the 1-800 number will require you to undergo a complicated process, which can certainly be a hassle.

Ask for help from your family and friends when it comes to claiming your veteran benefits. This can be a bit of a confusing and difficult process, so you would need to get all the help that you can get.

Primary Components of Pallet Racking Systems

warehouse racksSpace and labour are the central issues faced by warehouse owners. Interestingly the solution to both problems is a quality pallet racking system. With a good racking system, you will reduce the time wasted by your workers and hence increase their productivity while maximising your storage space.

A pallet racking system also improves the safety of your stored items and minimises workplace injuries. This way, you meet the guidelines of your state’s warehouse safety audit. Here are the primary parts of a pallet rack.

Upright Frames

These are at times called upright columns since they are used as columns onto which beams will connect. They have holes on their front column into which a beam connectors’ pin engages.

You can add to the frames in future as your warehouse grows to maximise your storage space and efficacy. Upright pallet racking frames come in different post sizes and heights to suit your desired weight and strength.

Cross Beams

pallet racksThese horizontal supports connect into upright columns to create shelves on which the pallets rest. You will use two beams to create one shelf.

Cross beams come in different heights, lengths, and gauges to suit your stored items’ dimensions and weight. They can also be easily removed and readjusted to different levels to meet your future storage needs.

Wire Decking

This is a safety element for your pallets to ensure they do not fall through the beam. Wire decking also helps you to maximise your storage surface area and enhances optimal air circulation and, if need be, water flow for cleaning the pallets. It comes in powder coated and galvanised finishes.

With the right choices, you can be sure that your warehouse will meet your needs and that of your state’s. Review the warehouse’s design every five years. This way, you can change components to meet new warehousing requirements and maximise productivity.