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Afraid of the Dentist? You Might Have Posttraumatic Dental-Care Anxiety (PTDA)

DentistIs the dental clinic a scary place for you? Do you fear the thought of having a dental appointment? Do you feel nervous whenever you wait for your turn in the lobby? Does your heart beat faster at the sight of the instruments? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you may have Posttraumatic Dental-Care Anxiety (PTDA).

Not a Dental Phobia

H. Stefan Bracha, the leading research psychiatrist of a PTDA study, notes that the majority of individuals with anxiety or fear associated with dental care ascribes their fears to aversive dental experiences. The study labels the term ‘dental phobia’ as a misnomer. Most individuals who fear dental care do not recognise their symptoms as ‘excessive or unreasonable’.

The research shows that the majority of these individuals had a painful dental treatment experience. Most of the patients remember a lack of control during these painful and traumatic dental situations, making them less willing to return.

The study concludes that these attributes are more of a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than a ‘phobia’. Hence, the study named the dental fear as Posttraumatic Dental-Care Anxiety (PTDA).

How to Handle PTDA

Dentists advise patients with PTDA to feel free to discuss their fears. Some dentists prescribe Valium to patients with PTDA to ensure they get a good night’s sleep before their dental appointment.

Some dental clinics, like Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre, offer sedation dentistry. This method does not eliminate the pain, but it helps the patient to ease their anxieties. Dentists advise patients with more serious cases to undergo professional psychological counselling and psychotherapy.

Eating high-protein foods that produce a calming effect also helps patients with PTDA. Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation may also ease the patient’s anxiety.

Dentists also advise the patients to control the situation as much as they can. Choose the most comfortable day and time for the dental appointment and ask for breaks whenever you feel uncomfortable.

When not addressed, PTDA may lead to dental illnesses due to avoidance of treatments. It is important that a patient recognise their fears so they can seek help and prevent poor dental health.

Professionals can help you, and that includes the dentists that you fear.

Real Estate Sales

How Your Corporate Video Can Boost Your Real Estate Sales

Real Estate SalesIt’s not hard to understand why most people would balk at the thought of buying real estate. Not only is the price big enough to discourage the most spirited of buyers, but the process can also be long and drawn out. Nonetheless, a well-crafted video could just be the robust marketing tool you need to get the conversation started your way.

Showing rather than telling

You do not have to tell everybody how beautiful that newly bought Siamese cat is. A picture can do a better job. On the same token, you do not need to tell everybody how vivacious Brisbane is. Showing the bright lights and the art scene swirling around Australia’s magnificent river town should do the trick. Better yet, pull out a video.

The capacity of a video to show rather than tell makes the perfect medium to get the attention that you need. You could be the best storyteller in town, but you could fall short against a well-thought-out video. As explains, Brisbane businesses using corporate videos can have greater visibility to their target audience.

Research has shown that just a one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. No matter the gift of gab, that would make it an impossible feat for any human.

Reaching a wider audience

Utilising a corporate video can be the most sensible marketing decision for any business in real estate. While it’s impossible for all your property sales team to keep their mouths open for 24 hours, YouTube and other video platforms can give your real estate marketing a global reach.

YouTube is home to over a billion subscribers with hundreds of millions of hours watched every day. With its dominance in video subscriptions, it’s going beyond what other video platforms can offer to online users.

Apart from the availability of video platforms, a corporate video can give you branding like no other. The combination of audio and visuals can set your real estate offering miles apart from the rest.

To give your real estate marketing a boost, a corporate video should get the job done. This may provide you the opportunity to present your brand in a new light.

parents conflict

How to Explain a Divorce to Your Kids in 3 Ways

parents conflictA child’s ability to understand a divorce and the reasons behind it may vary according to age and development. It is important that, as the parents finalize the divorce, children are given the proper attention and suitable discussion that will make them to feel secure.

With the correct handling and understanding from both parents, however, kids can also develop positive attitudes toward stress and challenges. The legalities of filing and completing a divorce can be left to your chosen divorce attorney in Albuquerque, but telling your kid about it is you and your soon-to-be ex’s responsibility.

