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Fisherman holding a rod

Fishing Gear Guide for Beginners

Fisherman holding a rod

The fishing industry has become awash with reels, rods, tools, tackle, and other fishing accessories. All come with their unique features to make your fishing trip enjoyable. This guide discusses the different items you will need to buy from a fishing gear store in Michigan for your first fishing experience.

Fishing Reels

Spinning reels are an excellent first choice for beginners. Reason being, it is easy to fix overruns on them as you have unobstructed access to the pool. In addition, they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to control while casting. They are also versatile, as they can catch fish from the shore, a boat, or a wharf, making them ideal if you want to go fishing with kids.

Fishing Line

Braid and monofilament lines are the two most famous lines used in fishery. Monofilament line, however, is highly recommended for starters because it is easy to tie knots on and is more versatile, making it great for casting. When getting your mono fishing line, always ensure that it ranges from 10-15lb, as anything above that will hinder your ability to cast.

Fishing Rods

Fishing rod for beginners should be well suited for spinning. As such, they should be lightweight, have a flexible tip, and be tapered. This helps you flex down the length of the rod slowly, giving sufficient power at the base of the rod while allowing you to flick your bait at a reasonable distance. If you are a starter, go for a fishing rod that is between 6 and10 feet long. You can also buy one that can be broken down for ease of transportation when going fishing on the beach or the wharfs.

All the above items can be easily obtained from a fishing gear store. But before that, ensure that you are well aware of the fishing terms and conditions of your area. As such, obtain the necessary licenses and permits to avoid penalties.