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Myths about Roofing Maintenance That Won’t Die

Roof plateRegular maintenance is a regular service every roofing contractor across Utah provides. Repairs are for fixing problems, routine upkeep is for preventing issues to occur or recur. Even if there’s nothing that directly damages your roof, maintenance is essential to keep its structural integrity intact.

While commonplace, there still seem to be many misconceptions about this staple roofing service. Such erroneous beliefs not only lull you into a false sense of security, but may also cost you dearly in the future. You might end up spending money unexpectedly and dealing with unnecessary headaches later on.

It’s time to bust these myths and become a well-informed customer. The Utah Valley commercial roofing experts at libertyroofingutah.com lists the three most common preconceived ideas to clear the air.

Myth 1: All Services Come with a Lifetime Guarantee

Among the hottest debates between customers and roofers, only the signed contract can tell if the service is covered for life. A lifetime warranty does mean coverage forever at first glance, but it usually has conditions.

Usually, it covers the roofing material itself, except the underlayment. This is why many customers are shocked to realize that they have to pay when that layer needs fixing.

The key is to thoroughly read everything, and fully understand the ins and outs of the agreement before signing on the dotted line.

Myth 2: Warranty is in Effect No Matter What

Most people have an impression that the warranty is valid at all times. Just because the installation or the repair comes with a guarantee, many believe they can just leave the roof alone until it incurs damage and call the roofers for service; this is wrong.

Most guarantees only cover well-maintained roofs. Routine upkeep renders your coverage valid and is not the free service you get because of your warranty.

Myth 3: Upkeep Is Just a Waste of Dollars

A maintenance program is not required, but paying for it is a clever way to avoid costlier expenses. As mentioned, it keeps your warranty valid in most cases that would otherwise reduce it to a useless piece of paper.

Routine maintenance is the simplest way to care for your roofing system. If you feel it’s ridiculous to spend on something without any obvious sign of problem, just wait until the issue is so severe that you have to pay more to get it fixed.