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Your Wedding Car: Choosing The Ideal Ride for Your Bride

Wedding CarFor those who are decided to rent the right wedding car for that special day, the search is part of the wish fulfilment. However, there are those who still aren’t sure of what they want to get. That said, here are some pointers you can take note of when making the final selection.

Choose by Theme – Most weddings will have one major theme such as colour motifs, fashion statement and even by era. Talk with your spouse about what theme you’d like to follow for the car and you can make your choices from there. You can even mix two, three or all themes together to get a truly memorable wedding car.

Choose by Uniqueness – Instead of following a theme, Noosa Woody Hire says that you can go revolutionary and choose a wedding car with contrasting colours, design or even decor. This is an effective way to make your car stand out. Remember, it’s your day to shine so go ahead and choose what you want.

Choose by Image – Finding a car to represent your love and your partner can be tricky, but not impossible. Since it’s best to start looking for your wedding transport as early as six months before, you will have ample time to discuss your options with your partner. Choose to go looking for the car together and you have one more anecdote to tell your guests during the reception.

Choose by Comfort – For some, comfort trumps class. Contact an actual wedding car rental company so you’re sure to get an actual wedding vehicle that is comfortable and will still look like a wedding car whatever make, model or year it is. Don’t forget to ask for decoration suggestions from the rental company if they won’t be doing the actual decorations.

In the end, you’ll still set the standard on what you eventually want. Just make sure your budget will fit and that you have given the necessary information. Check too if you can choose your driver just so you get one that will fit you and your partner’s personalities.

No to Violence: Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

Divorcing Your Abusive SpouseThe relationship between a husband and wife should be filled with love, generosity, and respect. Sometimes, however, one spouse may feel dominant over the other and display abusive conducts. Patterns of repeated spousal abuse can be traumatic for one spouse, causing both physical and emotional harm.

Many people call spousal abuse as domestic violence. The latter term covers a broader range, however, which may include abuse among children and other family members. Victims of repeated abuse often see divorce as a way to stop the violence permanently. 

If you wish to divorce your spouse because domestic violence or spousal abuse, matthewsfamilylawyers.com and other family lawyers say that it is best to seek legal help.

Importance of Legal Help

If you're divorcing a violent spouse, remember to work with a trustworthy lawyer. You will need someone who can assist you in getting a fair divorce agreement and take legal steps to protect you and your children. This is especially important if the case goes to trial. Going to court is likely to happen if the spouse insists on having you agree on demanding terms and conditions.

Protecting You and Your Kids

In cases of repeated abuse, you may plan to leave your home and take the children with you. You may also be afraid to do this, particularly if the spouse has previously threatened that he will never let you take the kids away. Keep in mind, however, that it is never advisable to leave alone and left your kids in a dangerous situation or over a controlling parent.

Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation are also serious matters in abusive situations. A joint custody may not be the ideal option, as this means continued association with the violent spouse. If there is a dispute on custody, the court is likely to be in favor of you, as abuse has a bearing on the best interest of the children. The court may not completely deny visitation, but is likely to order supervised visitation.

Apart from getting the necessary legal help, it is beneficial to get some counseling or find a support group. This will help you cope during a difficult time and get back on track.