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Early Mortgage Payoff: 3 Smart Ways to Cut Back On Costs

mortgage documentPaying off your debt early comes with various benefits. Your interest accruals are minimized, you rid yourself of debt burdens, and you get to focus your energy and finances on other investments. However, early mortgage repayment also comes with a fair share of its pitfalls.

Opportunity Costs

When you allocate budget to your FHA 203k loan payment, you miss an opportunity to allocate funds to other essential investments. However, if such funds are spared and set aside for other profitable projects, they can yield unimaginable returns as time progresses. It is wise to first weigh your options to make an informed decision on whether to use the extra cash to invest or pay off debts.

Emergency Savings

A disaster or disease may strike you or your loved ones, and you might have to take out cash to attend to these emergencies. Your cash reserves are the best source of quick cash when trouble comes your way. This is one reason why your cash reserves should not be used to pay debts.

Other Debts

Some individuals have a number of debts in their name. The interest rates chargeable on these loans vary from one type of loan to another, and many factors are responsible for the difference in interest rates – from credit scores to the state of the economy at large. But ideally, the best way to pay your loans is starting with the ones that carry high-interest rates so that you cut back on costs in the long run.

Using a mortgage to build or buy a new home comes in handy especially if you cannot fund the whole project alone. However, the need to pay off the debt early should not deny you a chance to explore and take investment opportunities that will lead you to your financial goals.

Top 3 Ways to Pay Off Your Loan Faster

debt settlementAbout 80 percent of borrowers find it hard to pay their debt. Some end up defaulting on loan repayments, not because they want, but because they take comfort in paying the little installments stated in the contract.

This, in turn, racks up interest rates and sometimes unwarranted fines that becomes unbearable at the end of it all. This article provides some of the secrets to paying your debts early. Enjoy reading.

Make one sizeable extra payment per year

For many individuals, especially business people, there is always a particular time of the year when good profits are realized in their businesses. For the few intelligent ones, they will put a huge chunk of such cash in savings.

Making it a habit of channeling such funds towards your debts at least once a year can be a prudent idea. When you use such funds to top up on installments made, you will find a significant number of months covered which may cut the entire repayment period by a half or so.

Never skip payments

Some cash loan lenders either in Salt Lake City or elsewhere will charge you hefty penalties if you skip a month or two to pay installments. Others will freely allow you to skip without any fees. By all means, avoid the temptations of skipping on payments.

If you are keen enough, you will realize that there is an extra cost that you will have to incur in both cases. Besides, skipping a month or so translates to an extended payoff period.

Use paperless payment means

Most lenders prefer paperless payment methods since it saves them money and time of having to follow up and sign thousands of papers manually. Some of them offer some good discounts to clients who subscribe to auto-payment systems.

Furthermore, you also keep extra fees that come as a result of late payments at bay, since the payment is set at time intervals and you don’t have to be there in person.

However, besides the many benefits that result from early debt pay off, it also has its share of setbacks. One of them is that some lenders don’t allow early loan repayment. Doing so would land the borrower in hefty penalties.

Consequently, it’s advisable to read and elaborately understand the terms of your loan before signing any papers.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers: How to Choose One

Eating Disorder TreatmentEating disorders can affect anyone. This is the reason why raising awareness among people who might have loved ones suffering from it, or the patient himself, is very important. While it might be a long treatment process, addressing such disorders is the first step to overcoming it.

EDCare and other industry experts remind that finding treatment centers, especially in Kansas City, to address eating disorders is important in overcoming the condition.

License to operate

Many treatment centers are affiliated with hospitals. There are also independent centers that operate on their own. Regardless of its kind, the first thing you need to know is whether or not it is licensed to operate. Working with a licensed one will definitely help guarantee results in the end.

Trained professionals

Once you’ve established that the treatment center is legitimate, it’s time to look deeper into the institution. Eating disorder is not a condition that can be treated by a single method and by a single professional. A team of multi-specialists from different fields (i.e. psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist, and primary care physicians) are necessary to ensure that the treatment method works and is sustained. The goal of eating disorder treatments is not just to curb the condition, but also make sure that the patient is in their top health. A healthy body and overall health condition is something that should be sustained.

