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Why Divorce is Harder on Men than on Women

DivorceWhile it is true that most men are less affectionate than most women, they tend to have a more difficult time coping with divorce. According to a study from the Journal of Men’s Health, divorce can have a serious impact on their health, as divorced men are more prone to experience depression than those who are married.

The way men and women handle the divorce process greatly affects how they feel during and after the breakup. Women usually seek assistance from friends, making them more emotionally prepared when dealing with the challenges of divorce. Men don’t typically address their emotion early on, which makes the grieving process harder.

Not Grieving Properly

Law firms like notes that most men don’t let themselves grieve properly during the process. It is common for them to just deal with their own feelings and oppose other ways of letting their emotions out. The firm says that psychological help is as important as legal help. Divorce lawyers can make the process easier, while the presence and expertise of psychologists, or even just talking to someone can help them deal with their emotions better.

Lost in the Process

When the husband is the breadwinner or the “protector” of the family, they tend to lose their sense of identity after a divorce. As the dissolution of marriage changes their life setup, they are forced to re-identify their roles. Men who struggle to rebuild their confidence after divorce can join a new organization or get involved in activities that will eventually help them cope with their new reality.

Children can Help

Men who feel ashamed or distressed because of the divorce might consider getting away to deal with their emotions. This is why it is important to remain connected with kids, if they have them. When they maintain a good relationship with them, it can ease feelings of shame and give them an easier time to re-instill their sense of identity or belonging. Love from children can be very healing.

Divorce is never easy for those who are involved. It is important to seek legal assistance to make the process a little less difficult. Men, furthermore, need to drop the “big boys don’t cry” concept, as it can have a negative impact on their well-being. Seeking help or talking to others is beneficial to cope with the process better.


Getting that Snapper in a Snap

fishingYou cannot go to New Zealand and not go fishing. One of the most fished out in NZ is the snapper or the Pagrus Auratus. It is popular for both sport and gastronomic purposes, as it is widely distributed.

Before you head out to get your hands on them, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the snapper fish. Their name comes from the fact that most of Snapper species have sharp teeth, ones that are made for holding on to their prey. There are also various types of Snappers like, Cubera Snapper, Red Snapper, Mullet Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Mangrove Snapper and Yellowtail Snapper.

As exciting as it is to start fishing for the both exciting and delicious treat, you will have to do it right to get them right.

Here’s what you need to know for a more effective snapper fishing trip:

The Right Equipment

Snappers are known to be strong and stubborn fighters. This means your rod will have to endure the fight and struggle you will experience in reeling one in. Equip it with the right rigs, depending on the location.

Consider using the stray line to present bait in a more natural way when catching snapper in shallow waters. Dropper rigs are for deep-water drifting and channel fishing and for when weight is needed to sink the bait.

The Bait

As snappers have mouths full of pointy teeth made for their prey, the best baits include live mackerel, live squid and even live kahawai — if they aren’t too big. While, it may be a bit costly to use fresh bait, you can also use soft and plastic baits. They are very much effective on snapper, as is the softbait fishing method.

The Location

While snappers are abundant in New Zealand, they can be found in various areas during different seasons. These places include Nelson and Marlborough Sounds in the South Island and Hawkes Bay at the top of the North Island to Taranaki.

If you want bigger snapper, go fish around reef areas, as they inhabit them all year round. But in spring and early summer, they tend to migrate near harbours and estuaries.

The Time of the Day

The best time to go snapper fishing is in the early morning and evening. This is because they mostly feed at night time and rely on the darkness of the night for camouflage purposes, especially in shallow water.

In shallow areas, the tides are good indicators when fishing. If the tide is too strong, it is best to go fishing for snapper fish at another time.

While fishing takes a lot of time, keeping these tips in mind will get you that snapper in a snap.


Remember These Facts When Planning For the Big Move

MovingAs of 2015, there are 8,100 moving and storage firms at your service in 17,000 sites in the United States, with 97.3% of the industry profits coming from packaging work (7.5%), storage tasks (20.2%), and close or distant hauling duties (69.6%).

When planning for the big move, remember these facts.