Here are three ways to explain a divorce to your child.
  1. Choose your timing.

Make sure things are final, and you have already talked about custody, financial support, and all the things regarding your divorce before telling your kid about it. Divulging a divorce to a young kid while you are still unsure of making the decision will only cause anxiety and extreme sadness. Also, make sure you give the child at least two weeks’ time to digest everything before the new set-up is implemented. This will give you more time to explain the situation more as the days go by.

  1. Discuss the divorce to your kid as a team.

As much as you can, do a dry-run of how you will tell your kid about the divorce. Talk to them as a team and help your child understand that this was a mutual decision. This will save your kid from feeling any form of hate towards a parent. Never blame the other person for the divorce, recommends the Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer.

  1. Consider the kid’s age.

Younger kids, such as those below 8 years old, may have an easier time accepting any explanation without asking further. Older kids, especially teenagers and young adults, are capable of asking details, and in these cases, parents must tell them the truth, but with extra care so as to avoid building negative feelings on the other person.

While the kid must be informed of changes in set-up and routines, parents must focus and give weight to the things that will remain the same. Kids need to feel that, despite the divorce, they will receive love and support from both parents no matter what. Lastly, while you explain your divorce to your kid, make sure to listen, understand, and take into consideration what they have to say, to prevent parental alienation of any kind.


Divorce Mediation as an Alternative to Traditional Divorce Litigation

DivorceDivorce can be a heart-breaking, emotional experience. Having to go through the courts and lawyers can leave one stressed out. Nevertheless, there are alternatives to the traditional divorce litigation process. Divorce mediation is one of the methods used to negotiate the terms of the divorce.

Divorce mediation is a private and voluntary process designed to help couples reach an agreement over parenting, property ownership and other financial matters that may arise. This process allows couples to identify and clarify issues and come up with a written agreement before they proceed to court. To help facilitate the resolution, a third party, led by a family law attorney, is usually involved.

It is important to note that a mediator only helps spouses exchange information, discuss issues and negotiate an agreement. They cannot make decisions for you like an arbitrator or a judge. There are reasons you may want to mediate, rather than go through traditional divorce litigation.

Takes Less Time

Unlike divorce litigation which may last for months or even years, mediation helps you resolve the case more quickly.

Less Money

Divorce mediation not only reduces the impact on children, it also saves you money that could have been used to hire expensive attorneys to resolve your issues.

Better Communication Skills

Couples with children find divorce mediation an incredible chance to better their communication skills. Mediation ensures minimal hostility and provides divorcing couples with a chance to settle any issue amicably.

Direct Participation

Unlike divorce litigation that is only left to the lawyers and the judge, mediation gives you the chance to participate directly in the divorce process.

It is worth noting that not all cases qualify for mediation. An experienced attorney will be able to advise you as to whether this would work for you and what options may be available. If you are interested in mediation, contact a family law practitioner for a consultation.

mailbox in Eagan

2 Offline Marketing Techniques That are More Effective Than You Think

mailbox in EaganFor any company to achieve its sales goals and objectives, it needs to come up with solid marketing strategies.

When it comes to effective marketing, says you need to have a bit of everything. The most successful small-to-medium business have mastered the art of building their clientele and retaining their existing one through quality products, as well as effective marketing techniques.

Here are offline marketing strategies that still deliver desired results today:

Direct Mail

According to a study conducted by YFS Magazine, 56% of the customers interviewed perceive print marketing as more trustworthy than online methods, such as email marketing.

This study is clear proof that the marketers who think that direct mail is too old school are wrong. In another study by DMA Response Rate Report 2015, businesses reveal that direct mail offers a better return on investment than social media.

Printed Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials include flyers, brochures, and business cards among many others.

A study conducted by iProspect reveals that 40% of consumers who love to shop online order after reading an offline ad; for example, a brochure.

Today, printing companies have invested in modern equipment to make high-quality print marketing materials. They can now include QR codes on the materials to increase the company’s online conversions.

But for the two strategies to work, you need to include the URL of your website that clients can access to view products and place orders on the materials. It is also wise to indicate your business social media accounts to increase the popularity of the company on social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the company needs to come up with a competitive offline marketing strategy to complement the materials.

