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Don’t Ruin the Game: Avoiding Soccer Coaching Pitfalls

SoccerIt is the goal of soccer coaches to improve the skills of their players, motivate them the right way and make the training fun and interesting. The only problem, however, is that the coaches’ unrealistic or misguided visions and expectations can lead to pitfalls. They fall into the trap of over-coaching, frustrating players and destroying their confidence.

The good news is, this is easy to overcome by setting consistency in communication and enforcing reasonable team rules. SoccerTutor.com shares a few other ways to avoid coaching pitfalls.

Find the Right Approach

The way you overcome problems will define the character of your team. Keep in mind that coaching sessions will require you to do the right thing in the most efficient way possible. It is best to find the right coaching approach that will keep the training focused on soccer and improvement of all team members.

Don’t Scream at Team Players

When things don’t go exactly as planned, some coaches shout at the players to an extent that it weakens the team’s ability to perform at their best. This just frustrates the players and stifles their development. Always remember that it is your duty as a coach to motivate them and improve their self-esteem.

Take it Easy on Sideline Coaching

The pressure to win games may push both coaches and parents to start over-coaching players. This leads to contradictory comments on the sideline, which may confuse the team members. It is best to cut down on the side-line coaching and let players enjoy themselves. Allow them to feel confident in their ability to decide the course of the game.

Set Clear Expectations

Many young soccer players are usually more concerned about meeting their coach’s expectations than anything else. If expectations are not in place, players won’t have a clear goal and may not be too motivated to train. Do not be that coach that players ignore or do not listen to. It is best to set clear expectations and let players work toward achieving or surpassing them.

Your team’s attitude will improve significantly if you become more observant in training. Demand good performance and behaviour to maintain discipline. It is also a good idea to purchase coaching products and materials to improve training sessions.