Treatment method

Sustainability is the reason it’s important to understand the kind of treatment method each center offers. The chosen treatment method should be something that fits the patient’s condition and preference.

Success rate

Eating disorders are highly treatable conditions. Knowing the success rate of each center can give you an idea of the effectiveness of their treatment. Getting first-hand reviews and testimonies from former patients can help you know what to expect from the institution.

Know someone who has an eating disorder? Seek professional help immediately.

2 Beloved Celebrities Who Battled With Alzheimer’s

man is caring for his elderly father who has an Alzheimer'sEvery four seconds one person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the leading cause of dementia in the United States. It is a progressive mental disease that causes memory loss, confusion and the inability to retain new information.

A person suffering from Alzheimer’s is believed to have misfolded proteins or plaques in the brain, as well as neurofibrillary tangles resulting in the breakdown of the brain’s structure. Sadly, scientists have not discovered a means to stop or reverse the damage caused by Alzheimer’s.

If someone is your life is battling this disease, the best course of action is to arrange for professional care. Facilities for assisted living here in Davis County can provide supervision, help with meals preparation, grooming and other daily tasks that the patients are unable to do on their own.

The disease has affected the lives of so many including well-loved celebrities. Here are two famous people who also struggled with memory disturbances and loss of independence towards the end of their lives.

Sugar Ray Robinson (1921 – 1989)

Robinson tops the list of “The 100 Greatest Boxers of All Time,” according to the 1984 Ring Magazine. It remains uncertain whether boxing has contributed to the athlete’s development of Alzheimer’s. Because he squandered much of his earnings, Robinson was forced to continue boxing even though it was time for him to retire.

The “pound for pound” champ died at the Brotman Medical Center in California in April 1989 after battling Alzheimer’s in his last years.

Robin Williams (1951 – 2014)

A serious actor and a comedian, the genius of Robin Williams will forever be remembered in movies like “Good Will Hunting,” “Dreams With Sharp Teeth,” “Happy Feet,” “Hamlet” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.” His mind though was as troubled as it was brilliant.

Williams struggled with anxiety, drugs, and alcohol, which magnified his feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. Williams was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which contributed to his dementia.

There’s so much that science has yet to discover about Alzheimer’s. Love and support of family are crucial during these difficult times.

Poor Hygiene in an Elderly Loved One: Should You Be Alarmed?

elderly couple are brushing their teethIf you noticed a decline in an elderly loved one’s personal hygiene, don’t automatically assume that they have a memory or mobility issue. While illnesses and memory lapses can contribute to the problem, it is also important to take note of their past hygiene habits. If your parent, for instance, is a daily bather and suddenly refuses to wash up or change their clothes, there might be something wrong.

Lafayette senior home health care service providers note that if an elderly parent who used to have good hygiene habits suddenly skips showering altogether and starts to go around with dirty or smelly clothes, it is best to take note of the following things:

Is your loved one anxious or depressed?

If an elderly loved one feels depressed, anxious, or isolated, they may lose interest in how they look or smell. If this is the case, you need to encourage your parent to see a doctor to deal with their anxiety or depression. The right treatment can bring back your loved one’s interest in many things, including personal hygiene.

Do they have memory problems?

Those with memory problems can let several days go by without showering or taking a bath. Note, however, that it can be a cause for alarm if you loved one is scared of or feels threatened when taking a bath. If the elderly has a dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is important to read up on what you can do to help your loved one. You can also consider hiring a caregiver or senior home health care aide.

Is your loved one experiencing a problem with their senses?

As senses tend to change with age, many older adults experience a diminished sense of sight, smell, taste, and hearing. This why some may smell a little unpleasant while others seem to apply too much perfume. If you notice such changes in your loved one, be sure to voice out your concerns in a nice way. You can also get them a caregiver, especially if bathing and grooming take a lot of their effort.

