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Accidental Drowning in Western Australia

Yes, You Can Prevent Accidental Drowning

Accidental Drowning in Western AustraliaAccording to Building Commission of the Government of Western Australia, 16 toddlers have drowned in WA over the past five years. For every death, it is estimated that 10 kids were admitted to a hospital following a near-drowning occurrence.

It is possible to prevent these tragic incidents by being aware of the potential hazards of water and using simple prevention methods. Enclosing swimming and spa pools and restricting access to the area can potentially keep children and animals safe from drowning.

Effective Pool Barrier

Many pool drowning incidents happen where is there is no effective barrier between the residence and the pool area. Clear-az-GlassFencing.com.au suggests using a glass pool fence that is in accordance with the requirements of the Australian standards. Glass fences are a great choice, as they are durable and can withstand different weather conditions better than wood.

Safety covers can serve as an additional security barrier for pools. Keep in mind, however, that these devices will not provide adequate protection. You still need to install a pool fence or other barrier to make sure that kids won’t access the pool. Access gates with a lock are also a good option for swimming pool barriers.

Protective Measures

A pool area always presents some risks, but there are things you can do to prevent accidental drowning. It is best to teach your children how to swim at an early age, so they recognise the danger and know how to stay calm in case they fall in. Research suggests the participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of unintentional drowning among kids one to four years old.

It is important not to allow kids to swim without the supervision of an adult who can swim proficiently. Be sure to stay within an arm’s length of small kids to protect them against rapid drowning. It is also essential for children and adults alike to know CPR and be knowledgeable in emergency management.

Take your own precautions to reduce the chances of children accessing the pool or spa without supervision. Create and maintain an effective barrier, and learn the life-saving skill of resuscitation.