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Red Patterned Carpet

If You Love your Carpet, You Won’t Do These

Red Patterned CarpetCarpeting is a popular floor covering choice for most Americans. Simple or elegant, carpeting changes a room’s aura. Keeping them clean and well-maintained adds charm to our carpeting choices. Unfortunately, some ruin their carpets, due to wrong cleaning methods.

Cleaning them seems like an easy task, but it’s easily overlooked. Everyone knows how to clean a carpet but sometimes we forget or don’t actually know how to do it properly. For those who seem clueless with the entire carpet cleaning business, they hire professionals, such as Boss Systems, to do the job. If you’re one who enjoys DIY tasks, proper carpet cleaning can be an easy task.

Don’t Let Stains Sit

When your tea spills on the woolen carpet, don’t just brush it off for later. Get rid of all stains as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more the stain will soak into the fibers of the carpet, making them harder to remove. There are home remedies you can use to remove stains, but what matters most is you do it now while it’s easier to remove.

Don’t Scrub, Blot It

In case of stains, resist the urge to scrub. Scrubbing is most people’s first instinct when it comes to cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, scrubbing is dangerous. When you scrub, you’re actually spreading the stain rather than remove it.

Scrubbing vigorously also distorts carpet fibers, causing the deterioration of your carpets. Rather than scrub, blot cleaning products. This way, your carpets will become protected from further damage.

Don’t Wipe Products ASAP

Reading the label makes a difference between beautiful carpets to worn-out ones. Due to busy schedules, some people resort to the easy way by skimping on disinfectant and instantly wiping them on our carpets.

Read the instructions before application. Some disinfectants require a certain time period before working. Others require a certain amount of water before taking effect. Read the label before anything else.

Don’t take carpet cleaning for granted. Pay attention to every detail when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. This way, you can be sure of enjoying fully-functioning and beautiful carpets for years to come.