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A Wedding Gift that Lasts for 10 Years?

Wedding GiftFor others, picking out a gift for your engaged friends seems like a walk in the park. But if you’re the nit-picky, perfectionist type, you beg to differ.

Buying the right gift requires time and careful thought. While some friends just pick the first thing you see, others want to be precise. The gift has to come from the heart and must be useful for the newlyweds (since they are starting from scratch).

To impress your engaged friends, give them something they can use for years. Apart from helping them save money, they will always remember you as long as they use it.


According to Silsal Design House, a provider of home accessories, you can never go wrong with a few sets of dishes. Couples (especially the brides) will love a set of calligraphy dinner plates.

A set—of at least eight to 12—in a colour or pattern the engaged couples love is a timeless gift. Some newlyweds choose to save their ‘wedding china’ for special events. They can also use it for dinner with friends or celebrations with families. People rarely get rid of their special dishes unless the kids break them or the plates get too old.

Basic Cookware Set

Newlyweds need to cook and their new home will not come with the grandest cooking set. Spare them the mealtime challenges by giving them cookware.

Because of the different pots and pans available, choosing the right cookware can be stressful. A 12-piece set cookware is helpful and also meant for long-term use. But with a dizzying range of cookware available, it is important to know their differences. Otherwise, the couple would end up as confused as you are.

Mini Food Processor

A mini food processor is a life saver, especially for couples who are new to the kitchen scene. It’s handy for cooking jobs and often has a long life span. Most couples would work little processors to the ground and only give up once it gives up on them.

Give the couple something that lasts. Consider these gift options and spare yourself from the wedding gift blues.