This can involve hiring a professional and experienced marketing executive to make decisions and come up with effective marketing campaigns.

Despite beliefs that traditional marketing strategies have gone past their prime, they continue to prove their worth.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Basics: Pointers for Building a Secure Future

Estate PlanningMost people have estate planning placed far down on their list of priorities, believing that it’s something solely meant for older and wealthier individuals. However, the unexpected is not unique for people of a certain age or income status. Everyone is vulnerable to accidents and tragedies that can happen at any moment.

Estate planning is about being proactive and making important decisions that will help you and your loved ones in the long run.

What is Estate Planning?

One quick way to define an estate plan is to call it a collection of documents providing instructions regarding the distribution of your assets and properties, as well as specific details about your health care. In the process of setting up these documents, you will be asked to make decisions regarding your personal savings, life insurances, and other similar effects. You will also have to detail instructions on how you want to be treated should you be incapacitated and incapable of making medical decisions.

Key Components

Several things will come to mind in the discussion of estate planning, according to Miller & Steiert, P.C. The first thing that you will likely think of is the Last Will and Testament, which is basically a document where you can specify the people that will inherit your estate. Another component that you might have heard about before is the durable power of attorney, which allows you to name who you want to be in charge of taking care of financial and medical decisions when the time comes that you won’t be able to make them yourself. Both these components, and many others, are best decided with the help of an attorney.

Working with a Lawyer

Liz Davidson emphasizes the importance of finding a good attorney to help you with drafting all the components of your estate plan. The legalities involved in estate planning are complex and could be difficult to undertake on your own. Seek out recommendations for quality legal services from friends, colleagues, or through the referral service of your local bar association. For example, information about Colorado estate planning lawyers can be accessed through a directory by the Colorado Bar Association.

Regardless of your situation, it’s important to remember that estate planning should be taken as a constant and on going process. It’s best to leave it at the last minute and start building a foundation for your estate plans as soon as you can. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive and start thinking of the future now.

Home Safety

Protecting Your Home from Fires in 3 Simple Ways

Home Safety In many cases, a house fire is a lot worse than getting robbed. The devastation it brings is comparable to being struck by a natural calamity. Time and again, house fires happen when you least expect them, and they take away your most valuable possessions at the blink of an eye.

While you can always count on your local fire fighters to help you out in case your house gets on fire, the best way to prevent it is to fire-proof your home. Here are three simple ways to protect your residence from fire early on.

Install Proper Electricals

Make sure your electrical plan passes the local standards in terms of layout, equipment, and cable use. Proper electrical insulation, such as’s Raychem heat shrink tubing, will prevent short circuits even in the most demanding situations with high temperatures involved. Never overload power boards and cables, and have them regularly checked and maintained throughout the year.

Place Functional Fire Alarms and Extinguishers Strategically

The Building Code of Australia requires all properties to install functional mains powered smoke alarms. They should be tested at least once a month, replaced with new batteries regularly, and cleaned to remove any type of dirt that may interfere with its performance. While you can take maintaining the equipment, it is important that a licensed electrical contractor handles the installation.

Fire extinguishers must be placed in strategic locations. It should not be situated very near a possible fire source like burners and ovens. In general, they must be at least 2 metres away from the risk, and mounted at least 10cm above the floor. The height at which it is installed should not exceed 1.2m from the floor.

Fireproof Furniture and Carpets

Furniture and carpets are vehicles for fire to spread to other parts of the property. Choose fire resistant carpeting, and treat furniture with fireproof chemical.

From building to maintaining a residence, it is essential to implement fire-protecting strategies that will prevent unwanted house fires. In the end, common sense and a good amount of knowledge will keep your home safe from being burned down to ashes.

real estate

The Essential Pre-Selling Short List for Home Owners

real estateWhen you are intent on selling your present home and moving on to your dream house, you may need to double-check a few things first before putting that ad up. It would be fairly easy to find a real estate company with the motto “We buy houses in whatever state they are in,” in St. Louis Missouri but you might not even be able to sell your property without the items on this short list.