You surely want your loved one to stay clean and healthy, but you don’t have to let hygiene be a driving force in your relationship. Also, don’t hesitate to hire some in-home assistance for bathing and any other tasks your loved one needs help with.

Things to Look Out for When Purchasing Property

House For SaleBuying a house, whether it is your first or not, is a huge step. The last thing you want is to lose your hard-earned money to real estate fraud. To avoid this devastating experience, it is always prudent to carry out a compliance check before making an offer.

While there is legal recourse should you fall victim, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, before you decide to invest in real estate in Hawera, consider the following tips from First National Mills Gibbon.


Be sure that the house has a clean deed with no mortgages or borrowing against it. Ensure that the property you are interested in has not been sold to another party and that the owner of the house is listed on the deed.

State of the house

Get a professional for valuation to avoid being defrauded into paying more than a property is worth. Get the house inspected focusing on the walls, electrical wiring, insulation, roof, drainage and plumbing.

It would be costly not to have an inspection done since you might spend even more money to fix issues found after you have relocated to the new house.


Explore the neighbourhood and talk to the locals to get to know more about the area. Be sure to find out if the area is secure, prone to bad weather or pest infestations. If you do not get information about the neighbourhood, you could end up with a property that is difficult to live in or resell.

Purchasing a new house can be confusing, especially if this is your first time. Creating a checklist with all parts that need a closer inspection or more repairs will definitely help. Remember that you are not just buying a place to stay, but also an investment.

3 Steps to Easing Morning Stiffness Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis

person's wrist is swelling from rheumatoid arthritisGetting out of bed is hard, especially for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The disease causes morning stiffness, with patients feeling as if their bodies have gone brittle. It’s unclear yet what exactly causes this, but there’s a chain of symptoms that make this happen.

According to health experts, swollen and painful joints, the hallmark of rheumatoid arthritis, worsens when you’re not moving. That pain makes you immobile and prompts the tightening of muscles around the joints. While it may seem like it’s impossible to move, there are ways to manage morning stiffness. RedRiver Health and Wellness Center cites some of them.

Take your meds

Medications reduce inflammation of the joints, so it will surely help in relieving morning stiffness. You can buy some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs over-the-counter, but it’s best to consult your doctor to see which medications are appropriate for your condition.

This is especially true if you have a history of or at risk for stomach ulcers. Leave the meds at the bedside table and take them before getting out of bed. You should have light snacks as well that’s easy to reach upon waking up.

Start slow

Don’t force any movement. Instead, stretch gently, starting with your head, moving it from side to side. Then, proceed with your fingers and wrists, then the arms and shoulders, and then elbows and knees.

Consult a physical therapist so you’ll be able to follow an exercise program that addresses your unique symptoms and alleviates anxieties and movement insecurities. An effective rheumatoid arthritis care is holistic, considering all aspects of your well-being, as well as personalized, targeting individual symptoms.

Use heat therapy

Sometimes, patients find it soothing for the joints when they feel any heat. Consider trying heat therapy. This will cause the blood to move to the skin surface, warming and loosening the joints in the process. You can, for instance, use a heated blanket, take a warm bath, or shower.

When taking a bath, consider immersing yourself for almost half an hour. Stretch the affected joints gently while inside the tub. If you choose to shower, direct the spray of the handheld shower head onto the stiff joints.

You can do something to make every morning less of a nightmare. Try the strategies mentioned here, so you won’t always be waking up with very painful joints.

Cruising with Kids: 3 Important Tips to Make It Work

luxury cruise shipDo you want to be the hero of the family? Take them on a cruise. It is an experience that kids won’t forget even when they grow up, and your spouse will definitely enjoy it. Cruise Lady swears by this tip.

You can even heighten the experience if you choose to travel to exotic places such as the book of Mormon Lands, the Mediterranean, the Mexican Riviera, the Panama Canal, the Baltic or South America.

Cruise lines have a wide range of personality, appeal and pricing differences. Make sure to do your homework to ensure that it’s compatible with your family’s interest, including your budget. Here are some tips:

1. Choose a cruise that’s kid-friendly

If you don’t want to spend your time thinking of creative things to do for your kids while on the trip, choose a cruise that already did that for you! Remember, this is not the time to reinvent the wheels, pick one that has kid-friendly activities, excursions and dining accommodations.

