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surgical instruments

Products Used for Sterilization in Different Areas

surgical instrumentsSurgical instruments and medications that come into contact with an aseptic area of the body needs sterilization before use. The sterilization of such items is important for infection control and preventing the spread of diseases, and aimed at protecting the welfare of both the patients and the medical staff.

Some of the medical items that need sterilization include cotton products, scalpels, scissors, applicator brushes and tips, among others.

Sterilization in Dental Circles

Dental instruments have three categories: critical, semi-critical, and non-critical, depending on their risk of transmitting infection. These items need different approaches when it comes to sterilization.

In general, most hospitals, health centers, and clinic advise disinfecting all semi-critical and critical dental paraphernalia after each use by the use of dry heat, steam under pressure, or chemical vapor. Items that are heat sensitive, on the other hand, need decontamination using a cold sterilization solution.

Dentists use so much water and it is important that they have ways cleaning dental unit waterlines, especially for dentists who do not believe in using disposable dental supplies.

Packaging of sterilized instruments is crucial to protect them from contamination before the next use.

Sterilization for Baby Care Items

Sterilization of baby care items is very important as the baby has very low immunity and is susceptible to dangerous microorganisms. As such, any items that the baby comes to contact with need thorough cleaning, such as bibs, pacifiers, baby bottles, teats, clothes, cups and drapes, among others.

Many parents are not sure whether to sterilize their baby items or not because they do not want to get in the way of healthy bacteria crucial for the development of the baby’s immunity system. It is important to note that healthy bacteria will always find a way into the baby’s system through the food that the child eats!

Sterilization is the process of eliminating dangerous transmissible agents from a surface or a solution. Most dentists and doctors use disposable tools for this method, or else buy cleaning agents from a store.

Good health

Health Insurance: Proving that Health is Wealth

The number of peopleGood health who don’t have health insurance are gradually increasing over the years. Factors like higher unemployment rate, rising insurance costs and employers scrimping on benefits make people forget about the idea of having a health insurance plan.

Why is it important to have health insurance?

Better Assistance from Medical Professionals

Emergency rooms are for immediate medical attention, but those who don’t have insurance coverage tend to receive less care than those who have health plans. Some hospitals follow this protocol to ensure patients can cover for their medical expenses. This is one of the reasons health insurance is important.

Preventive care is also one of the benefits of enrolling in health plans. Some providers of international health insurance plans include management of chronic disease and checkups in the coverage. Through preventive care, you can detect health problems earlier.

Affordable but Useful

Health plans provide services and benefits without costing too much. Some insurance companies provide international health insurance for the young and old alike, giving them access to a range of treatments.

Health insurance tends to encourage people to stay in good health. Some people are more motivated to visit their doctor, as health plans cover consultations, physical examinations and laboratory tests. Through this, you can better understand your condition and lead a better lifestyle.

To Avoid Debt Due to Medical Costs

When illness strikes and you’re not prepared, you might end up with medical debt. Unable to pay for high medical bills can ruin your credit history and create a domino effect on your financial standing. With a healthcare plan, you can avoid this problem.

You’ll need medical care at some point. When the time comes, you must be prepared. Make sure you enroll in a health insurance plan to get medical attention without paying for high costs.


Australian Wines, Back with a Vengeance

wineMost people know Australia is where kangaroos are, but the land ‘Down Under’ is so much more than the outback. It is where you can find the world-renowned Australian Wine Research Institute. It is also the world’s seventh largest wine producer.

With that combination, you can be sure that Australian wine is one of the best you will find.

A Bad Year

However, Australian wine hit a snag in 2008. Some people overhyped the quality of some wines and this did not impress many people in the US and UK. Those who knew how to judge wine stopped buying, and retailers stopped stocking them.
Recently, however, Australia has made a comeback with some of the better wines in the country, according to merchantsofsingapore.com.sg.
Here are some of the reviews from a wine tasting event.

Winning Wines

Some of the best wines included aged Semillons and dry Rieslings produced by Petaluma, Brokenwood and Andrew Thomas. Australia has many Chardonnay planters, so you cannot go wrong with a selection from Giant Steps, Vasse Felix, or Henschke. You can also try some of the Pinot Noirs from Bindi and BK Wines. A 2011 Gower Vineyard and 2012 Skin n Bones Pinot Noirs also got good reviews.

Silver Lining

Australia also produces fine reds from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes such as Moss Wood Amy’s (a Bordeaux blend), if you like red wine more than white.You cannot go wrong with a 2012 Ochota Barrels The Fugazi, produced from old vine Grenache that spent 10 months in seasoned oak barrels.

Shirazes Galore

Of course, Australia boasts some of the best Shirazes in the bunch, with the win going to the 2010 BK Wines CULT. Other close contenders include a Shiraz blend 2009 Henschke Euphonium Keyneton and 2009 Holme Estate.

These are all intense and flavourful wines that tickled the palates of wine experts. However, Australian wine does not have to be expensive to be good. This is especially true in Singapore, where 2 out of 5 wines are from Australia. A nice table wine at reasonable prices is available in most wine stores.