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Five Different Types of Glass and their Applications

Glass Window

Glass is a popular material for many applications. They make excellent building solutions and design features in homes and commercial properties. Artists and architects also use it in a wide variety of applications ranging from buildings to creative installations. Glass manufacturers and suppliers produce an incredible array of glass types for different uses.

Here are different types of glass and their applications in various settings.

Clear glass

One of the most commonly known types, clear glass is nearly colourless, with green or blue edge. It is produced in a various thickness to suit different applications. Companies offering glass fence in Perth use thick panels to provide stable and durable fencing solutions to pool areas and staircases.

Acid etched glass

This type of glass is clear and features a frosted surface. Manufacturers use acid to etch the panels and to give it a translucent satin finish. Acid etched glass makes stylish doors, partitions, and shower screens. They are also often used as part of furniture.

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is commonly available in standard colours like green, blue, blue-green, gray, and bronze. Many suppliers, however, are capable of producing virtually any colour you want. Coloured glass is a popular material in architectural applications. They make a perfect choice when giving your home or commercial property a different look.

Floor glass

Another useful type of architectural glass, floor glass has non-slip properties and is designed for flooring applications and many other surfaces. It is composed of several layers of glass laminated together. The result is a thick, scratch-resistant, and safe flooring option.

Reflective glass

Reflective glass can be stained or clear. It has a thin layer of metal oxide applied to the surface. It’s a good choice for areas that require reduced solar heat gain. This feature makes it a popular energy-efficient solution. They come in variety of colours and are typically costlier than most glasses used for similar applications.

Glass is truly versatile and highly useful material. With the impressive array of choice in the market, you can easily find a product that best suits your taste when it comes to style and functionality.

Throwing a Party in Style

Party Themes You Should Try

Throwing a Party in StyleParties—whether you’re throwing them or just attending—are always fun. But you know what’s more fun than parties?

Theme parties

It can’t be recalled when people became so competitive in throwing parties that have specific themes. Who knew you can do that beyond Halloween, right? But the fact of the matter is, you can make a gathering even more special by sticking to a particular theme.

The only trick is to choose one that’s a hit for your guests.

If you want to throw one but not sure what, here are some ideas to help you out:

Say it with color

Everyone loves a colorful party—both figuratively and literally. You can decorate your party venue with rainbow colors. This is an easy party idea, since all you have to do is to buy different colored utensils, table cloths, and the like. It will be fun also if you buy color powder paint (you can get those online) for your games. Organize a color fight or wrestling for your guests. Just make sure you warn them beforehand though! You don’t want people to be mad at you for staining their clothes!

Sing, sing

Feel the need to burst into a song? Why not organize a karaoke party? Nothing beats singing your heart out to have a fun night out. Pick a decade and have your guests come in their best impressions of the decade’s singers. Then set up a karaoke booth where your guests could sing the night away.

Be bookish

Ah, literary nerds unite! Having a bookish party is slowly becoming popular—especially in weddings. If you’re not getting married anytime soon, why not organize your theme party with your book club? Unleash your inner geek side and go all out! Don’t be afraid to declare your love for all things Austen or for everything Harry Potter. If this is your chosen theme, the only rule you have to remember is to keep it nerdy and geeky. Your fellow bookworms will appreciate it.

There are a lot of themes you could choose from, just make sure you select the one that’s perfect for your and your guests’ personalities. That way, you will all enjoy the party.


Home Preparation

Hail Storm and Its Damage to Auckland Homes

Home Preparation Usually associated with tornadoes and thunderstorms, hailstorms rain balls of ice in varying sizes, damaging houses, cars, buildings, and even injuring people. It normally lasts for only a few minutes — but this brief but powerful storm can surely pack a punch.

While it starts as tiny ice pellets colliding with water droplets, they grow and can reach the size of baseballs. With their potential to fall at speeds beyond 100 miles per hour, it is no wonder buildings and cards are so vulnerable to hail damage.

The Status Quo

In New Zealand, this type of natural disaster is rare, but recently, a hailstorm has wreaked havoc on Tasman Orchards, destroying the region’s fruits and berry crops. A few months ago in August, it did the same in Auckland, after MetService predicted an odd combination of hail and showers.

The Impact of Hail Storms to Properties

This type of storm causes major structural damage, as Nu-wall Aluminum Cladding says. In particular, it causes permanent indention in metal roofing and walls, cracks to glass, damage to roof tiling, as well as the buildup of hailstones in a gutter system. These things cause damage in the exterior — and secondary damage when the inside of the property is exposed to the harmful elements.

