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Why Divorce is Harder on Men than on Women

DivorceWhile it is true that most men are less affectionate than most women, they tend to have a more difficult time coping with divorce. According to a study from the Journal of Men’s Health, divorce can have a serious impact on their health, as divorced men are more prone to experience depression than those who are married.

The way men and women handle the divorce process greatly affects how they feel during and after the breakup. Women usually seek assistance from friends, making them more emotionally prepared when dealing with the challenges of divorce. Men don’t typically address their emotion early on, which makes the grieving process harder.

Not Grieving Properly

Law firms like MattewFamilyLawyers.com notes that most men don’t let themselves grieve properly during the process. It is common for them to just deal with their own feelings and oppose other ways of letting their emotions out. The firm says that psychological help is as important as legal help. Divorce lawyers can make the process easier, while the presence and expertise of psychologists, or even just talking to someone can help them deal with their emotions better.

Lost in the Process

When the husband is the breadwinner or the “protector” of the family, they tend to lose their sense of identity after a divorce. As the dissolution of marriage changes their life setup, they are forced to re-identify their roles. Men who struggle to rebuild their confidence after divorce can join a new organization or get involved in activities that will eventually help them cope with their new reality.

Children can Help

Men who feel ashamed or distressed because of the divorce might consider getting away to deal with their emotions. This is why it is important to remain connected with kids, if they have them. When they maintain a good relationship with them, it can ease feelings of shame and give them an easier time to re-instill their sense of identity or belonging. Love from children can be very healing.

Divorce is never easy for those who are involved. It is important to seek legal assistance to make the process a little less difficult. Men, furthermore, need to drop the “big boys don’t cry” concept, as it can have a negative impact on their well-being. Seeking help or talking to others is beneficial to cope with the process better.