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orange and lemons

Bye, Bad Breath!: Get Rid of Foul-Smelling Breath with 5 Easy Remedies

orange and lemonsIf you are so embarrassed thinking you are the only one in the world with a bad breath problem, you can stop feeling that way. The fact is about 25 to 30% of the world’s population is affected by this condition.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, may be a result of different factors. The more popular causes are infections, gum disease, hygiene, diet and smoking. All hope is not lost, however, because this condition is highly treatable, even from the comforts of home.

Perth Breath Clinic shares these 5 easy remedies for bad breath:

Choose what you eat. Certain foods leave a bad smell in the mouth for some time. Try to avoid eating spicy foods and meals that have a lot of garlic and onion.
Grab a lemon or orange. Chewing on food items that are high in citric acid freshens up your mouth as it prevents the growth of bacteria. It also helps to stimulate the production of your saliva, which is also a cause of bad breath.
Have mint or parsley after every meal. These herbs are packed with chlorophyll that act as deodorisers. You can juice them or eat as salad; make them more palatable to your taste.
Scrape your tongue regularly. Your tongue can hold deposits of bacteria, fungi and dead cells. Make sure to regularly scrape your tongue with a spoon or a tongue scraper to remove these possible causes of bad breath.
Rinse your mouth with water after eating. Nothing beats brushing after every meal. But, in times when that’s not possible, simply swish water around your mouth and it can immediately improve the smell of your breath. This may be the simplest treatment for this condition yet which people often neglect it.

Though it may not be a fatal condition, having bad breath can be one of the most humiliating experiences to have in life. Before you turn to despair, try to raid your kitchen cabinet or do some of the basic suggestions mentioned. If none of the above is of any help, seek the help of treatment providers to find out the best solution for you.