2014 Movements

Comparing 2014 and 2012 statistics, interstate transportation services (63.5%) got a better percentage compared to short distance transfers (36.5%). Studio-type residents moved less while four-bedroom occupants transferred more. These details help you determine if going for the vehicle interstate movers choose will save you money or not.

August 1 and Friday are the most preferred moving date and day in 2014. Tuesday and Sunday were deemed the most inconvenient days to change places. Schedule your move accordingly to avoid hassles.

Whether you’re moving your belongings or your gun safe, Light Speed Delivery, Inc. also suggests picking the right route. In 2014, California was the main route of origin mostly bound for New York, Florida, and Texas while New Yorkers moved the most in 2012 with the said state’s residents cut down considerably in the previous years.

Concerning budget, the two-bedroom tenant who took one of the main routes paid a standard of $3,200 to $4,200 in 2014. This put California to New York and vice versa as the most costly path. Find a company that offers you competitive prices.

Best Moves           

Get information about your privileges and duties in moving. The law states that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must certify your mover.

It’s important that you have documents as evidence of your mover’s accountability. Prepare the inventory copy of goods with their corresponding status, official list of your possessions as stated in your deal, and the service record including pickup and delivery.

People move to new locations for different reasons. Whatever that reason may be, know that you should do your part in keeping your things safe, planning the most convenient time for the transfer, and finding the right company.

Beyond the Waistline

Beyond the Waistline: The Medical Gains of an Abdominal Liposuction

Beyond the WaistlineAre sit-ups just not giving you the flat tummy you desire? If you have too much fat in your abdomen that just won’t go away, you may want to consider getting a liposuction.

Liposuction is the removal of subcutaneous fat located just below the skin and above the muscle. More people are undergoing the procedure, with 200,000 Americans going under the knife for liposuction in 2010 alone, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

While vanity plays a big role in the decision to have such surgery, research shows and authoritative names like Hogue Clinics agree that there are actually many significant health benefits to liposuction.

Lower Heart Disease

In a 2011 study, researchers studied the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (bad fats) in the blood of more than 300 patients undergoing liposuctions. Patients who had high triglyceride levels before the procedure showed about of 43 percent reduction in their triglyceride levels after liposuction.

Reduced Risk for Heart Attacks, Obesity, Stroke, High Blood Pressure

The patients in general showed no changes in their cholesterol levels. The researchers, however, found out that there is a reduction in the count of white blood cells after the procedure. This reduction is associated with lower risks for heart attack, obesity, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Medical Conditions That May Benefit from Liposuction

Patients with certain medical conditions can benefit from the procedure. An excellent example is lipoma, which is a benign form of fatty tumors. Lipomas normally do not require such aggressive treatment, as they are usually completely benign, painless, and non-cancerous. Those who wish to have them removed, though, can opt for liposuction as the procedure generally results in less scarring and can be done quickly.

Lipodystrophy syndrome, a fat metabolism disturbance wherein there is too much fat in some parts of the body and partial or total absence of fat in other parts, can also benefit from liposuction.

That said, the benefits of liposuction go beyond what is immediately evident on your waistline. When you choosing this procedure, however, keep in mind that it’s important to discuss everything in detail with a qualified surgeon and think things through before deciding to go under the knife.


Don’t Ruin the Game: Avoiding Soccer Coaching Pitfalls

SoccerIt is the goal of soccer coaches to improve the skills of their players, motivate them the right way and make the training fun and interesting. The only problem, however, is that the coaches’ unrealistic or misguided visions and expectations can lead to pitfalls. They fall into the trap of over-coaching, frustrating players and destroying their confidence.

The good news is, this is easy to overcome by setting consistency in communication and enforcing reasonable team rules. shares a few other ways to avoid coaching pitfalls.

Find the Right Approach

The way you overcome problems will define the character of your team. Keep in mind that coaching sessions will require you to do the right thing in the most efficient way possible. It is best to find the right coaching approach that will keep the training focused on soccer and improvement of all team members.

Don’t Scream at Team Players

When things don’t go exactly as planned, some coaches shout at the players to an extent that it weakens the team’s ability to perform at their best. This just frustrates the players and stifles their development. Always remember that it is your duty as a coach to motivate them and improve their self-esteem.

