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Queensland Plans New Safety Laws for Workplace Health and Safety Act

Man showing the work safety cardThe Queensland government plans to toughen safety laws for amusement rides and consider industrial manslaughter to be a criminal offence, following the Dream-world accident in 2016.

The changes took place after a review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland regulations revealed less strict inspection for theme-park rides. The Workplace Health and Safety Act will also cover cases of industrial manslaughter, according to Industrial Relations Minister Grace.

Stricter Laws

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Grace said that the inclusion of industrial manslaughter under safety laws would allow the prosecution of the person at fault and their employer, particularly in the context of amusement rides.

The Dream-world accident and a review of the WHSQ regulations also prompted the state government to require more training for equipment handlers.

This served as one factor for untoward incidents, aside from a high turnover of facility operators, according to the review. Some mechanical rides will need replacement as well since they have been in use for more than 30 years.

Amusement Training

Human error or lack of training caused more than 100 fatal accidents in amusement parks that took place in the country between 2001 and 2011, according to Work Place Health and Safety.

This is why the state government intends to impose the same operator licensing standards to theme parks and mobile operators in the state.

They will base the licensing on low, medium and high-risk levels. A proposed mandatory management system will also require operators to be specific in the competency of all ride attendants and supervisors.


The changes to the Workplace Health and Safety Act will improve safety for the public. These will also aim to avoid a recurrence of the same Dream-world accident that claimed four lives in 2016.