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Scrap Metal

Whatcha Gon’ Do With All that Junk: 3 Ways to Make Use of Trash

Scrap MetalFamilies everywhere often have unused or unwanted items just lying around the house collecting dust. Keeping the clutter, however, minimises the available space that you can put to better use. Fortunately, there is the option to make something out of the junk you have accumulated over the years.

Here are a few options if you do know not what to with some of your stuff:

Sell to scrap metal contractors

Sell scrap metals lying around in your garage or from your old car if it cannot be saved by repairs anymore. Perth scrap metal experts say you can earn top dollar for your unwanted metal junk. Some companies will even go to your place to extract your discarded item or vehicles, so you do not have to worry about lugging them to the metal yard.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Old and unused items can also make great interior design items. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can transform useless junk as beautiful ornaments. Old rubber tyres, for instance, are great for landscaping. You can use them holders for you plants or as ottomans for your garden tea parties. Wooden ladders, on the other hand, make great bulb holders and towel racks.

Donate to charity

Finally, if you do not need the cash or you simply want to get rid of your old stuff, you can bring and donate them to charitable organisations. Some organisations, for instance, accepts old cars and trucks, which they can use or sell to fund their advocacies.

There is nothing truer than the adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” If you have unused furniture, an old car that is beyond repair, or have a few stuff you do not plan on using anymore, there is always a better way to get rid of them other than just keeping them in your garage.

Shed interior

Shedding in Australia: Building a Cyclone-Rated Shed

Shed interiorCyclones are a real problem in Australia. Powerful cyclones have made landfall numerous times in the country leaving a path of destruction in their paths. For this reason, the government has provided guidelines for cyclone-proofing structures in certain regions to minimise the damage when a cyclone hits.

These measures include sheds, which can damage other structures if they are not cyclone-rated. Here are three things you have to consider in building cyclone-rated sheds.

Structural Design

You will need to consult with a qualified engineer about the structural design of the shed you are planning to build. They need to meet the engineering standards for cyclone-rated sheds. Particularly, your purlins, rafters, and haunch brackets should be sturdy. They should also be narrowly spaced with a 10% overlap to improve the integrity of the shed.

You should also get their opinion about the materials that you will use. Galvanised metal is probably a good choice instead of wood because it does not corrode as easily. The main concern is how well your shed will stand up against extreme winds.

Compliance with BCA requirements

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is responsible for Low, High, Low (LHS) testing of buildings in regions where cyclones tend to frequent. They have a set of requirements designed to check if your building will remain intact in case of a cyclone.

It can seem a lot of trouble to make sure that you are building a cyclone-rated shed, and it can be expensive. It may be more practical to buy a cyclone-rated shed from a reputable company instead. They can also cost a lot, but you will avoid the hassle of going through the process of building your own. Moreover, you can be sure that your shed would still be there after the storm has passed.