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SEO to lawyers

Why SEO is Important to Lawyers

SEO to lawyersThe American Bar Association reported that the U.S. is among the countries that have the most lawyers per capita. Statistics suggest that there’s one lawyer for every 265 Americans. This may be an overwhelming number, but you’ll be surprised how many Americans still don’t know a single attorney.

Many people rely on the Internet when looking for a professional to hire, and lawyers aren’t an exception. Lawyermarketingexpert.com noted that lawyer SEO in Denver and other cities in Colorado can be helpful in terms of improving exposure via the Internet.

Importance of SEO to Lawyers

Statistics noted by Lawyernomics from Google Consumer Surveys revealed that understanding how people find and hire lawyers might be the key to growing law practices in the U.S. Searching on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing ranked second (21.9%) to asking a friend (34.6%), which means that a highly optimized website can make a difference. It’s best not to simply focus on search engine rankings, though. The survey respondents said that visiting lawyer websites and reading information about them is also important. All on-page content, from the about us page to the blog, can be their deciding factor.

SEO Strategies for Lawyers

1. Target the right keywords and don’t forget their variations – It’s possible to confuse legal terms, like DUI and DWI, so better target variations if they’re applicable to your practice.

2. Link internally to related pages – If you mentioned personal injury law on your About Us page, linking it to your personal injury page could help visitors know more about it.

3. Make your site look professional – Directing traffic is important, but it will be useless if your site can’t convert visitors to loyal clients. Make sure all landing pages are informative and reliable.

People rely on the Internet for almost everything, so make sure that your site is available when they need legal services. Optimize your website to rank higher and get more clients for your practice.

Golden Retriever

5 Reasons Golden Retrievers are Perfect for You

Golden RetrieverDo you watch those Subaru commercials with the golden retriever family and ask yourself why you still don’t have one of your own? Do you scour the Internet for golden retriever videos and ads for “golden retriever puppy for sale” wishing that that particular puppy was yours?

To take the plunge and get your own golden retriever, look no more; here are five reasons to help you out in your decision.

Cuddly and Playful Furry Friends

Golden retrievers are gentle and very affectionate pets. They love it when you hug them, play with them, or are simply near them. They are very easy to please and are generally great with kids because of their obedient yet playful temperament.

Eagerness to Learn and Obey

Obedience training is no easy feat even in the case of golden retrievers, but when done right, you will find that they are fast learners, intelligent, keen on pleasing, and highly receptive. Ideally, experts from redferncompanions.com agree that obedience training for dogs should begin as early as possible.

Can Live Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, in a sprawling ranch, an apartment, or a condominium; golden retrievers can thrive anywhere as long as you make sure they get their daily exercise. Living beside a body of water or have a swimming pool? You’ll be delighted to know that retrievers are excellent swimmers.

Easygoing Pals

Do you have other pets in the house and are wary of infighting among your pets? Fret not because golden retrievers are generally friendly towards other animals and are quick to adjust to other house pets.

Gorgeously Golden

Three words: That. Golden. Fur. Aside from their friendly eyes and overall demeanor, golden retrievers are famous for their wonderfully golden mane. Likewise, their fur is neither too thick or too thin, or too long or too short; it’s the ideal density and length for playing and cuddling.

And because golden retrievers are big on giving back, whatever attention and love you show them will be given back to you ten times over.