2. Choose shorter itineraries if it’s your first time

Kids tend to have a short attention span, and they can easily miss home. As such, it is not the time to get that dream two-week-long voyage to the Antarctic. Play it safe when the little ones are with you, and book a shorter duration.

3. Pools and water parks are must-sees

If there’s one thing that’s true about kids, they’d love to hang out by the poolside. If you’re cruising through sunny climates, you can be sure that your kids will love spending mornings on deck chairs, or the afternoon splashing around the water play area.

Packing for a family trip is different from a couple’s trip. There are all sorts of things that you need to take, such as diapers if you have toddlers, a beloved stuffy or blanket and their favorite snacks. Make sure to have a checklist to ensure you do not forget anything.

Child Support while Unemployed

Housing Alternatives for Parents in a Joint Child Custody Arrangement

a child holding her teddy bearIn the past, child custody was awarded to one parent. Based on evidence from numerous researches on the importance of both parents, however, joint custody is the ideal option nowadays. But this is only awarded if the presence of both parents is beneficial and healthy for the child’s upbringing.

Getting joint custody with the help of a child custody lawyer from firms like Day Shell & Liljenquist, L.C. is only the first step towards a healthy child upbringing after separation. The next is getting a housing arrangement that works for both of you and your children. Here are the standard housing options for joint custody arrangements:


In this arrangement, you’ll live with your children and ex under the same roof. This takes the burden of back and forth shuttling of the kids out of your parenting. In nesting, both parents keep an additional home where they take time off to rejuvenate. This grounds them emotionally but may prove expensive with the extra rent.

Living Together

This is a lot like nesting, but unlike the latter, it doesn’t include another house for time offs. You will live together as housemates with your ex and have equal access to your children at all times. This arrangement, unfortunately, might be a bit awkward when you and your ex start dating.

No-Relocation Parenting Plan

With this alternative, the children will live with one parent. The other parent ascents to a no-relocation clause which stops him or her from relocating to any place more than half an hour away from where the kids live with the other parent. This way, both parents will have regular contact with their children.

Choosing one arrangement isn’t easy. There might exist different laws in your state that regulate these living arrangements. Your child custody lawyer, along with child psychology professionals, will review your case and recommend the best one for you, your ex and the kids.

Would You Choose Eco-Friendly Funerals? You Could Be Among These Groups

funeral pink wreathPrepaid funeral plan companies have observed a trend of embracing eco-friendly funerals in the UK driven by public concern for conserving the environment. Have you, however, wondered for a moment, the kind of people that opt for this kind of burial instead of following the traditional techniques of burying?

Here are four groups of people that prefer ‘eco funerals.’

The Pragmatic

Pragmatics opt for natural funerals because of the low cost of this burial approach. Unlike the traditional burying process that requires embalming, cemetery services, and caskets, eco-friendly funerals use biodegradable fabric or containers to bury the deceased.

Moreover, the minimal process requirements for this burial type attract a low cost, which is a plus for pragmatics.

Nature Lovers

Some people love nature; hence, they prefer to have their burial grounds favour and preserve mother nature. They, therefore, choose to have eco-friendly burials either in a field with the trees instead of the usual tombstone in cemeteries.

Certain Religions

For some individuals, green funeral is not a choice, but a requirement according to the religious beliefs and faith to which they subscribe. Some of these include the Jewish, Wiccans, and Islamic faith, who believe in using shrouds in place of caskets.


A majority of people are opting for green funerals nowadays to conserve the environmental resources and minimise their carbon footprint on the planet. Traditional burial methods are responsible for the ecological impact from the concrete, the wood, and steel for caskets and the embalming fluids.

When the time comes, you too could choose the type of burial you want for yourself to save your loved ones the stress of deciding. Discuss with your loved ones the different approaches as well as their respective costs with the help of an expert and begin saving for your burial.