Protecting Your Property from the Impact

With the possibility of wind exceeding 60 mph and stones growing up to two inches in diameter, how can you need to make sure your NZ property can withstand a pounding from these hailstorms?

Before a hailstorm wreaks your property, strengthen the wall with cladding. If it is not up to the challenge, it might end up with cracks, dents, and possibly holes, exposing your interiors from further damage. Pay attention to your roofing, too — some sheathing fail to protect homes because the nails have not been properly attached to the rafters.

Never forget your windows and doors as well, is the direct route for hail to enter your house. Protect them by installing wind shutters and protective coverings designed specifically for hailstorm protection.

If a hailstorm affects your area, you will know in advance to give you time to prepare, since the country has one of the best systems that monitor natural disasters. Keep in mind, however, that even with all the technology and all the modifications you do to your property, there are still times when Mother Nature may catch you completely by surprise.

Water Heater Repair in Draper

Preventive Maintenance: Extending Your Water Heater’s Life

Water Heater Repair in DraperThe water heater is one of the most vital components of the plumbing system of any home. With good care and maintenance, the heater can last for many years. If it is not repaired in time and maintained well, your unit can breakdown in just a couple of years’ time. You can get professional plumbers to maintain your water heater and avoid high repair costs later on.

Maintenance is essential, as the device is constantly used. Being a mechanical fixture, it can fail at any time. Malfunctioning heaters can also become inefficient and consume more power, resulting in higher utility bills. Another factor that can make a difference is the condition of the water in your region and the location of the heater in your home. It is best to leave the maintenance and water heater repair to Draper professionals like

Solve problems before they escalate

There are many types of water heaters, and each one requires a specific type of maintenance. The general factors of the maintenance process remain the same. The vent pipe connections need thorough checking, as any leak there may cause carbon monoxide to circulate in your space. Check all the valves to avoid inconsistent water pressure or failed thermal expansion. Rusted parts might mean there is a leak in the unit; find the leak and replace the part immediately to avoid further damage. Regular maintenance will ensure that all problems will be addressed before they escalate into something bigger.

Save money and avoid unnecessary repairs

Regular maintenance will also help you save on larger expenses later. While you need to pay for regular water heater maintenance service, this will be lower than any major damage that you might have neglected. As the experts will inspect the fixture and rectify all small problems, this will increase the life span of the heater. In turn, ou will save money by avoiding major repairs or replacement.

It is clear just how small maintenance work can do wonders for your water heater. Don’t neglect this task if you want to keep your water hot this cold season.

Go Beyond Competency Metrics with Training Software

 Training SoftwareSuccessful businesses are constantly looking for better methods of reaching their goals more efficiently. One of such method is developing a permanent program through training management software. Businesses are using technology to their advantage when it comes to streamlining processes and staying ahead of the competition.

Here are a few things you should know about training management software:

What is a training software?

This web-based application or software allows companies or institutions to offer content and resources to learners and manage what they offer at the same time. As highlights, these software applications provide a better way for instructors to offer their content, whilst monitoring participation and assessing performance.

How is training management software effective?

Comprehensive training software will help you give your employees effective instruction and enable you to schedule and report the training process in a single click. Here is what you will achieve through the program:

  • Centralising the training data of your organisation. With training software, you can manage, maintain and access the training data in a single location.
  • Streamline training. With the training software and similar eLearning tools, you can set various user groups related to their titles, responsibilities, locations and departments. You can also schedule a training and assign the requirements for each group.
  • Effective tracking and completion. You can track the requirements for the training and drive completion through automated email reminders to the staff and the supervisors for any scheduled or overdue training.
  • Lower training costs. Training software eliminates wastage on time, money and resources, which you can lose through inefficient training programs.
What is the impact of the training software on an organisation?
  • Reduces hiring costs. Having well trained employees results to high competency and retention. Employees should be aware of what to do and how to do tasks correctly. With the software, training can motivate employees from the start and position them to become long-term employees. This can eventually lower staff turnover.
  • Aligns business and employee goals. Through tracking, a company can ensure the development programs are in line with specific roles and competencies the organisation needs.

A well-trained staff is an valuable asset to an organisation. Through technology, businesses can give their employees the right tools to ensure performance and productivity.