Take it Easy on Sideline Coaching

The pressure to win games may push both coaches and parents to start over-coaching players. This leads to contradictory comments on the sideline, which may confuse the team members. It is best to cut down on the side-line coaching and let players enjoy themselves. Allow them to feel confident in their ability to decide the course of the game.

Set Clear Expectations

Many young soccer players are usually more concerned about meeting their coach’s expectations than anything else. If expectations are not in place, players won’t have a clear goal and may not be too motivated to train. Do not be that coach that players ignore or do not listen to. It is best to set clear expectations and let players work toward achieving or surpassing them.

Your team’s attitude will improve significantly if you become more observant in training. Demand good performance and behaviour to maintain discipline. It is also a good idea to purchase coaching products and materials to improve training sessions.

Accidental Drowning in Western Australia

Yes, You Can Prevent Accidental Drowning

Accidental Drowning in Western AustraliaAccording to Building Commission of the Government of Western Australia, 16 toddlers have drowned in WA over the past five years. For every death, it is estimated that 10 kids were admitted to a hospital following a near-drowning occurrence.

It is possible to prevent these tragic incidents by being aware of the potential hazards of water and using simple prevention methods. Enclosing swimming and spa pools and restricting access to the area can potentially keep children and animals safe from drowning.

Effective Pool Barrier

Many pool drowning incidents happen where is there is no effective barrier between the residence and the pool area. suggests using a glass pool fence that is in accordance with the requirements of the Australian standards. Glass fences are a great choice, as they are durable and can withstand different weather conditions better than wood.

Safety covers can serve as an additional security barrier for pools. Keep in mind, however, that these devices will not provide adequate protection. You still need to install a pool fence or other barrier to make sure that kids won’t access the pool. Access gates with a lock are also a good option for swimming pool barriers.

Protective Measures

A pool area always presents some risks, but there are things you can do to prevent accidental drowning. It is best to teach your children how to swim at an early age, so they recognise the danger and know how to stay calm in case they fall in. Research suggests the participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of unintentional drowning among kids one to four years old.

It is important not to allow kids to swim without the supervision of an adult who can swim proficiently. Be sure to stay within an arm’s length of small kids to protect them against rapid drowning. It is also essential for children and adults alike to know CPR and be knowledgeable in emergency management.

Take your own precautions to reduce the chances of children accessing the pool or spa without supervision. Create and maintain an effective barrier, and learn the life-saving skill of resuscitation.

Leak Ceiling

Water Damage to the Ceiling: Surefire Repairs

Leak CeilingYou might come home during one rainy evening to the sight of a pail in your living room. Usually a signal of trouble, this might also mean that your house is due for a repair — that is, replacing a water-logged ceiling.

That is one solution; the other is to call a company that repairs water damage in Utah. If you’ve got no money for that yet, you can always do with trying to repair the damage on your own. It isn’t always recommended, but if the situation is drastic, you have to do it.

Your Ceiling Needs Repair

The tell-tale sign of water damage on your ceiling is easy to spot. Usually the paint is the first to go. One of the signs is a dark spot where the water flows from your ceiling to the floor below; another sign when the paint starts to bubble from the water underneath.

You can usually reapply paint once you’ve scraped off the bad one, but you have to repair the source of the water leak first before you can do that.

Resisting Water

A surefire solution to prevent water damage in the future would be to re-fit your ceiling and roof with water repellant materials. Inspect your roof often; leaks from the roof causes the ceiling to sag, further making it susceptible to water damage.

Use water-resistant wood on your ceiling to minimize replacement when water damage sets in. Make it a habit to check the drainage and gutters as well for blockage that makes the water spillover.

Keep Your Home Protected

The assault from the weather may come from above and under, and it’s a good thing to consider all possibilities. If you practice preventive maintenance, perhaps you won’t need to call water damage restoration services. Being vigilant in keeping your home clean and leak-free will make sure you enjoy coming home no matter the weather.


Dental Fee Negotiations for Budding Dentists

dentalConsumers know how to haggle and negotiate for the lowest possible dental care fees. This forces a good number of dentists to lower their fees to survive the shark tank; but at what cost?

Most of them would go for inferior products and tools, thus, affecting the kind of service that they can offer. Of course, we do not want that. How can you maximize dental fee negotiations and maintain your great service?

