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High on Stress: Could You Be Addicted to It?

StressWhilst stress helps you cope with different situations, too much of it can harm your health. If you have a close-knit relationship with stress, you are probably wasting your weekends on work and for meeting deadlines, and sleeping less than four hours every night.

If your stress levels are left unchecked, you can become addicted to this destructive lifestyle. BailBrookLodge.co.uk shares the signs of stress addiction.

No Free Time

If you are always busy and can never plan anything fun because you have no time for it, you may be addicted to stress. Most stress addicts think that a packed schedule translates to success, but this often leads to being too tired to enjoy fun moments in life. If you always feel guilty about wasting time or taking a break from work, stress has invaded your body and mind.

More Hard Work

You may be addicted to stress if you think that extra hard work today will lead to more success later on. Stress addicts, however, always feel unfulfilled because they spend most of their time worrying about the future. It is important to remember that it is fine to take on extra work, but do not forget to enjoy current situations and have some fun occasionally.

Suffering Relationships

It is common for stress addicts to struggle to maintain friendships or intimate relationships for longer periods, because they are so focused on their work. If you find yourself in the same situation, you are definitely high on stress. You may also feel disconnected whilst with friends and family because you are troubled about your tasks.

Forget About Fun

If you can’t remember what makes you happy or feel tired doing the things you used to like, you may be high on stress. It is common for stress addicts to always feel bothered about what might happen next that they don’t know how to enjoy their free time.

If you recognise these signs, you may want to consider slowing down so you can lower your stress level and enjoy life more. It is best to plan a holiday so you can disconnect from work and appreciate what the world can offer.