Take a Break in the UK’s Remarkable Hidden Campsites

CampsiteThe UK offers many adventures to foreign and local travellers. It has a wide variety of campsites for those who enjoy pitching tents, camping in caravans and travelling by foot to rent lodging.

If you are planning for an epic road trip, do not forget to check your car’s condition, and make sure your caravan mattresses can give you a good night’s sleep throughout the trip. If you are not yet sure where to take a break, here are three of the UK’s remote campsites:

Seaward Caravan Park — Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

After wandering the harbour town of Kirkcudbrught, Dumfries, check your map and drive to Seaward Caravan Park. It is a small park just outside Kirkcudbrught.

The Seaward Caravan Park attracts art lovers and hip travellers, as it has that lighthouse kind of landscape that artists would like to replicate on their canvasses. On some occasions, it opens a pitch and putt, an outdoor play area and an outdoor heated pool. It has a laundry and shower facilities as well.

Western Sunfolk Naturist Site — Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales

The Western Sunfolk Naturist Site is a campsite on a hill that caters to bona fide nature lovers, or those who just really want to experience the outdoors vibe.

The place has toilet and shower facilities, as well as communal cooking amenities. It also features a covered pool and area for travellers to sunbathe. The campsite also presents travellers with entertainment amenities, such as volleyball courts, table tennis and a telly.

The site is under the care of a non-profit organisation, and they welcome guests who want to join their club.

Cloughey Holiday Park — Cloughey, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Cloughey Holiday Park features the scenic view of the wild Irish Sea. Guests can also visit the Strangford Lough, Ards Peninsula, and the beaches of Ballywalter.

The family holiday park has two first-class golf courses; one of these is included in Northern Ireland’s top 12.

Travellers who love the city view and shopping can drive to the capital city of Belfast. The area has an abundance of beaches where visitors may bring their pets, too.

People love to spontaneously travel the open road. When you’re in the mood, visit one of the UK’s naturally delightful campsites. It’s an experience every traveller must try.



Capturing the Unexpected with a Dashboard Camera

CarGoing outdoors exposes you to many amazing events. These can include experience that is either pleasant or strange, and you might want to have them on record for memorabilia or evidence.

You may witness a lot of amazing happenings while you drive. Even a small country like Singapore can hold a lot of surprises, feeding the demand for dash cams. says that car cameras in Singapore help in dealing with traffic problems and documenting amusing city scenes.

Here are some of the scenarios where you will find a dash cam useful:

  • Unusual Events

One of the most famous recorded dash cam clips comes from Russia. The car camera caught a clear video of a meteor falling down on Chelyabinsk on February 5, 2013. Just recently, a motorist in Taiwan captured a video of a plane from TransAsia Airways crashing through the water. A similar event also occurred in Atlanta, which a police car camera captured.

  • Human Error Accidents

Singapore may have plenty of CCTVs around, but there are obscure spots that remain unmonitored. A car camera helps you document an accident that happened to your car and help you settle insurance claims easier. You can also have the record of accidents that happened to other people, and your clip might be of help to the authorities.

  • Natural Calamities

There are effects of natural calamities caught by dash cameras as well. In China’s Sichuan Province, a motorist captured a terrifying landslide that caused several fatalities. These kind of files are helpful to the police and media that need to know what happened during such unusual events.

  • Crimes

Singapore may be a safe and disciplined country, but it’s not immune to criminal activities. In 2013, a riot sparked in Little India that damaged several vehicles, including police cars. The ability to have such events on record helps authorities track down suspects or people liable for the offence.

Car cameras may appear to just record the road and what is happening outside the car. But, it can provide security benefits not just for the driver, but to other motorists and bystanders as well.

The Unseen Cost is the Deadliest: Business Preparation and Persistence

Business PresentationNew business owners tend to focus solely on profits. According to Forbes, individuals aged 20-34 own a third of all businesses in America. The prospect of self-employment and self-sustenance entices these smart and hopeful youth, not to mention technology enabling them to branch out into unexplored fields. These people work to build something out of their passions, but it turns out only a few are actually able to pay for it.

The Unbelievable Bill

Business consultants from Devoted Business Development say that revenue and costs tend to swing on an irregular basis, and this is a possibility all owners must keep in mind. The unfortunate combination of high costs and low revenue can render a small unprepared business incapable of operation. At this point, profits stop coming in but debts will continue to increase; a situation no executive wants to be in.

More than half of small businesses are home-based, which means that unless the owner has extensive market knowledge, they may miss several vital factors. Even with extensive market study, which most small businesses cannot afford to begin with, surprises can never be fully eliminated. Businesses need to establish contingencies for any negative financial scenario.