Here are the key factors on this issue:

Location is Key

Just like any good business in the market, you have to remember that location is key to success. There are different business zones and each of these zones has a different pricing range. The key is to determine which zones pay better and to place your office in the areas that will provide better gain.

Prestige Pricing Is Real

The rate of prestige pricing will surprise you, e-Dental Market says. Even with the same kind of service offered, you can dictate better prices when you are placed in a location that is considerably more prestigious.

Proper Branding

Branding yourself as someone who is an expert in the field and actually following through with this title is one of the best things that you can do to negotiate better fees. When it comes to these types of negotiations, people are more likely to pay better for an expert that can deliver the proper service required.

Third Party Negotiations

While you can do the dental fee negotiations on your own, allowing an expert to help you in this endeavor will be the best option. Having experience in the field, they will be able to raise concerns and factors with insurance agencies as well as other players to help you gain better options.

Account for all these and see the rate at which your fees can go higher. Negotiate and research with due diligence to get your desired rates.

Corporate Gift

Mid-year Event: A Time to Look Back and Say Thanks

Corporate GiftMid-year—a time to look back before moving forward. It’s a big deal for individuals and groups alike. For companies, it’s a chance to gather employees and share milestones, progress, and plans for the months ahead.

That could be done through a simple announcement, but if your company has time and money to spare, why not make it into a big event where you can bring your team closer?

The more important question, though, is: How will you prepare for your mid-year party? Here are some ways to perk up your event:

1. Presentation is key.

Of course, your main goal is to inform your employees of the state of the company. Show them the good and the bad. Are you hitting your goals? What areas need improvement? This way, you’re not only being transparent, you’re also showing how much everyone’s involvement matters.

2. Turn it into a night of appreciation.

All it takes for an employee to be motivated at work is to let them know how much they are valued. Make the party about them as well. After all, it’s thanks to their work your firm is running smoothly.

Better yet, set up an awards ceremony to thank exemplary employees. It doesn’t hurt to thank someone for their efforts. Not only will it do everyone good, but doing so will particularly drive them to work harder.

3. Leave a mark.

It’s a must to let your guests remember a great night. What better way to do this than give gourmet corporate gifts? Souvenirs can be in the form of simple tokens such as cookies—or even coffee. You could also be extravagant by giving away office necessities such as quirky flash drives.

Your mid-year party should be filled with good memories. Take pictures and say thanks. Let the appreciative words flow—it’s one way of truly leaving a mark on a good night.

Clean Sewers and Drainage

Clean Sewers and Drainage Before They Become Nasty Problems

Clean Sewers and DrainageSewers and drainage systems are important components of a home. Without them, there is no place for used, dirty water to go to.

However, since most of these parts of your home are hidden, it can be easy to forget about them, until you start smelling something bad in your home, or worse, seeing your drains spouting off dirty sewage water.

So before any of these happen, it’s important you have them cleaned and cleared regularly. In Sandy, drain cleaning experts advise the following.

Telltale Signs You are about to Get a Backing-Up Probem

Water backing up from sinks and toilets is extremely annoying and disgusting. Furthermore, the dirty water is chock-full of microorganisms that carry diseases.

Fortunately, these problematic parts of your home often come with clues that they are about to start bringing back water to the top, instead of draining away. Some of these indications include:

• Weird gurgling sounds.
• Draining water bubbles up.
• Draining takes a lot longer than it did before.
• Unpleasant smell coming out of the sink or the drains.

Once you notice any of these signs, it is important that you respond right away. Failure to do so can ultimately result in back-ups. Aside from these being unsanitary and foul-smelling, raw sewage can also pose serious health hazards.

Household Supplies that May Clear Clogs

There are certain ingredients in your pantry that may help unclog and dislodge clogs in your sewer and drains.

For a first-time problem, recommends a baking soda cleaner. To do this, pour a cup of baking soda and three cups of boiling water into the problematic sink. In the event that this doesn’t work, try adding a cup of vinegar to the mixture. In most cases, this household remedy only works for sewers and drains that don’t have a history of clogging yet.

Still, for more serious blockages, the best option is to call a professional plumber, particularly one specializing in drain cleaning services. The longer you let sewage fester, the greater the chances of contracting a disease.