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Technology Lets You Capture Moments and Edit Them

photographyIt used to be that taking and developing photos were expensive and effortful. But since technology has advanced and made photography an accessible art, taking photographs has never been easier. Today, taking pictures is almost an everyday and coincidental thing.

With a single click, you can document your child’s unexpected first footstep and other monumental moments, like birthdays and anniversaries. The best part? You can keep those moments forever.

In Taking Photos

Clayjar.co.za has likened photographs to jars. Inside the jars are treasures that pertain to memories, and even the magic or simplicity of that captured moment. When we take photos of Junior’s first day at school or have a professional photographer create a portrait with mum and dad, it is always with the desire to freeze these life’s moments and have them framed the way you want to remember them.

Decades ago, people did not have a lot of choices. They take a snapshot and hope for the best. Today, with opportunities presented by technology, photography has become an art, a science and a profession.

Electronics has played an important role in advancing what photography can do for humans and what humans can do for it. Every day is now a challenge to perfect the art, science and profession of photography, which in turn benefit the consumers, whether for nature, life events, entertainment and music.

With the introduction of a wide array of user-friendly filters and other features, people have accessed the most superficial level of photography. Which, to a large respect, has helped frame and edit the moment according to how it wants to be remembered.

In Storing Photos

Photo storage has one become a major problem for keepsakes. With technology, data can be made as easily as they can be erased. Thanks to the Internet, Cloud storage became possible. Now, the whole Web can be a repository for your files so you do not ever have to worry about your photos getting lost, they are forever preserved online.

Technology, as it does with everything else, continues its growing role in the art and science of photography. And while it does, it also grows the role of photography in our lives.


Women, Alcohol, and Its Potential Health Hazards

DrinkingOccasional alcohol consumption can be good for the body. A glass of wine a day can fend off cardiovascular problems. It’s when people start to abuse it that it becomes addictive and harmful to the health. At this point, it’s called alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependency and the compulsive behavior resulting from it.

People tend to assume that alcoholism is pretty much the same with men and women. Along with this notion, it’s also a common belief that there are more treatment centers for men than there are for women.

Here are some things to enlighten people who’ve been holding on to the wrong facts.

Women are more vulnerable to the alcohol’s effects

Women’s bodies take alcohol differently than men’s. This can be explained by the fact that a woman’s body contains less water per pound than a man’s. Even with the same amount of alcohol, the woman is likelier to have higher concentration in her blood.

According to another theory, the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol appears to work less effectively in women, so more alcohol gets absorbed in the bloodstream. Another theory says the female hormone estrogen reacts to alcohol in a way that makes the individual more prone to liver damages. This puts women at higher risks for alcoholism, liver disease, breast cancer, and heart disease.

Women seek out help sooner

According to reports, women have a tendency to seek out help for their alcohol abuse four to five years sooner than men. This could be due to the woman’s ability to report their problem and the growing numbers of recovery centers targeted solely to women.

Vizown says this customized approach uses tools, techniques, and strategies that promote a holistic and long-term recovery.

Alcoholism is more dangerous in women

Experts say alcohol abuse in women is twice as deadly as it is in men. The mortality rate for alcohol-dependent women was four times that of non-dependent women, but the rate only doubled for men. While the reason remains unclear, it may be due to the fact that the alcohol’s effect is indeed harsher on women.

Recognizing these alcohol-related problems, many gender-specific treatment centers have emerged from all over the country. These centers put special attention to women’s needs, helping them recover faster and more meaningfully.