Look For Your Papers – Beyond the titles and blueprints of your home, you may want to bring out documents about previous improvements, paint jobs and installations. Look for the operating manuals and warranties on appliances you plan to include in the sale of HVAC systems. Utility bills may also be useful for real estate sellers and buyers like FasterHouse so keep try to find as many of them. Put all of these records together and file them properly for easy access.

Invite A Building Inspector – Much as there are real estate companies who discourage home owners to do their own repairs and upgrades, knowing what needs to be repaired before a sale should be standard practice for home owners. Building inspectors can easily identify these flaws and will even give you suggestions on how to get it fixed affordably.

Update On The Market – The internet is a great source of information so getting the newest possible pricing on your home will only require a bit of extra time and effort. Don’t base your figures on your home’s price based on what you paid for or hearsay. Check on recent comparable sales for homes in your area that have similar size and features. There are a number of real estate sales websites where you can get this information, so get as much data as you can before you call an agent.

Once you’ve completed these three tasks, it would be easier to facilitate the sale of your home. Aside from direct buyers and real estate agents, you can also get a hold of reputable house buyers in St. Louis who are amenable to your terms and can expedite the sale. Good luck on your future sale!

Aluminum Fence

An In-Depth Look: Advantages of Installing Aluminum Fence Panels

Aluminum Fence Aluminum fence panels are probably the best alternative to vinyl, glass, wood, and wrought iron fences. This type of fencing instantly adds beauty to any landscape without the need for regular maintenance. Aluminum fences effectively increase the security feature of your home as well, and are known for their durability, versatility, and affordability., a provider of aluminum fence products, says that there are many options available for aluminum fence as well, including the horizontal or vertical styles, as well as aluminum slats.

Let us go in-depth on the many advantages of aluminum fence panels on properties:

  • Durability

Aluminum is popular for its strength. In fact, these are available in different strength grades. The lightweight residential aluminum fencing is an ideal option when enclosing pools, while the high-grade industrial aluminum fencing is great for enhancing security.

  • Rust-Free and Easy to Install

One of the best things about aluminum fence panels is that these do not rust, unlike the wrought iron fence. Also, these are very easy to install, saving you both time and money.

  • Affordability

Aluminum fencing is known for its cost effectiveness. Compared to other alternatives, aluminum fences cost less and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to complement the landscape.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum fencing allows you to make creative decisions for your home, as the range of styles does not limit you to simple decoration. The options allow you to customize the look and enhance the appearance of your property.

Because of the various options, it is highly likely that you’ll find one that matches your property’s architecture.

Whether your purpose in installing a fence is to add an extra decorative element in your property or want to secure your home from unwanted visitors, aluminum fencing is surely a great option.

Dining Room

Simple Ideas to Turn Your Dining Room into a Haven

Dining RoomWhether it is a party or just a meal with the family, the dining room is a place where people gather to enjoy good food in the company of each other. Make get-togethers more fun with these simple dining room furnishing and design ideas.

Add a pop of colour.

Dispel the grey in your dining area by adding a pop of colour in the scheme. Accents in citrusy colours like yellow or orange can brighten up the room. This is a particularly good colour choice if the room does not have any window or receive very little natural lighting. Inject the colour in the seat covers or simply repaint the legs of your chairs or tables.

Give a classic style a breath of the modern.

Love the classic style with its ornate designs? Give your space a fresh and modern twist by using antique pieces and keeping a neutral colour scheme. Luxury furnishings provider Rusdens Ltd suggests whites, creams and pastels will keep your dining room from being too intimidating.

Keep the design clean.

Prints and textures can make a room look cluttered, but if you use a single colour on your wall, you can keep it from looking chaotic. White is always a safe choice, but you can also choose a hue from the print you plan to use. Stick to simpler shapes and lines with the other furnishings to make the print or texture stand out.

Focus on the lighting.

A great conversation starter is to hang a chandelier or any piece of fancy lighting right above your dining table. You can go for the classic chandelier styles or something with modern lines like Danish designer Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke pendant lamp.

With these simple ideas, you can create a dining area that would be perfect for any type of get-together and make meal times a special experience.