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Remember These Facts When Planning For the Big Move

MovingAs of 2015, there are 8,100 moving and storage firms at your service in 17,000 sites in the United States, with 97.3% of the industry profits coming from packaging work (7.5%), storage tasks (20.2%), and close or distant hauling duties (69.6%).

When planning for the big move, remember these facts.

2014 Movements

Comparing 2014 and 2012 statistics, interstate transportation services (63.5%) got a better percentage compared to short distance transfers (36.5%). Studio-type residents moved less while four-bedroom occupants transferred more. These details help you determine if going for the vehicle interstate movers choose will save you money or not.

August 1 and Friday are the most preferred moving date and day in 2014. Tuesday and Sunday were deemed the most inconvenient days to change places. Schedule your move accordingly to avoid hassles.

Whether you’re moving your belongings or your gun safe, Light Speed Delivery, Inc. also suggests picking the right route. In 2014, California was the main route of origin mostly bound for New York, Florida, and Texas while New Yorkers moved the most in 2012 with the said state’s residents cut down considerably in the previous years.

Concerning budget, the two-bedroom tenant who took one of the main routes paid a standard of $3,200 to $4,200 in 2014. This put California to New York and vice versa as the most costly path. Find a company that offers you competitive prices.

Best Moves           

Get information about your privileges and duties in moving. The law states that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must certify your mover.

It’s important that you have documents as evidence of your mover’s accountability. Prepare the inventory copy of goods with their corresponding status, official list of your possessions as stated in your deal, and the service record including pickup and delivery.

People move to new locations for different reasons. Whatever that reason may be, know that you should do your part in keeping your things safe, planning the most convenient time for the transfer, and finding the right company.