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Leak Ceiling

Water Damage to the Ceiling: Surefire Repairs

Leak CeilingYou might come home during one rainy evening to the sight of a pail in your living room. Usually a signal of trouble, this might also mean that your house is due for a repair — that is, replacing a water-logged ceiling.

That is one solution; the other is to call a company that repairs water damage in Utah. If you’ve got no money for that yet, you can always do with trying to repair the damage on your own. It isn’t always recommended, but if the situation is drastic, you have to do it.

Your Ceiling Needs Repair

The tell-tale sign of water damage on your ceiling is easy to spot. Usually the paint is the first to go. One of the signs is a dark spot where the water flows from your ceiling to the floor below; another sign when the paint starts to bubble from the water underneath.

You can usually reapply paint once you’ve scraped off the bad one, but you have to repair the source of the water leak first before you can do that.

Resisting Water

A surefire solution to prevent water damage in the future would be to re-fit your ceiling and roof with water repellant materials. Inspect your roof often; leaks from the roof causes the ceiling to sag, further making it susceptible to water damage.

Use water-resistant wood on your ceiling to minimize replacement when water damage sets in. Make it a habit to check the drainage and gutters as well for blockage that makes the water spillover.

Keep Your Home Protected

The assault from the weather may come from above and under, and it’s a good thing to consider all possibilities. If you practice preventive maintenance, perhaps you won’t need to call water damage restoration services. Being vigilant in keeping your home clean and leak-free will make sure you enjoy coming home no matter the weather.