Holding On

A lack of connections and industrial foresight are fatal flaws in any business aiming to grow. The most profitable and long-running companies do not spend on a whim; all expenses are planned even before the need to pay arises.

Approximately 543,000 new businesses start every month, but only a third lasts to see a decade. Businesses find a harder time maintaining profits the more they develop, so owners must raise their cost projections along with growth. They must update their expense plans regularly in order to know whether their profit margins are able to keep up, or if unexpected costs are causing the gap to close.

Knowing when a business has a good hand and acknowledging when it does is not can prevent the owner from being cornered in a financial ambush. Preparation is key, and they should never treat potential costs as numbers carved in stone. It is always better to overestimate costs rather than coming up short and giving up a dream because of it.

Straight Hair

Volumising Straight Hair: Easy Tricks

Straight HairWhile girls with straight hair usually have it easy since they can just pretty much up and go without having to fuss with their hair, sometimes pin straight hair can look flat and limp. But how can you give volume to straight hair without extensions and going to your favourite hairdresser?

The Most Flattering Haircut to Add Volume

Expert hairdressers say that the best haircut for straight hair should fall between the collarbone and chin, regardless if you have naturally straight hair of if you’ve recently had a hair straightening Perth treatment done. Anything longer can make pin straight hair look limper and thinner. Choose a blunt cut instead of a layered cut to maximise volume. A bob is an excellent choice, but forego the bangs if you have thin hair since bangs will only highlight your scalp in front. In addition, stay away from razor cutting since it can make your hair look thinner and frizzier than it actually is.

Volumising Hair Styling Tips

First off, your hair must be dry before you start applying any product to ensure that the product will cling to your hair and work well. When drying your hair, choose to air-dry or blot and squeeze—never rub—with a towel. Likewise, remember those rollers used by your grandma or mommy? They’re still around because they work. Velcro rollers are affordable and easy to use and hot rollers can lend that full, bouncy look to your otherwise limp hair.

Apply tiny amount of hairspray to your roots and then put on the rollers. Remove the rollers once the rollers have cooled. When using Velcro rollers, use a blow dryer to warm up your hair for several minutes and then use the cool setting to let your hair set. Or, you can simply leave the rollers on while putting on your makeup and dressing up.

Must-Have Volumising Products

The right hair styling products can give volume, bounce, and body to your straight hair, according to the experts from Circles of Subiaco. Round brushes are supposed to be your best friends since these can be used to give your hair instant volume. You can also use dry shampoo instead or regular shampoo for those days when your hair just won’t cooperate—lift up your locks, spry dry shampoo all over the roots, massage thoroughly for several minutes, and then style your hair. Likewise, use a volumising conditioner to give your hair body and moisturise it at the same time. Lastly, add mousse to your beauty arsenal for an instant pick-me-up.


Your First Business Trip Preparation List

Travel PreparationsIf this is your first time to go on a business trip, then you are pretty lucky that your destination is Perth. Not only it is one of the more modern and traveller-friendly cities in the world, it has wonderful sights where you can have your business meetings in. This is the reason you have to arm yourself with the right information.

Here are few life hacks that you need to keep in mind: 

Research on the Best Places

Not only are you supposed to look for the best places to have a meal or reserve a room, you should also be aware of Perth's tourist attractions and locale happenings. You can include visiting these sites during your business deals. Plant a meal with your business partners at culturally-rich Fremantle, or close that deal at Rottnest Island. Business has never been more pleasurable than this.

Make Your Reservations

Other than your plane reservations, you also have to see that you complete the other kinds of reservations required for your trip. Have you already reserved a rental car? What about restaurant reservations for your meeting? Where will you be staying while you are in Perth? If you can make reservations for short term apartment stay, industry professional Executive Apartments says that would be a more economical option than a hotel. Make sure too that you find affordable but reliable services for your other requirements.

Complete Your Paper

Papers aren't just about passports and travel documents. Prepare your business proposals, documents, discount tickets, gift certificates, paper money, IDs and other relevant "papers" that you will need for the whole trip. Keep these documents secure in your carry-all and possibly stored inside a moisture or weather-proof bag.  Always make sure you have all of these papers secured.

Just because you won't stay long at Perth doesn't mean you can't enjoy it and finish business at the same time. Here's to you having a wonderful time even during your busy days. After all, you've chosen the perfect place to do business.