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Minnesota Welcomes You state border

All The Reasons You Want To Live In Lakeville, MN ASAP

Minnesota Welcomes You state border

Minnesota, as many of its residents fondly describe it, is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively) states in the country. Literally, because it receives a lot of snow during the winter season; figuratively, because of its wide array of positive characteristics.

All the great things that the state has to offer easily cancel out its cold to freezing temperatures, while also drawing in property investors. And of the many cities here, Lakeville is one that continues to dominate the housing market. Here’s a quick look as to why the number of new home constructions in Lakeville, MN is on the rise.

A quick look at the city

Lakeville sits just a little over 20 miles south of downtown Minnesota, giving it just as much urbanity. This doesn’t mean it’s a reflection though; it has many distinguishing characteristics that set it apart, starting with its various parks such as Steve Michaud Park and Ritter Farm Park.

One of the most educated Minnesota cities

Outdoor fun and numerous recreational activities all contribute to the attractiveness of Lakeville, but the fact that it has an impressive high school graduation rate of 96% further enhances its appeal. Another plus is its median household income: compared with Minnesota’s average, the city’s residents earn more than twice higher.

A city rife with job opportunities

Lakeville also boasts of a high employment rate, at 95.2%. This means that, as long as you have what it takes, you won’t just find a good job; you can also take your career further up the ladder.

One of the safest places in the state

Whether you’re single, planning to have children, or already have a household, know that Lakeville is an ideal location for you to live, thanks to its safety rating. Compared with the rest of the state, crime rate here is nearly 50% lower.